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Abraham Brentnall 1685-17???

Born: presumably 1685 and christened 24 Sept 1685.  Died not known.
Son of: Samuel Brentnall (1650-????) and Mary Brentnall nee Crompton (1653?-????).
Brother of :
1. John Brentnall (22 Jan 1676-????), he married ? and had 2 daughters who predeceased him.
2. George Brentnall (Dec 1678-1752) who didn't marry.
3. Samuel Brentnall (22 March 1681-????) who married Abigail Barrett (2 June 1676-????).
4. Mary Bennett nee Brentnall, who married Mr Bennett of Mackworth in Derbyshire.
Abraham married: 1st Catherine Barrett, 2nd Elizabeth Coates
Abrahm had issue:
1. Mary Truman nee Brentnall (1721-1789) who married Joseph Truman, a farmer at Napperly Park.
2. Samuel Brentnall (1723-????) who married 1st Mary Browne (1725?-????), 2nd Elizabeth Barnes (1726?-????).
3. John Brentnall (1725-1785) who married Hannah Clarke (1727?-????).
4. Abraham Brentnall (1728-1788). Never married.
5. George Brentnall (1720- after 1777). He wrote the register of the family.

Abraham Brentnall nee Crompton: An Overview

We know of the existence of Abraham from a register written by his son George Brentnall in 1777, a copy of which supplied to me by Brigid Irwin.


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