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Philip Crowe (1745-1828)

of Swaffham, Norfolk, England

 and Earl Soham, Suffolk, England

What did Philip look like?

Born: 13 October 1745 in Swaffham and was baptized 28 September 1746 in Swaffham.  He died 22 October 1828.
Son of: Robert Crow (1710-1786) and Alice Crow (nee Alp) (1713?-1777).
Brother of:
1. Robert Crowe (1734-?).
2. Priscilla Crowe (1736-1739?).
3. Edward Crowe (1738-1742).
4. Rev Henry Crowe (1741-1816) who married in 1767 Elizabeth Haylett (1746?-1779) and later Mary Smith.
5. Catherine Crowe (1743-1769).
6. Philip Crowe (1744?-1745).
Philip married: in about 1776, Margarett (17?-30 Oct 1834).
Philip and Margarett had issue:
1. Catherine Crowe (1777-1807).
2. Philip Crowe (1779-1831) who married Matilda Willes.
3. Frances (Fanny) Crowe (1781-1856).
4. Charles Crowe (1785-1855) who married Susan Thomas (and or Eliza?).
5. Eliza Crowe (1786-1858).
6. Susan Crowe (1793-1848).
7. Edward Crowe (1793-1815).
One of these daughters may have been married to a Mr Twincham as Charles Crowe in his diary mentions his brother in law Twincham.

We know of the existence of Philip Crowe, from the diary of his brother's granddaughter Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham).  Unfortunately this diary does not tell us anything about him.

"... my great grandfather, Robert Crowe, whose portrait hangs in the dining room together with that of his wife Alice Alpe of Hardingham Hall in Norfolk, was a solicitor at Swaffham and, although he died in 1786, his second son, Philip, continued to reside there for many years."

Some further information is given in the will of his aunt Elizabeth Dalton who described her nephew Philip Crowe as "Draper of Earl Soham, Suffolk".  Elizabeth leaves most of her estate in Swaffham to Philip so assuming he was living in Earl Soham at one time, it would appear that he moved back to Swaffham perhaps after the death of his aunt.

I understand that Philip lived at The Old Stores, Earl Soham, between 1776 and 1792.

Philip may have been living at Lowestoft in 1818 when his son Charles went to visit him.

Information regarding his baptism are recorded in the notes compiled by Ann Manley, 2003, referenced to the Swaffham Parish Registers 1471576.

By his will Philip left everything (approx £700) for the benefit of his wife and after she died the residue was split between four of their five children; Charles, Susan, Francis and Elizabeth.  Presumably his son Philip had agreed not to be a benificary as he was already a very rich man.

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