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William Cuthbert 1737-1782

Of Nubbock, Hexham

What did William look like?

Born: 1737 and died 1782.
Grandson of: James Cuthbert (1670-????) of Marton Hall, Clevedale.  Married ? in 1694.  James was a brother of John Cuthbert of West Herrington .
Son of: William Cuthbert (1696-17??) of Marton Hall and Jane Wheelwright Walker of Sprouston near Kelso. Married 1736 in St Nicholus, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Brother of:
1. Not known
Married: Anne daughter of John Hodgson Esq of Elswick.
William and Jane had issue:
1. William Cuthbert of Beaufront Castle, Northumberland. He married in 1812 Ann daughter of Robert Shafto Headly of Long Barton.   
2. Possibly others.

William and Ann Cuthbert went on to have a son called William Cuthbert (1813-1878) of Beaufront Castle who was a JP and DL.  In 1840 he married Mary daughter of Isacc Cookson Esq of Mildon Park Northumberland.  They in turn had a son called William Cuthbert (1849-????) of Beaufront Castle.  In 1878 he married Eleanor Lockhart daught of Lieut Col Ball of New Park, County Kilkerney.

We know about William Cuthbert from the following sources:

1. In the Portsmouth Record Office there is a document PCRO X/11A/P/4/5 which is the Carter Pedigrees by AT Everitt . The Cuthbert pages are at p33 and 34 and give the full overview of the family of 'Cuthbert of West Herrington & Portsmouth'.

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