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Marianne Heath nee Harman 1808-1882

of Milland, Liphook, Hampshire

Born: 1816 and died 1888.
Daughter of: Edward Harman (1775-18??) and Mary Anne Harman.
Sister of: not known.
Marianne married: Rev John Moore Heath (1808-1882) son of George Heath (1779-1852) and Ann Raymond Heath (nee Dunbar,1787-1842).
John and Marianne had issue:
1. George Heath (1847-1923), who married Martha Charlotte Schmidt (1864-1951).
2. Julia Heath (1848-1899).
3. Emma   (1850-1854)
4. Mary Anne Heath (1853-1928).
5. Walter Heath (1855-19??), who married Ellen Augusta Echalaz.
6. John Heath (1857-1857).

We know about Rev John Moore Heath from:
1. The book "Records of the Heath Family" by George Heath, 1913.
2. Notebook of Julia Anna Harrison (nee Heath) (1807-1879).

Marianne married Rev John Moore Heath.  They lived at Enfield in Essex and later Milland, Liphook, Hampshire.


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