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Amelia Marsh 1788-1861

Born: 21 December 1788 and died 26 August 1861 aged 71.
Daughter of: William Marsh (1756?-1846) the banker and his first wife Amelia Marsh (nee Cuthbert) (1765-1793), daughter of Arthur Cuthbert of Woodcote Hall, Surrey
Sister of:
1. Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) who married Anne Caldwell (1791-1874).
2. George Marsh (1795 - 30 July 1868) of Mossel Bay, Cape of Good Hope.
3. Madame Anne Gabiou nee Marsh (1792 - 1870) who married Monsieur Gabiou de Chanceaux.
4. Sarah Marsh (1793-1793).
Half sister of:
5. Francis Mary Marsh (14 August 1797 - 2 May 1818).
6. William Marsh (1795?- 10 September 1824).
7. Mary Marsh (1799?-1839) who died 6 March and was buried 14 March at St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent.
8. Georgiana Nelson Marsh (1801- 24 March 1861).
Amelia did not marry.

A small silver christening mug still exists with the intials AM on the side and on the bottom an inscription 'PH Exdono 1789'.  This would have come from Amelia's great-grandmother Phillis Hopkins.

The children of Arthur and Anne Marsh referred to Amelia as "Aunt Me".

On the back of Amelia Marsh's portrait is written:
"Amelia Marsh.  Eldest daughter of William Marsh and sister of Arthur Cuthbert Marsh.  Died 1860 aged 71, born December 1786".

Some drawings drawn by Amelia have been passed down in the family, one of which records on the back that she received some drawing instruction from Bartolozzi [Francesco Bartolozzi RA, 1727 - 1815].

In the Gillingham Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene there is a memorial in the church which reads:
"Amelia Daughter of the above William and Amelia Marsh.  Born December 21st 1788 died August 26th 1861.



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