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Portrait of Jean Dunbar.
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Jean Dunbar (nee Millar)

Born: 1705ish died 26 October 1788.
Daughter of: William Miller minister of the Grey Friars Church Edinburgh.
Sister of: Not known.
Jean married: 10 September 1729 at Edinburgh, Robert Dunbar (1697?-1782?) son of John Dunbar of Kinkworth and Mary Dunbar (nee Urquhart).
They had issue:
1. John Dunbar who married Janet Grant.
2. William Dunbar who married Jean (or Jane) Dunbar (nee Morthland) (1747?-1815)

Jean Dunbar (nee Millar): An Overview

We know about Jean from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907. 

This gives very little information about Jean except for the names of her relatives and a copy of her portrait taken from a miniture. 

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