Portrait Henrietta Maria, Queen to Charles I.
after Van Dyck


This portrait (or a very similar copy) hung at Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, from 1848 until 1949.

It is believed to have been purchased in 1848 by James Stamford Caldwell from the sale of the Contents of Stowe House, formally the property of the Duke of Buckingham.

In 1925 the portrait of Henrietta Maria was listed by Maj Gen Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell as hanging in the Drawing Room of Linley Wood as follows: "Portrait of Henrietta Maria, Queen to Charles I.  Face painted by Van Dyke.  Frame pronounced as very good of the time of Charles I.  Purchased Duke of Buckingham sale Stowe."

This portrait was sold in the Sotheby auction of 2 November 1949 as one of two portraits in lot 89 described as follows: "School of Van Dyck.  Half-length portrait of Queen Henrietta Maria, in brown dress with lace collar and cuffs, standing by a table.  Kneller.  Three-quarter length Portrait of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough, in blue and white dress.  Both from the Stowe Park sale."

Henrietta Maria (1609-1669) was the youngest daughter of King Henry IV of France and Marie de Medici.  In 1625 she married King Charles I.

There is a similar copy of this portrait in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

If anyone on the web knows where this portrait now hangs, I would be very interested to hear from you.  Please contact me at jj@jjhc.info

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