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Hannah Maria Bernard (nee Heath)

Born: 1782 and died 1865
Daughter of:  John Heath (1754-????) and Palethorpe?
Sister of:
1. John Palethorpe Heath (Chemist in Nottingham) who married Eliza Heath (nee Killingley, 1785-1812).
Half sister of:
2. William Prentice Heath (1788-????).
3. Edmund Field Heath (1782-????) who married Ann.
4. James Tullock Heath.
5. Caroline Williams (nee Heath) who married S Williams.
Hannah married: Thomas Bernard
Hannah and Thomas had issue:
1. Hannah Maria Bernard (1806-1884).
2. Marianne Allison (nee Bernard) who married John Allison.
3. Elizabeth Graham (nee Bernard) who married William Graham.


Hannah Maria Bernard: An Overview

We know about Hannah from the following sources:

1. A family tree researched and put together by Sheila Howells and Pamela Roberts.


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