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Peter Holland
Surgeon, Doctor
of Church House, Knutsford, Cheshire


Born: 3 June 1766 and died 19 January 1855.
Son of: Samuel Holland (1734-1816) and Ann Holland nee Swinton (1740?-1814).
Brother of:
1. Ann Holland (1765-1809).
2. Hannah Lumb nee Holland (1767-1837) who married Samuel Lumb (1761?-1805).
3. Samuel Holland (1768-1851) who married Catherine Menzies (1771-1847).
4. Mary Holland (1770-1812).
5. Elizabeth Stevenson nee Holland (1771-1811) who married William Stevenson (1770-1829). Parents of the author Mrs Elizabeth Gaskell.
6. Catherine Holland (1772-1822).
7. Abigail Holland (1773-1848).
8. Swinton Colthurst Holland (1777-1827) who married Anne Willets (1770-1845).
Peter married:
1st: Mary Willets (1768-1803) daughter of the Rev William Willets (1697-1778) of Newcastle under Lyme, and Catherine Willets nee Wedgwood (1726-1804).
2nd: Mary Whittaker (1769-1840) daughter of Daniel Whittaker and Esther Whittaker.
Peter and his first wife Mary Holland nee Willets had issue:
1. Sir Henry Holland (1788-1873) who married 1st; Margaret Emma Caldwell (1792-1830), 2nd; Saba Smith (1802-1866).
2. Mary Holland (1790-1790).
3. Mary Holland (1791-1792).
4. Mary Holland (1792-1877).
5. Bessy Howarth nee Holland (1796-1886) who married Rev Franklin Howorth (1804-1882).
6. Charles Holland (1798-1799).
7. Lucy Holland (1800-1883).
Peter and his second wife Mary Holland nee Whittaker had issue:
1. Charles Aikin Holland (1809-18??).
2. Susan Deane nee Holland (1811-1889) who married Richard Timothy Deane (1805-1851).
3. Arthur Holland (1813-1833).


Peter Holland: An Overview

We know about Peter from the following sources:
1. The book 'Elizabeth Gaskell The Early Years' by John Chapple, published 1997.




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