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Frances Marsh nee Graham 1770-1805

Of Knightsbridge in the County of Middlesex

Frances Graham by Tilly Kettle

Born: in Bengal (Bangladesh) 15 June 1770 and died young 5 April 1805.  Buried in Gillingham, Kent.
Daughter of: John Graham Esq (1741-1775) and Mary Graham nee Shewen  (1737?-1798).  
Sister of:
1. William Graham (born 13 January 1774 in Calcutta). 
2. Col George Edward Graham (later Foster Pigott, born 1774 or 1771, died 1831) who married Mary Foster (died 1858). 
3. Mary Helen Lady Dashwood (1763-1796) who married Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, 3rd Bart, of Kettlington, Oxon. 
4. Another brother (alive in 1794) 
Frances married : William Marsh (1755-1846), 15th November 1794.  She was his second wife. William was the son of George Marsh (1722-1800) and Ann Marsh (nee Long, 1720-1784). 
Frances and William had issue :
1. Frances Mary Marsh (14 August 1797 - 2 May 1818).
2. William Marsh (18 October 1795 - 10 September 1824) who died on the day the bank crashed.  Surprisingly he died of natural causes and it would appear completely unconnected with the fall of the bank.
3. Mary Marsh (1798-1839).  Born 9 December 1798 and died 6 March 1839.  Buried 14 March at St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent.
4. Georgiana Nelson Marsh (1801-1861).  Born 7 January 1801 and died 24th March 1861.

We know of Francis from the following sources:
1. Her miniature
2. A mention in the diary of  Eliza Louisa Marsh-Caldwell (1818-1913).
3. Her memorial in the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Gillingham, Kent.
4. A mention in he diary of her father in law George Marsh.
5. The Graham family website ( 

The entry in George Marsh's diary for Saturday, 15th November 1794, regarding their wedding is as follows:
My son was married to Miss Francis Graham at St Margaret's Church, Westminster, present Mrs Graham her mother, Sir Henry Dashwood her sister's husband, with his lady [Mary Helen Lady Dashwood] and their daughter and son, Miss Graham's three brothers and myself.

The entry in the diary of  Eliza Louisa Marsh-Caldwell reads as follows:
Mr Marsh married secondly in 1792 Frances, second daughter of Mr Graham of Kinross and for some years M.P. for that County. She was a person of a most sweet and gentle disposition and was adored by her step children and could not have been more so had she been their own mother.  Her brother was the Colonel Graham who became a Parnter in our Grandfather's bank and her only and eldest sister married Sir Henry Dashwood, of Kettlington, Oxon.  Lady Dashwood was very beautiful and much about the Court, but had a troubled life, as Sir Henry was a great gambler and often brought his family to great straits and as Lady Ely, his eldest daughter, who married the Marquis of Ely, used to say with tears in her eyes to her uncle (by marriage) our Grandfather, "What would have become of them all but for his kindness, she used to say" and I believe, in truth that at one time he almost maintained the whole Ketlington family.
By this second marriage Mr Marsh had four children, their mother dying in 1806.  These children were William, Frances, Mary and Georgina Nelson . This last so christened after her Godmother Lady Nelson, the wife of the great Lord Nelson who had been a friend of our Grandfathers from their youth.  All these children except "Aunt Georgy" died comparatively early, and we have only small remembrance of them.  "Aunt Georgy" was truly loved by us all.  She was of a most generous and affectionate nature and as highly a conscientious woman as ever lived.  All these children of the second marriage died unmarried.  They also inherited very good fortunes from their mother.

Three portraits of Frances's neice Georgiana Carolina Lady Hastings are listed in the book 'Portraits in Norfolk Houses' by Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, undated but published around 1927-1928.  Vol II, page 9 & 10.  Painted by H W Pickersgill around 1835 and a miniature by R Saunders.  Georgiana Carolina, second daughter of Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, 3rd Bart., by Mary Helen his wife, daughter of John Graham of Kinross, N.B., and the Supreme Court, Calcutta; married 9th March 1829, Sir Jacob Astley, 6th Bart., afterwards 16th Lord Hastings.  She died 28 June 1835.  Georgiana had children, her heir being Jacob Henry Delaval Astley 17th Lord Hastings.



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