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The Book: The Heath Family Engravers 1779-1878
Volume 3
A Supplement to Volumes 1 & 2

Written by John Heath.  Published by Quacks Books 1999.  ISBN 0 948333 87 1


Introduction.  Page vii.
Chapter 1.  Press cuttings of the period 1785 to 1834 relating to the Heath Family as engravers, and containing the spectacular quarrel between Josiah Boydell and James Heath in 1792 over James Heath's engraving of "Romeo and Juliet" for Boydell's Shakespeare.  Page 1.
Chapter 2.  Correspondence to, from and about the Heath engravers, 1794-1848, with a synopsis.  Page 19.
Chapter 3.  Correspondence from James and Charles Heath to the merchant banker, Dawson Turner of Great Yarmouth between 1817 and 1848, relating to their projects, financial requirements and difficulties, and their personal relationships (with index).  Page 77.
Chapter 4.  James Heath's role as a financial supporter to Richard Brinsley Sheridan, as indicated from Sheridan's letters (1801-1814).  Page 168.
Chapter 5.  The techniques of line engraving (Extract from Memorials of Hope Park).  Page 171.
Chapter 6 a.  The Art of Steel Engraving in England, and Charles Heath's contribution to its development, 1820-1848 (Lecture at the Ditchling Museum of Engraving, 1990).  Page 177.
Chapter 6 b.  Steel engraving by Messrs Perkins, Fairman and Heath, the family printing firm:
1. The newly invented process of Siderography (ie engraving on steel).  Extract from the Monthly Mirror of May 1, 1820.  Page 188
2. A technical description, issued by Perkins and Heath on 1 January 1828 to the printing trade showing the advantages of the Perkins process for engraving banknotes, in rebuttal of the criticisms of the Scottish engraver, Mr Lizars.  Page 190.
Chapter 7.  The Annuals:
1. Fraser's Magazine, Vol. 10 for November 1834.  Page 196.
2. Art Union reviews for 1840 and 1843.  Page 207.
Chapter 8.  Collecting Heath Family Prints and Book Illustrations (Article in the Antiquarian Book Review for February, 1994).  Page 217.
Chapter 9.  Corrigenda and Addenda to Volumes 1 and 2.  Page 224.
Illustrations after page.  Page 226.
Chapter 10.  Index to the Monographs in Volumes 1 and 2.  Page 289.

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