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Hannah Hacker 1713-1752

What did Hannah look like?

Born: Saturday 26 September 1713 and died 1752?
Daughter of: Samuel Hacker (16??-1724) and Elizabeth Hacker (nee Crompton, 1671?-1757).
Half Sister of :
1. Henry Coape (1703?-1778), of Duffield, Derby.  Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1703.
2. Abraham Coape (17??-????).
3. Samuel Coape (1706-1718).
Hannah does not appear to have been married.

My knowledge of Hannah comes from:
1. Information supplied to me by Sheila Howells who has researched this from many sources including the Crompton Papers in the Derby Local History Library.
2. A 1747 Almanack owned by Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton, 1720-1788).
3. A small notebook of family dates written by her mother Elizabeth.

If anybody would like to type up a biography for me I would be very pleased to hear from you.