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The Novelist's Magazine

The Novelist's Magazine was published by Harrison & Co from 1780 to 1788, by which date it consisted of 23 volumes.  It was Harrison's first speculation and sold each week for 6d, 12000 of each number being printed.  James Heath was engaged on engraving for it throughout and was one of the largest contributors.  It established his reputation together with that of the artist Thomas Stothard.  James was paid 5 guineas (£5.5.0) for each engraving and as they became worn, a futher 1 guinea in addition per plate for retouching.  In about 1788, he is said to have quarrelled with Harrisons over his fees, and he did little work for them thereafter.


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Each complete volume contained a number of novels and, over the eight years that it was published, some of the titles included:

Almoran & Hamlet, Joseph Andrews, Amelia, Solyman & Almena, Roderick Random, Zadig, Devil on Two Sticks, Tales of the Genii, Tom Jones, Gil Blas, Robinson Crusoe,
Tristram Shandy, The Sisters, Peregrine Pickle, Marmontel, The Country Maid, Magdalen or Louisa Mildmay, Ferdinand Count Fathom, Don Quixote, Sentimental Journey, Guilliver's Travels, David Simple, Johnathon Wild, Sir Charles Grandison, The Female Quixote, Joe Thompson, Peter Wilkins, Betsy Thoughtless, Persian Tales, Clarissa Harlow, Avellenada's Quixote, The Virtuous Orphan, Telemachus, Jemmy & Jenny Jessamy, Arabian Nights, Humphrey Clinker, Ophelia, Pamela, Adventures of an Atom, Lydia, Miss Sydney Biddulph, Rasselas.


Thomas Stothard (1755-1834) was an English painter and engraver.  He was born in London in 1755 and studied at the Royal Academy and was elected a full academician in 1794.  In 1780 he became a regular contributor to the Novelist's Magazine, for which he produced 148 designs.  He was very prolific and produced about three thousand illustrations that were engraved, many by James Heath.  The two men worked on numerous projects together throughout their lives.

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