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Harvey Family notes:
St Marys Parish Church
Watton, Norfolk

St Mary's Parish Church Watton
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Inscriptions on memorials inside the Church:



Sacred to the memory of Robert Harvey Esq who departed this life at Watton (his native place) Nov 20, 1820 aged 70 years.  "Speak ye who best can tell". His widow and daughter: surrounding friends and neighbours of every class; that he lived in the practice of all Christian virtues;  assisting and relieveing: forbearing and forgiving.  His trust was in God:  His hope rested on the atonement, offered by his blessed redeemer.

Memorial of Robert Harvey of Watton
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In testimony of a daughter's grateful affection to the tenderest of mothers, this monument is erected in memory of Charlotte, widow of the late Robert Harvey Esq.  She was gently removed from this mortal life on the 29th of July 1849, at the very advanced age of 94 years. "I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write, blessed are the dead which die in the lord from henceforth: yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours: and their works do follow them".  Rev. Chap. XIV Verse 13th.

Memorial of Charlotte Harvey nee Purdy
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Notes from the registers:

1628 September 4, baptism of Hellen Harvie? Daughter of Mathew and Betterisse.

1665 August 15, baptism of Robert Harvey, son of Robert and Ann.

1716, September 2, baptism of Sarah Harvey, daughter of James and Sarah.

1741/2 February 14, baptism of Mary Harvey, daughter of Edward & Mary Harvey (entry faded).

1743 October 25, baptism of Ellen Harvey, daughter of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1745 May 10, baptism of Elizabeth Harvey, daughter of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1746 December 19, baptism of Edward Harvey, son of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1747 July 21, burial of Edward Harvey, son of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1748 August 21, baptism of Constance Harvey, daughter of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1749/50 February 9, baptism of Robert Harvey, son of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1752 April 19, baptism of John Harvey, son of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1757 March 13, baptism of Henrietta Harvey, daughter of Edward & Mary Harvey.

1771 June 4, burial of Edward Harvey, a married man.  Gravestone in the graveyard.  Died ? May in the 5? Year of his age.  Also five of his children who died in their infancy, four of whom are buried in this churchyard and one in St Clements Church in Norwich.

1777 October 11, marriage of John Harvey and Elizabeth Thurrold both of Watton.

1790 December 2?, burial of Mary Harvey, widow of the late Edward Harvey, Gent, aged 72 years.  Gravestone in the graveyard.  Died 15 Dec.

1794 Sept 20, baptism of Robert Harvey, son of Robert and Charlotte.  1794 Sept 29, burial of Robert Harvey, infant son of Robert & Charlotte Harvey.  Headstone in the graveyard.

1796 May 24, baptism of Charlotte Harvey, daughter of Robert and Charlotte Harvey.

1800 November 15, burial of Elizabeth Harvey, single woman, age 54.  Headstone in the graveyard.

1820 November 27, burial of Robert Harvey, age 71.  Headstone in the graveyard, died 20 November 1820.

1824 December 30, marriage of James Matless Harvey and Mary Fitt both of this parish.

1828 August 29, burial of John Harvey, age 76. Died 25 August 1828 age 75.  Headstone in graveyard.

1834 Sept 13, burial of Mary Harvey, age 32. Wife of James Harvey.  She died 8 Sept 1834 age 33 years.  Headstone in graveyard.

1838 December 24, marriage of James Matless Harvey and Lucy Peck.

1844. Charlotte Harvey widow of Robert Harvey.  Stone in graveyard, died 29 July 1844, in the 91st (94?) year of her age.

1849 August 4, burial of Charles H Harvey, age 94.

1865 February 1865, burial of James H Harvey, age 65.  Headstone in the grave yard.  Died 7 February 1865.

1885 November 24, burial of Lucy Harvey, age 84.

1896 October 25, baptism of Allan Royden Harvey, son of Walter Herbet and Agnes.  Walter was a farmer, Wick Farm.

1889 August 23, burial of Leslie Henry Harvey, age 6 months.  Headstone in the graveyard.  Child of Edward and Sophia Harvey.  Died 20 August, 1889, age 7 months.


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