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Emily Mary Heath nee Harrison 18??-1897
of Hill House, Brading, Isle of Wight; Dunbar house, Esher, Rochester House, Esher.

Born: not known but died 1897 and was buried at Brading, Isle of Wight.
Daughter of: James Harrison (????-1867) and Ellen Harrison (nee Beaver) of Hill House, Brading, Isle of Wight.
Sister of:
1. James Robert.
2. Ellen.
3. Hugh.
4. Ralph.
5. Margaret Ann Dearsly (nee Harrison, 18??-1908) who married Rev. Charles Henry Dearsly.
6. William Henry.
7. Frederic.
8. Charles.
9. Francis Esther Christie (nee Harrison) who married Capt Samuel Tolfrey Christie in 1846.
Emily married: 2 February 1848 Rev Dunbar Isidore Heath (1816-1888)
Emily and Dunbar had issue:
1. Douglas Leopold Heath (1849-1926).
2. James Dunbar Heath (1853-1936).

We know about Emily from the following sources:

1. Entry in the book "Records of the Heath Family" by George Heath, 1913. 
2. Notes from Janice Doughty

Notes from Janice Doughty are as follows:

1) At the marriage of Captain Samuel Tolfrey Christie to Frances Esther Harrison on 19th March, 1846 at Brading on the Isle of Wight, one of the Witnesses to the marriage, was Emily Mary Harrison.  Here is the announcement which appears in the Sydney Morning Herald, one would assume by Captain Samuel Tolfrey Christie's brother, who had settled in the Colony, Major William Harvie Christie, he was married to Frances Esther Christie's older sister Ellen Christie (nee Harrison):-
"...Captain S. Tolfrey Christie of H.M. 80th Reg., was married on 19th March 1846 at Brading on the Isle of Wight, by the Rev. John Frederic Christie, the Vicar of Badgeworth, Gloucestershire, to Frances Esther Harrison, the 3rd daughter of James and Ellen Harrison, of "Hill House" Brading on the Isle of Wight, England...".

2) Emily Mary Harrison, of "Hill House" Brading, married the Rev. Dunbar Isadore Heath on 2nd February 1848.  

3) Letters James Harrison, writes to his nephew, Dr. James Harrison M.D., a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Fellow of the Royal College of  Surgeons, at Higher Broughton in Manchester about the Rev. Dunbar Isadore Heath.  In July of 1858, James again writes to his nephew Dr James Harrison and congratulates him on the birth of his daughter, Mabel Blanch Harrison. James speaks of his son-in-law and good friend, the Rev. Dunbar Isadore Heath, who was married to James's daughter Emily mentioning how they take long walks together.  The good Reverend, was the brother of Captain Leopold George Heath, later to become Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath of the Royal Navy.  At the time of James writing this letter, Captain Heath was in charge of the "Arrogant" and occasionally the Rev. Heath would take a few days cruise with his brother and he had informed his father-in-law that he was hoping to be aboard the "Arrogant", when she sailed to Cherbourg, with her Majesty, Queen Victoria on board.  In his next letter to his nephew, James again speaks of Rev. Heath, that he was a decipherer of Egyptian Papyri. James also speaks warmly of Admiral George Barker, with whom James was "very intimate". Admiral George Barker was a companion of Lord Nelson, in many of his expeditions...". 

4) In 1855 Frances Esther Christie (nee Harrison) has returned from India (where her husband Major Samuel Tolfrey Christie is serving), for the birth of her youngest child in Ardersier, Inverness Scotland. The Christie family, originated in Scotland, through Dr. Thomas Christie, William and Samuel's father, and many of their relatives were in Scotland.  Upon the birth of her son, Frances named him Allan Dunbar Christie.

5) After the death of Margaret Harrison's father James Harrison, in June of  1867, she still ran the Academy for the teenage children of Officers serving in India for the East India Company. Margaret remained a spinster until 1875, when she married the local curate, the Rev. Charles Henry Dearsly.  Charles was 39 years old when he married Margaret and she was 16 years his senior.  The wedding ceremony was held at the Parish Church in Brading on 7th July 1875.  The Rev. Charles Dearsly a Batchelor residing at Brading, and Margaret Anne Harrison a Spinster, residing at Sandown, were married by the groom's younger brother, 37 year old the Rev. William Augustus St John Dearsly, who was the Vicar of Wilmington and the Rector of Lullington in Sussex. The Witnesses at the marriage were the Rev. Dunbar Isadore Heath, Harrison M. Dearsly, Lucy Harris Buckler, and Margaret's niece, the daughter of Lt.Colonel Samuel Tolfrey and Frances Esther Christie, 27 year old Frances Isabella Christie.

6) When Edward Lindsay Christie, joined the Australian Army in the First W.W. he signed up under the Alias William John Parnell, Parnell being his mother's maiden name.  We now know why, as he did join under his own name, and was immediately given the rank of Lieutenant, as he had fought with the British in the Boer War.  However, if was found he was unsuitable, and only after a month, was discharged.  He was so ashamed, because of his grandfathers military history and his father's and also his two brothers had been accepted.  So he went to Newcastle, north of Sydney and worked in the Steel worked for around 10 months until his fitness had improved and then joined under the alias.  The joke was, his gg grandfather on his mother's side, was William John Parnell, and he arrived in the Colony as a convict.  Seeing he could not give his Mother, Wilhelmina Christie (nee Parnell), as his next of kin.  He instead gave his cousin, James HEATH of Bacon and Coy in Fleet Street, London, England. Edward had been educated in England, so he would have known his cousin well.

7) Note that the Rev. Dunbar Isadore and Emily Mary Heath (nee Harrison), named their son James, which would be after his maternal grandfather. The first born son Douglas Leopold Heath, was named after two of Dunbar's brothers.

8) All the Harrison children were all born in Manchester and christened by their Uncle, the Rev. William Harrison at his Unitarian Church at Blackley in Lancashire. James and Ellen's children were, James Robert, Ellen, Hugh, Ralph, Margaret Ann, William Henry, Frederic, Charles, Frances Esther. Five of the siblings had all been baptised on the same day on Friday the 23rd June 1826, by the Uncle William. However, I could not find Emily on the LDS Website. On all the Census, Emily give her place of birth as Manchester and is circa 1830.

9) Emily Mary Heath (nee Harrison), the Widow of the Rev. Dunbar Isadore Heath, died on the Isle of Wight in 1897 and was buried in the Brading Churchyard. As did Margaret Ann Dearsly (nee Harrison), the Widow of the Rev. Charles Henry Dearsly, she died at the age of 88 in 1908 at Brading on the Isle of Wight.  One would assume, the two old ladies were living together.  Can this be checked out?

James Dunbar Heath was born 1854, at Brading on the Isle of Wight. James, was the son of the Rev. Dunbar Isadore and Emily HEATH (nee Harrison). Per the 1881 Census, James was living with his parents at Claremont Lane, “Rochester House”. Esther, Surry, England in 1881.  James was a Clerk for the East India Company.  Emily Heath (nee Harrison) was the younger sister of Ellen Christie (nee Harrison), the mother of William Beaver Blayney Christie and also the sister of Frances Esther Christie (nee Harrison).  The Christie and Harrison families had a lot to do with the East India Company and the 80th Regt.of Foot, who worked very closely with the East India Company. Four of the Christie brothers were in the 80th Regt. of Foot.and last but not least,


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