Bookplate of Joseph Heath (1700-1757) Circulating Library Near the Trees on the Middle of Timber Hill, in the Market PLace, NOTTINGHAM.




Bookplate of:
Heath's Circulating Library
Joseph Heath (son of Joseph Heath)


This BOOK belongs to HEATH'S Circulating Library, Of above ONE THOUSAND Volumes, Near the Trees on the Middle of Timber-Hill, in the Market-PLace, NOTTINGHAM. Where BOOKS are LENT out to be READ, At Eight Shillings per Year. Four Shillings & 6 pence per Half Year. Two Shillings & 6 pence per Quarter. One Shilling per Month. N.B. They are allowed the Use of two Books at a Time, and to change them as often as they please. That the Money is to be paid at the time of Subscribing. One Book is Lent out a Week for 2d Also two Days & one Night for 1d.

The copy was from the book: 'Romeo & Juliet by Shakespear, With Alterations and an additional Scene by D Garrick' 1763. 


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