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Pencil drawing of the Church of St Mary the Virgin Burnham Westgate Norfolk Enlgand 1830ish

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Burnham Westgate,Norfolk

This sketch, taken from her diary, was presumably drawn by Elizabeth Jones in the early  1800's.  I visited the area in 2004 and was pleased to find that the church is still being used as a church and is as picturesque as it no doubt was two hundred years ago (even though in the immeadiate vicinity there is now the addition of a tarmac road and quite a few more houses).  I had a quick look around the church yard to see if there were any memorials to Henry Crowe but I was not able to find one however there is up on the wall inside the church a list of past rectors including:
1749-1766 Humphrey Christian.
1766-1816 Henry Crowe.
1816-1824 John Howard.

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