Bookplate and Coat of Arms of Sir John Caldwell, Sapere Aude




Bookplate of Sir John Caldwell

Sapere Aude

I have no idea of who Sir John Caldwell was.  I resently purchased this bookplate and this is the full extent of my knowledge of this particular gentleman.  His coat of arms is interesting in that it incorporates the three "cold wells" which are also incorporated into the coat of arms of James Stamford Caldwell.  This may indicate that Sir John Caldwell was related (his surname certainly indicates a connection).  If anyone out there on the internet knows anything about Sir John Caldwell, please contact me and I will be very pleased to hear from you .


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The following notes have been sent to me:

Sir John Caldwell:  Born 1775 Quebec.  Married Jane Davidson, daughter of an army surgeon, 21 Aug 1800. Quebec.  Had two children Henry John and Ann.  Died aged 67 1842 Buried St Matthews, Quebec.  The Hon Sir John Caldwell Baronet.  Privately educated.  Called to the Canadian Bar 1798.  1804, 1809 elected member of the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada.  1810 - 1823 Receiver General.  1823 succeeded to his cousin Sir John Caldwell's baronetcy.  1824 an administrative scandal came to light.  Misappropriation. £100,000 had been lost.  Never actually taken to trial. Never actually wholly repaid the debt [Actually Canada needed the money spent. Receivers General had a hopeless task and were hopelessly underpaid. This is not to say that Henry Caldwell wasn't flamboyant or extravagant.]

This bookplate could have belonged tothe 4th Bart. because the escutcheon on the bookplate is his augmentation as a Count of the Holy Roman Empire.