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Admiral Sir Samuel Cornish, 1st Baronet 1715-1770

Samuel Cornish is mentioned in the diary of George Marsh (page 33) in connection to George's cousin Milbourne Warren who served in the navy.

Samuel Cornish is best known for leading the expedition that conquered Manila in 1762.  In his earlier career he had started as a Lieutenant in 1739.  He served at Cartagena in 1741 and in the Mediterranean between 1742 and 1744.

In 1759 Samuel Cornish took part in some battles against the French.  When Spain entered the war early in 1762, he was appointed Rear-Admiral of an East Indies Squadron, who, together with soldiers of the 79th Regiment under William Draper were ordered to attack the Spaniards in the Philippines.  Another person who also took part in this campaign was Sir Hyde Parker.  The Battle of Manila was remarkably successful and the city was taken after a siege of 10 days. This victory made Cornish a very rich man however a few years later the British withdrew from Manila.  Admiral Cornish returned to the UK and became Vice-Admiral in October 1762.  He was MP for New Shoreham between 1765 and 1770 and was created a baronet in 1766.

In 1765 Cornish purchased Tofte Manor, Sharnbrook, in Bedfordshire.  He did not have any children and so when he died his title became extinct.  He left his large fortune to his nephew Captain Samuel Pitchford.


Can anyone add any more information to the above?  Does anyone have a portrait showing what Samuel Cornish looked like?  


(George Marsh)  (Diary of George Marsh)