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Sarah Klinkowström (nee Cuthbert, Brooke) 1772-1838

Of England, Italy, Sweden & Finland

Born: presumably in 1772 and baptized 25 Dec 1772 in Madras (British Library N/2/1 f.348).  Died 4 January 1838 at Turku, Finland.
Daughter of: Arthur Cuthbert (1734  -1788) and Sarah Cuthbert nee Hopkins (1744-1777).
Sister of:
1.  Amelia Marsh (nee Cuthbert, 1765-1793) who married William Marsh.
2. Charles Cuthbert (1771-1777).
3. James Ramsay Cuthbert (1776-1821) who married Sophia (1777  -1857).
Sarah married:
1st: in 1794, Thomas Brooke (1769?-1809) the son of Henry Brooke (died 1786) of Hatheley Kildare, Ireland, and Mary Aubrey/Albeary? (1738?-1787).
2nd: 2 June 1810, in Stockholm, to Otto Vilhelm Klinkowström.
Sarah and Thomas had a daughter:
1. Louisa Cuthbert Armfelt (nee Brooke, 1801-1865) who was born/christened in 1801 in Saint Mary, St Marylebone Road, London.  She married Gustaf Magnus Armfelt.
Sarah and Otto had a son:
2. Arthur Wilhelm Klinckowström (Baron Vilhelm (Artturi Vilhelm) Klinckowström) (1807-1860), born before Sarah married Otto.

We know about Sarah from the following sources:
1. She is mentioned in her father's will where she is left a fortune of £40,000.
2. ELGENSTIERNA, vol IV, ref: Klinckowström (I have not seen this).

Sarah appears to have lead a fairly colourful life partly made possible by the fact that she inherited at a fairly young age a large fortune.  Her father Arthur Cuthbert died in 1788 and Sarah's share of the estate was £40,000.  At this time she was approximately 16 years old.

It would appear that she was born in England in 1772 or Madras in 1776.  She married, in 1794, Thomas Brooke the son of Henry Brooke.  The marriage did not last long, but Sarah and Thomas had a daughter Louisa Cuthbert Brooke (1801-1865) who was born/christened in 1801 in Saint Mary, St Marylebone Road, London.  It would appear that Sarah separated from Thomas and for a period of time she lived in Italy where she met Otto Vilhelm Klinkowström.  Sarah moved to Sweden with Otto and they had a son Arthur Wilhelm Klinckowström (1807-1860).

Thomas Brooke was wounded in the Peninsular War at the Battle of Talavera, 27th-28th July 1809 and he died shortly afterwards.  Sarah then married, around 1810, Otto Vilhelm Klinkowström in Stockholm, Sweden. Their relationship was considered rather scandalous at the time and they moved to Finland.

Sarah lived the remainder of her life in Finland, at the time an autonomous Grand Duchy under the personal rule of the Emperor of All Russias.  She died 1 January 1838 at Turku, Finland


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