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George Bubb Dodington, 1st Baron Melcombe 1691-1762

George Bubb took on the additional family name of Dodington in 1717 around the time that his uncle George Dodington died and left him a great deal of money.  He soon spent 140,000 pounds completing a magnificent mansion which his uncle had begun at Eastbury in Dorset.

George Bubb Dodington was MP for Winchelsea, 1715-1722, then Bridgwater, 1722-1754.  In 1754 he lost his Bridgewater seat to the Earl of Egmont but he then continued as MP for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, 1754-1761.  He was envoy extraordinary to Spain, 1715-1717 and completed the negociation of an important trade agreement.  He was Lord of the Treasury, 1724-1740; Treasurer of the Chamber to the Prince of Wales, 1749-1751; Privy Councillor, 1744-1751; and, Treasurer of the Navy, 1744-1749 and 1755-1756 and 1757.  In 1751 George Marsh in his diary (page 79) makes a brief reference to Mr Doddington having been the former Treasurer of the Navy.

George Bubb Dodington seems to have been a very sociable person who moved in elevated circles.  He became a good friend of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and loaned money to him.  He was created Baron of Melcombe in 1761 following the accession of Frederick's son to the throne as George III.

His diary was published posthumously in 1784 by his nephew Henry Penruddocke Wyndham.  It rambles on mainly about his relationship with the Royal family and many of the important people of the time.


(George Marsh)  (Diary of George Marsh