Samuel Vincent Marsh
Lived in London and Walthamstow and South Woodford 


Born: 31 January 1843 at No 43 Holborn Hill.  Alive in 1912, possibly died in 1922?
Son of: Samuel Marsh (1813-1884) and Maria Marsh nee Bean.
Brother of:
1. Arthur Charles Marsh (1844-19??) who married Francis Emma Beadle (1842-19??).
2. William Ernest Marsh (1847-19??) who married Kate Wallace (1854-19??).

Samuel married:  Elizabeth Catherine Clark (1844-19??) daughter of William Clark of Tottenham and Elizabeth Woodall of Newark-upon-Trent.
Samuel and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Samuel Marsh (1870-19??).
2. Emily Elizabeth Alice Lancaster nee Marsh (1871-19??) who married George Victor Lanchaster (1869-19??).
3. Elizabeth Catherine Marsh (1872-1872).
4. Herbert Ernest Marsh (1873-19??) who married Mary Weston Lancaster (1872-19??).
5. Florence Marsh (1875-1875).
6. Catherine Edith Coppendale nee Marsh (1879-19??) who married Ernest Charles Coppendale (1875-19??).

 Samuel Vincent Marsh: An Overview

We know of Samuel from his brother William's recordings of the Marsh Family History and the 'History of the Ancient Family of Marsh of Marton . . . by Joseph J Green Archivist Genealogist, 1903. Revised to date by William Ernest Marsh 1912.'


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The full title of the Marsh Family History book is:
'History of the Ancient Family of Marsh of Marton, in East Langdon, near Dover, also of Dover and Canterbury, of Brandred in Acrise, of Denton, of Old Court in Nonington, of Nethersole in Wymlyngswold, and of Kingstone, of Faversham, Snave, Ivychurch, London, Eastbury County Hertford, of Bath, Ryde, Windsor, Picklington, County York etc etc. Circa 1320-1903. And in particular that branch of the family settled at Folkestone.  With an account of descendants resident at Hitchin, Guildford, Dorking, London, Chatham, Epping, Gaynes Park, Ashford, Bow, Kingston, Luton, Belfast, Bromley etc etc.  1520-1903.  Together with references to a large number of families and individuals bearing the name Marsh.  Complied from original and other sources by Joseph J Green Archivist Genealogist, 1903. Revised to date by William Ernest Marsh 1912.'

This book appears to have been a one off production typed up on a type writer and probably never fully published.  It is an extensive work and runs to 411 pages documenting a very large number of people sharing the name Marsh.  Luckily copies have been made over the years and passed around the Marsh family.  In addition a large family tree turned up at auction in 2013 and appears to have been the work of William Ernest Marsh in that his name is towards the bottom together with the names of his children.  In addition Earnest has also listed his brothers Samuel Vincent Marsh (London and Walthamstow) and Arthur Charles Marsh (Tottenham). Also their cousins William Marsh, Thomas Henry Marsh, Catherine Marsh and Elizabeth Ann Tebbutt (Winchester).  This tree may have been owned later by Peter Russell Marsh Birkin-Tebbutt (born 1931) who was presumably a grandson.  This family tree document is now for sale (contact me on for more details).  The frame measures 85cm x 67 cm.

 Marsh Family Tree. History by William Earnest Marsh

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