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Sir Charles John Crompton


Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench

Born: 12 June 1797 in Derby and died 30 October 1865.
Son of: Peter Crompton (1760?-1833) and Mary Crompton (1757?-????) daughter of John Crompton of Chorley Hall.
Brother of:
1. Edward Crompton (1788-????).
2. Mary Crompton (1789-1825).
3. Emma Crompton (1792-????).
4. Henry Crompton (1792-????).
5. Stamford Crompton (1793-1830).
6. Caroline Hutton (nee Crompton, 1793-????).
7. Albert Crompton (????-1841).
Charles married: in 1832 in Liverpool Caroline Fletcher (????-1882), daughter of Thomas Fletcher.
Charles and Caroline had issue:
1. Charles Crompton (1833-1890) who married Florence Elizabeth Gaskell (1842-????).
2. Mary Davies (nee Crompton, 1835-1895) who married John Llewellyn Davies (1826-1915).
3. Henry Crompton (1836-1904) who married Lucy Henrietta Romilly (18??-1923).
4. Caroline Anna Robertson (nee Crompton, 18??-1892) who married George Croom Robertson (1842-1892).
5. Emily Beesly (nee Crompton, 1852-19??).
6. Albert Crompton (1852-????).
7. Edward Crompton (1852-????) who married Agnes Mary Berry.

We know about Charles from the following sources:
1. Information supplied by Darren Harris regarding Maplewell Hall.
2. A note in the book: Biographia Juridica:  A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England by Edward Foss - 1999.

Crompton, Charles, was descended from an old family settled at Derby as eminent bankers, several of them having been members for the county, and one of them raised to a baronetcy in 1838, which died with him in 1849. The judge was the third son of Peter Crompton, Esq., M.D., of Eaton, near Liverpool, by his cousin Mary, the daughter of John Crompton, Esq, of Chorley in Lancashire.
Charles Crompton was born at Derby in 1897, and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated with great distinction, obtaining honours in 1814, 1815 and 1816. He then entered the Inner Temple, and was admitted as a barrister in November 1821. On the Northern and Western Circuits he soon became known as a deeply read lawyer, and consequently acquired great experience in the practical part of the profession both there and in Westminster Hall. He successively filled the post of tub-man and post-man in the Court of Exchequer, where he was counsel for the Board of Stamps and Taxes. Of the decisions in that court he was a reporter from 1830 to 1836, in conjunction at first with Mr. (afterwards Chief Justice) Jervis, and  subsequently with Messrs Meeson and Roscoe. In 1836 he was appointed assessor of the Court of Passage at Liverpool, and in 1851 he was selected as one of the commissioners of enquiry into the proceedings, practice, and jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery. On the retirement of Sir John Patteson from the Court of Queen’s Bench, Mr. Crompton was appointed in February 1852, and received the customary knighthood. He was obliged from illness to resign his seat in October 1865 and on the 30th of that month died. He married the daughter of Thomas Fletcher, Esq., of  Liverpool, by whom he left several children.

It would appear that Charles inherited, on the death of his father in 1833, Maplewell Hall (Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire).  In 1864 the estate passed from the Crompton family to William Heygate M.P.


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