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John Dunbar, 5th Earl of Moray
of Scotland

Born: about 1330 and died before the 23rd July, 1393.
Son of: Patrick 9th Earl of March and Moray, and Angnes (Black Angnes).
Brother of:
1. George Earl of Dunbar and March.
2. Patrick, Lord of Beill.
3. Lady Agnes, who married James Douglas Lord Dalkeith.
4. Lady Margaret, who married the first Earl Douglas.
5. Elizabeth, who married Lord Thirlstane.
John married: around 1370 Marjorie daughter of King Robert II.
John and  had issue:
1. Thomas Dunbar Earl of Moray.
2. Alexander Dunbar.
3. Euffame, who married Alexander of Cumyne of Alter.
4. Mabella, who married Robert Earl of Sutherland.

John Dunbar: An Overview

We know of John Dunbar from the book "Records of the Heath Family", 1913 by George Heath.  The entry reads as follows:

John Dunbar, Earl of Moray. fifth Earl, younger son of Patrick Earl of March and Moray, by his wife 'Black Agnes,' born about 1330, married (Dispensation of Pope Urban V., dated llth July, 1370) his cousin Marjorie, daughter of Robert, then High Steward and shortly afterwards King of Scotland.  On the 9th March, 1372-3, her father Robert II, gave a new grant of the Earldom of Moray "to our beloved son John of Dunbar and to Marjorie his spouse, our dearest daughter," and to the heirs of their bodies, whom failing, to George Dunbar, Earl of March, and his heirs whomsover.  Earl John's seals, 4th April, 1373, &c.-on a shield crouché, three cushions within the Royal tressure; crest, on a helmet a stag's head and neck issuing from a coronet showing five points; supporters- two lions sejant gardant, each having one forefoot holding the coronet.  He died before the 23rd July, 1393.

"The Lady Marjorie," wife of John Dunbar, fifth Earl of Moray, and daughter of Robert II. Seal, lst May, 1390-on a shield a lion rampant within the Royal tressure.

Earl John had two sons and two daughters.

(1) Thomas, Earl of Moray, whose only son Thomas, also Earl of Moray, died 15th December, 1440, without issue (2) Alexander.  Daughters. Euffame, who married 28th May, 1408, Alexander Cumyne, of Alter, and Mabella, who married Robert, Earl of Sutherland.



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