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A family portrait of the three daughters of Sir Robert John Harvey and Lady Harvey Painted by the artist George Clint ARA 1841 painter Julia Sutton Wells Emma Long

A family portrait of the three daughters of Sir Robert and Lady Harvey
Painted by George Clint ARA, January 1841

Mrs Long, aged 22, married to Rev H Long, Rector of Newton, Swainsthorpe, Norfolk.  Mrs Sutton, aged 24, married to S I Sutton, Captain in the Army.  Miss Harvey, age 20.  This portrait is recorded in the book 'Portraits in Norfolk Houses' by Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, Vol 2, undated but published around 1928.  The portrait is recorded as being at Rainthorpe Hall, The Property of Sir Charles Harvey Bart, 6th August 1907.  Page 171.  George Clint also painted a number a large multiple portrait of the Harvey family and Sir Robert John Harvey and his son John Harvey.

George Clint (1770-1854) was a portrait painter and engraver.  There are 4 portraits of him in the National Portrait Gallery in London and a number of other works by him mainly portraits but also a number of works of other artists but engraved by him.  He began his career as a miniature painter in Leadenhall Street, London.  He learned the technique of mezzotint engraving from Edward Bell, the nephew of John Bell the publisher. George first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1802, but it was not until the 1820s that his career began to flourish.  He established a reputation as a painter of theatrical subjects. George practised mainly as a portrait painter throughout his career, but he is also remembered for his theatrical scene paintings.  He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy (ARA) in 1821; however, his lack of true historical style possibly prevented him from becoming an RA, and he resigned from the Royal Academy in 1835 after a series of scenes from Shakespeare failed to earn him the expected recognition.  George married the daughter of a small farmer in Berkshire and by her he had five sons and four daughters.  Of his sons, Raphael Clint (1797-1849), Scipio Clint (1806-1889) and Alfred Clint (1807-1883) also became artists of varying degrees.

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