Margaret Emma Holland (nee Caldwell, known as Emma)


Born: 1792, baptized 15 June 1792 and died 2 February 1830.
Daughter of: James Caldwell (1759-1838) and Elizabeth Caldwell nee Stamford (1754-1831).  
Sister of:
1. Hannah Eliza Roscoe nee Caldwell (1785-1854) who married William Stanley Roscoe (1782-1843).
2. James Stamford Caldwell (1786-1858).
3. Mary Caldwell (1789-1813).
4. Anne Marsh Caldwell (1791-1874) who married Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849).
5. Catherine Louisa Caldwell, born 6 June, baptized 15 June 1794 and died 20 August 1814 aged 20.
6. Frances Caldwell, died 14 February 1801 aged 5.
Margaret married: in Audley Church, 8 October 1822, Sir Henry Holland (1788-1873) son of Peter Holland (1766-1855) and Mary Holland nee Willits (1766-1803)
Margaret and Henry had issue:
1. Henry Thurstan Holland 1st Vis, Lord Knutsford (1825-1914) who married 1st Elizabeth Margaret Hibbert (1834-1855), 2nd Margaret Jean Trevelyan (1835-1906).
2. Rev Francis James Holland (1828-1907) who married Mary Sibylia Lyall (1836-1891).
3. Emily Mary Buxton nee Holland (1824-1908) who married Charles Buxton (1823-1871).
4. Elinor Anne Holland, born 6 August 1826, baptised 25 September 1827 at Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford, died August 1829.
After Margaret's early death, Henry married Saba Smith and had two further children Caroline and Gertrude.

We know about Emma from the following:
1. Bourke's "Landed Gentry" which records the Caldwell family of Linley Wood.
2. Anne Marsh-Caldwell'sdiary.
3. Some family lettersand general notes.


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