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Portrait of Lady Mary Ann Meek nee Grant

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Mary's parents were Dr David Grant and Anne Hitchman.  They lived in Jamaica and had ten or eleven children. Four of the daughters were as follows:
1. Mary Ann Grant who married Sir James Meek (second wife no issue).
2. Frances Grant who married John Milbourne Marsh. They lived in Jamaica and had two children, John and Francis Marsh who were then orphaned at an early age and went to live with their maternal Aunt, Lady Meek in England.
3. Sophia Emelia who married Sir Francis Forbes (Chief Justice in New South Wales).
4. Charlotte Grant whom married George Pinnock (Lived in Jamaica). They had four children, Charlotte, Grace, George and Phillip.  When Charlotte Pinnock was widowed she and her children also went to England and lived with Lady Meek.



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Portrait of Lady Mary Ann Meek

Sir James Meek, who died at Ilfracombe a few days since was a valuable public servant in the Commissariat Department and the Civil Service of the Navy. HE was born in 1778, and entered the public service in 1798. Under Lord Keith, then Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean, he was employed in procuring supplies from Sicily for the support of the Army sent to invade Egypt. For many years he held the post of Secretary to the different Flag Officers on the Mediterranean station, and among others, to Lord Keith after the close of the war. In 1830, he was appointed a Commissioner of the Victualling Board, and on the abolition of that department was made Comptroller of the Victualling of the Navy and Transport Services. From these duties, which he discharged with zeal and efficiency, he finally retired in December, 1850, and early in the following year was rewarded with the honour of Knighthood and the Companionship of the Bath. His name, however, will be longest remembered in connexion with the commercial measures of the late  Sir Robert Peel, who sent him during the winter of 1841 on a tour through Belgium, Holland, and the north of Germany, for the purpose of collecting statistical information respecting agricultural produce and shipping; and it was, to a considerable extent, upon the reports supplied to Her Majesty's Ministers by Sir James Meek that the then Premier based the well known measures of free trade which --. Sir James represented an old Cheshire family, and was twice married; first, to a daughter of Lieutenant Edward Down, R.N., and second, having been left a widower nearly two years, in 1853, to the daughter of the late Dr Grant, of Kingston, Jamaica. He was an acting-magistrate for the county of Devon, and was much respected in the town and neighbourhood of Ilfracombe, where he had long resided.


Portrait of Lady Mary Ann Meek

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