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Etching by RH Crofton

On the back is written ‘When at Woolage, Etched by Col Richard Crofton RA, Father of Duke Crofton of Litchfield’.  The picture is a reverse copy of a picture by Adriaen Van Ostade, Peasant Family, 1647.

This would be Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897), 4th son of  Duke Crofton Esq and Alicia Crofton (nee Jones) of Lakefield, co Leitrim.  Woolage is where Richard Crofton would have done his army officer training.  Richard married  Frances Mary Marsh (1819-1906), daughter of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) and Anne Marsh (Marsh Caldwell, nee Caldwell, 1791-1874).  The etching was previously at the Caldwell family home of Linley Wood.


(Francis Mary Crofton)  (Richard Henry Crofton)  (Linley Wood List)