Bookplate of Henry Godfrey Marsh JP Dieu me conduise




Bookplate of Henry Godfrey Marsh JP

Dieu me conduise

Possibly died 1872





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The following information was supplied to me by Vicki Herbert in New Zealand.

Henry Godfrey Marsh seems to have come from Winterbourne in South Gloucestershire where there is  memorial window to Captain Henry Godfrey Marsh (d1872), his wife Josephine Marghuerite and their children.  The window notes that they lived at Winterbourne Park.

The parents of Henry Godfrey Marsh,  were Henry Marsh (1782 -1861) and Sarah Matilda Godfrey(1787-1866).  Sarah was descended from the Earle and Bulwer families of Norfolk - Heydon Hall, Cawston, Salle.  The Marsh family inherited the church living at Salle and Cawston.  The parents of Henry Marsh (1782-1861) were John Marsh and Mary Blake.

Henry Godfrey Marsh had some brothers; Charles Earle Marsh and Octavius John Blake Marsh.

Herbert Charles Marsh was the son of Charles Earle Marsh (born 1821).


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