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The Book: The Heath Family Engravers 1779-1878
Volume 2
Charles Heath (1785-1848)
Frederick Heath (1810-1878) Alfred Heath (1812-1896)

Written by John Heath.  Published by Scolar Press 1993.  ISBN 0 85967 908 X (Volume 1 & 2)  ISBN 0 85967 957 8 (Volume 2 only).


Introduction.  Page 7.
Chapter 1.  The Young Engraver.  Page 9.
Chapter 2.  Charles Heath's Contribution to Steel Engraving.  Page 17.
Chapter 3.  Charles Heath and the "Annuals", 1825-1848.  Page 23.
Chapter 4.  Charles Heath and JMW Turner RA, 1811-1838.  Page 39.
Chapter 5.  Charles Heath's Artistic and Business Relationships.  Page 49.
Chapter 6.  Frederick and Alfred Heath: the End of an Era.  Page 61.
References.  Page 67.
Bibliography.  Page 73.
Annex A.  Assistants and Pupils in Charles Heath's Atelier.  Page 79.
Annex B.  Auctions of Charles Heath's Prints, Books and Property.  Page 81.
Annex C.  Analysis of Print Runs, Sales and Payments for Annuals and Gift Books 1832-47.
Annex D.  Correspondence Relating to Turner's "Picturesque Views in England and Wales 1826-1836".  Page 85.
Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of Charles Heath and His Sons.  Page 87.
References.  Page 87
Catalogue Entries: Charles Heath.  Page 90.
Catalogue Entries: Frederick Heath.  Page 314.
Catalogue Entries: Alfred Heath.  Page 328.
Index of Catalogue Entries.  Page 345.

It should be noted that a considerable part of this volume is a detailed list of many of the quality publications from 1801 to 1879 (predominantly published in London).  Each entry is listed giving: book title, for each Heath engraving the name of artist engraved after, caption of each Heath engraving and page reference, size of engraving, names of other engravers in the publication, name of publisher, source location and references, general notes where applicable.  In addition to entries for book publications there are also entries for some of the larger engravings where they were published as engravings in their own right.

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