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Diary of William Marsh (1755-1846)

Covering the years 1823 and 1824 recording the crash of the family banking firm of Marsh, Sibbald and Co.


Note added in the front by his grand daughter Louisa Marsh-Caldwell

Note- by Louisa Marsh-Caldwell


It is necessary for the instruction of those who come after us and who may read this volume of our Grandfather’s diary, that it should be remarked that the mention of the proceedings of the General Post Office as regards our Grandfather, at the time of the ruin of his “House” through the malpractice of Fauntleroy, arose from the fact that our Grandfather had made himself a “surety” for one of his cousins, Mr John Marsh’s eldest son (in common with the members of the latter’s family). When young Mr Marsh obtained the appointment of Postmaster in the West Indies, his affairs became embarrassed and thus the General Post Office in London came down upon our Grandfather as a first claim, as soon as his own affairs, through the guilt of others, became involved.


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A claim from the Bank of England, which had also been defrauded by Fauntleroy on the Banking House of which our Grandfather was the Head Partner and Fauntleroy one of the junior and the principal working Partners, ruined that House, as without this claim on the part of the Bank of England, the “House” in spite of its heavy losses through Fauntleroy’s malpractices, could have righted itself and gone on. A fact acknowledged at the time by all who were acquainted with its affairs (Anyway, be it remembered it ultimately paid 20/in the £). The times, however, were at that period so bad, owing to the change in the currency, the still lingering effects of the “Long War” that the Bank of England


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to secure its own stability was obliged to recoup itself from the losses it had sustained by its own carelessness through Fauntleroy, out of the assets of our Grandfather’s “House” and of which Fauntleroy was a partner. A transaction which as the losses sustained by the Bank of England arose solely from its own transactions with Fauntleroy as an individual, and apart from these, had nothing to do with the Berners Street House, as a House would not be tolerated in these days, as we have heard.

It is also to be remarked that after our Grandfather’s third marriage, he sold first his country house “Willey House” near Farnham, and after the lapse of a few years, then his


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Town house at Knightsbridge, now called “Stratherdon House,” and which he had bought on his first marriage and inhabited for nearly forty years.


These sales were not approved of by his family and were attributed to the influence of his third wife.

When the crash came he was living in a house he had taken at Orpington in Kent.



Dairy of William Marsh


Sunday 2nd November 1823 – Received a letter from Arthur to say that in consequence of my letter to Mr Forby, (Admin?), Tothill St, stating that I had heard from Mr Baber that he was looking out for such a House as mine at Knightsbridge, he had called in Scotland Yard and that Arthur had given him the outline, when he said he should write me, having no letter from him I wrote to say I would call upon him on Tuesday morning:- Brown, Tibbs and Tontus men looked in and I had a long consultation about removing -- stone oven and placing Mrs Gee’s Boilers from Stark’s - A paid to take the oven down!


Monday 3rd November 1823

Draft to Mr Gates £5.2d

Wrote a letter to Mrs Gee and sent by Heath’s boy requesting permission to take down the useless brick oven in the kitchen and put up her steam kettles which were laying by and useless. To my surprise two men came down from May and Morris to fix the parquetry so that Mr Souter must have failed in his promise to give them my letter on Saturday when he got to Town.


Tuesday 4th November 1823

Draft to Brooks for Pumps £6.15

Going to Town by Gates, called on Mr Forty Tothill St, found it was for Lord DeDunstanville he wanted my house, approved his lordship to come and see it on Thursday at 11 o’clock.

In Scotland Yard [where Arthur Marsh lived], Westminster Office say Mr Plowden and Mr Cummings, urged both for Charles Crawford for a cadetship, the latter told me he knew Colonel Toone was so deeply engaged that although he would give 8s for one for his own nephew, he did not like to let the Colonel know he wanted one as he was sure he could not oblige him!!

At Mr Delmars about home, Arthur came in. In Berners St [Office of the Marsh bank] he called for me and took me out to Knightsbridge.

Called at May and Morris who have promised to set all things right at Orpington.

William at Knightsbridge.


Wednesday 5th November 1823

A complete foggy wet day.

Draft to Mr Allshorn Knightsbridge School on account £8.0

Mr Fauntleroy came from Brighton for a few days, quite well.

In Berners St all day, went home with Mr Graham to see Dr Pigott, Mr Stacey Fauntleroy and Mr Vernon.

Mr Fauntleroy took me to Knightsbridge at night.


Thursday 6th November 1823

A cloudy hazy morning.

Lord DeDunstanville, his daughter, niece and nephew came at half past 10 o’clock, went all over the premises with them, they seemed pleased but we parted without coming to any conclusion.

Could hardly see the Park.

Called on Mrs Ray.

In Berners St and at Mr Delmar’s with the report of dilapidations at Shorne I received yesterday from Mr Pidden £630.10.0. We agreed I should write to Mr Wells.

Met Captain Edwards by appointment who wanted £50 to bury his Father!

Went home by Tothhill St but Mr Forty not at home, only Arthur and his wife.

Draft, lent Mrs Marsh a letter for House Book etc £8.6.9


Friday 7th November 1823

Just as Arthur and I were leaving Knightsbridge Mr Elliot of Bond St came from Lord DeDunstanville’s to look at the house for him, left him with Mrs Emmett and John.

In Scotland Yard, and Berners St, saw Mrs F.

Called on Mr Robinson – and found Mr Gee could not conveniently lay out money.

At Mr Delmar’s with the Shorne Report, took a Bason of soup at Saunder’s.

In Scotland Yard again.

Paid Mrs Porter, Charing Cross for Towells £4.16..

5 o’clock took a chaise at Lawless’s and got home at half past 7 and found all well. Miss Malcolm with us.


Saturday 8th November 1823

A fine day, did not leave the premises till we went out to dine at Camden Place. Horses from Plater jibbed going up the new made hill, got a cart horse from Mosyer’s Farm but it made us half and hour too late for dinner.

Sir Robert and Lady Wilmot and Miss C— there and Miss Weir

Mr Dawson dined there!

Dear Charlotte came home with us.

Mr Rowles going to Worcester tomorrow he says with Captain Long.  


Sunday 9th November 1823

At home all the morning writing Mr Wells at Cobham, Mr Delmar

Arthur -

Reverend Mr Stevens called.

Wrote for Poultry, fish etc and sent up by Gates.

This evening whilst writing felt very unwell with a cold weight at the stomach! Taken exceedingly sick  just as we were going to bed and which continued for an hour at different times, also violent R—‘s have no idea of having eaten anything in particular after all took 6 ounces of Jasssuts (?) powder and  passed a restless night took 5 grains more as soon as I got up.


Monday 10th November 1823

Took 4 (ounces?) of Calomel last night and a Stack? dose this morning.

Dear little Laura Rowles came at noon to pass the day and stay all night!

Answered a letter I received on Saturday from Mr J Marsh (Mark?) enclosing me the one the House wrote him and rather an oddly expressed letter for him to write! Sent it up altogether with my answer to Arthur, to take to Berners St

Better this evening but very weak and low.

Cash paid J.Strattford the Carrier ( and Busley) £3.14.9


Tuesday 11th November 1823

Dear Laura Rowles went before luncheon, her mother having sent for her!

Did not stir out all day.

At 6 o’clock Sir Robert and Lady and Miss Wilmot came and their servant little the less!


Wednesday 12th November 1823

Received a letter from Arthur stating that Lord DeDunstanville had been again to look at the house, and left word he would send a surveyor to look at it! Arthur had not seen his man and Mr Eliot, Bond St.

Sir Robert rode to East Hall to call upon Mr Dyke who he knew at Oxford, afterwards he and the girls had a pleasant walk.

Mr Dyke and his eldest son and Miss Thiale dined with us.

Sir Robert and Mr Dyke at Oxford all the afternoon.


Thursday 13 November 1823

Sir Robert, Lady Wilmot and family left us this morning.

Received letter from Arthur and Mr Graham, Delmar etc, the former endorsing one from Lord DeDunstanville saying as far as he could judge he liked the house much and asking permission to send Mr Hakewill, his surveyor.

As the morning was now so dark and cold have determined to send for a chaise to go up this evening to Knightsbridge. Sent to Barham accordingly.


Friday 14th November 1823

Draft to Mrs Marsh, House Book £9.15.7

(Received a letter from Arthur enclosing – crossed out)

Got to Knightsbridge last night. Arthur’s dinner was going on table.

Mr Acton there.

Waited this morning expecting Mr Hakewill – Lord DeDunstanville’s surveyor, sent Mr Emmett to call at his house to know if he was in town, walked in the meantime and saw the Miss Morrisions and Miss Bennett.

Emmett returned: and I found Mr Hakewell would not be at home till tomorrow night or Monday morning. Wrote Lord DeDunstanville and added that I should be up at all events on Tuesday at 12 noon.

Called on Mrs Ray.

In Berners St and saw only Mr Graham.

Wrote Miss Trenham and Captain Reynolds about the Canotts.

Got to Scotland Yard just in time for Gates and got Home soon after 6 o’clock.

Paid Graham (Gosham?), successor to Griffin, Lower Brook St for a haunch of mutton, basket and paid Thomas Pointer £0.8.0


Saturday 15th November 1823

Had an investigation of the conduct of Jones the Cook, found she had grossly abused his trust by going and wasting and also capable of the grossest and untruths. As she was going away settled that she should not remain after Monday morning.

Fleming implicated as a Ric---!! Told him I should not keep him.

Tibbs came and ordered him to make an open lattice door for bottom of cellar stairs leading to the dairy, and also to move the stand for the pans inside the paling.

Dined at 3 o’clock.

Mrs Sertt (?) called just as we had done by chance and not in consequence of any note by Henry.

Paid Radford cash for my subscription to the amendment to the White Hart Hill £5.0.0


Sunday 16th November 1823

At Church this morning. Mr Townley only!

After luncheon Mrs Marsh and I drove over to Bromley and saw poor Charlotte Holland but certainly better. Dear Charlotte Caufurd and Miss Wilmot came in. Sir Robert and Lady Wilmot and Miss Caroline Holland, gone to call on Mrs Jenner at Chislehurst, met them all as we returned home.

Called at Mr Scott’s and got some medicine for Mrs Marsh, got home at 5 o’clock to dinner.


Monday 17th November 1823

Jones the Cook went with Gates this morning – paid her £5.10.0 in full!

Draft to self, being for Cash of Whittle to pay the above and Radford for subscription to the alteration of the hill £15.0.0

Cash paid Thomas Fleming 4 weeks due this day £2.16.0


Tuesday 18th November 1823.

Went to Knightsbridge with 4 horses from Footscray, with Mrs Marsh and the dear girls. Vicky and Frances.

Found Mr Hakewill there on the part of Lord DeDunstanville, he appeared to approve of the house.

In Scotland Yard, did not see Arthur.

Had horses for Mrs Marsh, from Fulham Bridge to go shopping.

In Berners St. The woman (a Mrs Marsh) where Arthur’s late nurse lodges called to know if we had heard any thing of my dear Father’s watch!! I told her it was or the duplicate bought to not a word further them should be asked!!

Mrs Marsh called for me and we all took a cold dinner and slept at Knightsbridge!!

Called at Westminster and took up Mr Sayer’s dividend and sent it to  Willis House. £150.0.0. ride their receipt(?)

Called on Mr Delmar and we agreed to wait a few days longer in hope to hear from Mr Pemble’s administrators.


Wednesday 19th November 1823

Waited at home in expectation of hearing from Lord DeDunstaville ‘till 3 o’clock.

In Scotland Yard, missed Arthur again!

In Berners St, found he had just left it with Mr F (Fauntleroy?)

Called at Mr Hakewill’s , not at home.

Got to Knightsbridge at 6 o’clock.

We all dined then and slept.

Horses from Billing’s again.

Found a letter had been left for me by his Lordship to say that in consequence of Mr Hakewill’s report he would give me £9,000 for my house and fixtures! Shall answer him tomorrow.


Thursday 20th November 1823

Sent a man and horse with a letter to his Lordship at Twickenham saying the value of my pictures and offering to take £9,500 for house and them!

At 3 o’clock received his answer that he had made up his mind not to exceed the first offer.

Took an early dinner, with Mrs Marsh and girls and who at half past four o’clock returned to Orpington by way of Bromley.

Called in Scotland Yard, again missed Arthur, but Mrs A said he would come and breakfast with me tomorrow at half past 9 o’clock.

In Berners St saw Mr T and Mr F who agree with me that I shall do right to accept his Lordship’s offer of the £9,000!

Walked to my dear friend Mr Wheeler’s, drank tea there and staid till 10 o’clock.

I slept at Knightsbridge and found Mrs Emmett had got all ready for me.

Draft to Mrs Marsh  - £6.6.0


Friday 21st November 1823

Arthur came to Breakfast and he also is of my opinion that I had better take his Lordship’s offer!

Cash paid the expense of J.Jackson for hay and considered by them to have been had by me in 1819 - £2.10.0.

Settled with Mrs Emmett up to Thursday next the 27th instant 4 weeks and also for the sundries laid out since we came here on Tuesday, including what I owed Dale £1.2.0 Advanced her £5 which leaves a balance of 19/8 in my favor! - £5.0.0

Draft to self - £10.10.0

In Berners St wrote Lord DeDunstanville to say I accepted his offer though I had agreed to meet Mr Hakewill on Friday next to go over the fixtures if it suited his Lordship.

Told his Lordship I would meet him sooner if he would wish it.

Got home by Gates at half past 6 o’clock.

Dt to Mrs Marsh £8.196


Saturday 22nd November 1823

Mrs Marsh and girls went to Camden Place and Bromley.

With Tibbs in the cellar under the hall, found it ---- for my wine.

About the garden with Whittle and gave him the lamps for the little green house also the Carnations and pinks from Mr Pigot at Shurdington near Chillenham!

Mr Townley called having heard up at Knookholls that we had all met with a bad accident!


Sunday 23rd November 1823.

Received a satisfactory letter from Lord DeDunstanville.

Answered it and settled to me on Friday 12 o’clock at Knightsbridge.

Wrote Arthur, Mr Delmar

Letter also Mrs Emmett that I should not be up till Thursday to sleep.

Mr Volles called, as he is going to town tomorrow and we had a long conversation about the stove.

Mrs Marsh writing to her in the Church!!


Monday 24th November 1823

Walked to St May - - called on Major and Mrs Wood.

Sent a note to Mr Chapman Jun? to ask him to a Family Dinner on Wednesday. We expect the Woods and Mr Scott and Taynton!

In the meadows with Tibbs and Fleming.

Mr Townley called.

All Mr Rowles dear children came and took their Dinner. He to be over also, giving a much better account of Mr Rvnd Hollands health! As he found him able to walk about.


Tuesday 25th November 1823

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book and Sundries £12.11.6

Sent Mrs Dyke 2 pints of the old Malaga! In her answer she things will do her good.

Mr Chapman Junior called and took luncheon and excused himself for tomorrow.

Wrote Arthur and Mr Graham


Wednesday 26th November 1825

Received letter from Mr. Delmar saying he had written Mr Edmead proposing a reference.

Draft to Vickery who leaves us – tomorrow £0.11.41

Mr Scott, Taynton and Major and Mrs Wood coming to dinner

To Thomas Whittle for sundry bills and also the Garden Engine bought at Gen. Moyarr £5.13.6


Thursday 27th November 1823

Went to Town by Gates.

In Whitehall Place found a letter from Lord DeDunstanville by which I collected that he would expect his lawyers to be satisfied of the Shakespeare Title to lease!

At Westminster office received my fne Dividend £15

Called on Mr Delmar, he went with me to Mssr Graham’s Lincolns Inn and saw Mr Domville, do not think any difficulty will arise, as I find there is a clause to enforce the Heirs of Shakespeare to shew him Title

Called at M and found my old Silver Watch not done.

Went on to Godpey No.73 Chiswell St, Finsbury Square who buys lots of furniture, like his terms as far as words go very well

Called at Mr Hoopers, Tea Broker, old charge and ordered a chest of tea.

Took a Chop at London Coffee House.

In Berners St found Mr J Marsh was at 23 Conduit St, very ill. Called there, saw only good Mrs and George as he was dosing.

Got to Knightsbridge at 7pm, had tea and saw alt—and went in the cellar.


Friday 28 November 1823

Draft to Thomas Goding in full £11.7.6

Lord DeDunstanville and daughter, Mr Hakewill and Mr Elliot came at 12 o’clock and staid till half past 2 o’clock.

He will take but very few things, but appears to like the house more and more.

Alldrige packed 12 dozen port 1811 for Arthur and I sent for a permit for him to take it this afternoon!

To Whitehall Place found the deed that was out of the box was in our strong room.

Just time to see Arthur a few minutes in Whitehall Place, and get down by Gates at half past 6 to dinner.

Found Mrs Marsh had had a letter from Connell the Cook declining after all to come, Wrote her, Mr Delmar, Emmett by Gates for 2.

Post tomorrow, also Mrs Marsh, sent one for Lady Wilmot.

Wrote Miss T, wrote Lord DeDunstanville, Frank and sent her £10 to pay Wheeler

Received a letter from her, while I acknowledged. 


Saturday 29 November 1823

Sent to Plater for Horses to go and Dine at Camden Place.

Also upon further reflection wrote again to Connell as it is evident she must have heard some lying story in going up to Town again, and told Plater to dispatch by the first coachman or Post boy who would deliver it speedily in St.Martins

Lepard, Duke’s man here and I shewed him what I wanted in the cellar.

No news of the Canotts but Beadle sent 4 Chaldin of coals 2 yesterday and 2 today.

Cash to Fleming 2 weeks up to Monday next, £1.14

Mr and Mrs Welland, Mrs Franco, Mr and Mrs Desanger and Miss Winchester dined at the Rowles’s.

Mrs Marsh’s new maid servant Wellesly (Wealesly ?) came this evening.


Sunday 30 November 1823

At Church. Blowing wet day.

Mr Dyke gave me a draft for £25 for his son’s Dt. Sent it up to Arthur.

Mr Taynton called and lanced dear Mary’s Gums!

Wrote Mrs Emmett we were coming up on Tuesday, also to Flintoff and told him call on Arthur for the £64.17.6

Sent some letters to Chislehurst (Chislehunt?) and a note to Camden Place to know if dear Mary’s broach she lost yesterday was found.

Received it back by Henry, it having been found in the Drawing Room.


Monday 1st December 1823

Cast to Mr Bunton for Henry’s Boots £2.6

Called Reverend (regarding?) Mr Stevenson’s but did not go in as his gardener told me he went to Town this morning.

Called at Poole’s about beer.

Tibbs here and gave him a plan for the Cellar for himself and Daker, he promised all should be done by Thursday next.

Saw Mr Dunniull who had bought me some Oats at 32/s delivered in.

Mrs Rowles, Miss Wec and dear little Byron called.

Sent to Barham for a Horse tomorrow to go to clear the dear old house at Knightsbridge if some articles we do not wish to part with, to be here at 10 o’clock.


Tuesday 2nd December 1823

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book and Sundries £11.2.6

Draft to Gipe and Keene, Bond St for  Sundries £12.9.6

Friday evening: 19 December returned to Orpington by way of Bromley having arranged all things with Mr Holland as to what we wish to send down here, and with Mr Squibb what he should take to his auction room, also saw Mr Christie about my Pictures.

Saturday 20th, Finish with Alton ---and his two sons bringing all my wine etc from Knightsbridge.

We dined at Sr and Mrs Lubbok’s.

Bills paid while in Town

1st Flintoff (Scotland Yard) £64.17.6

3rd December Dt to Rukman £38.8.6

4th December paid for mutton 6 Tuppall Court £1.0.0

Mrs Marsh for mourning for poor and Shankard? who died yesterday!! £20

6th Mrs Emmett for sundries £10.0.0

11th Mr Marsh House Book and Sundries £12.6.6

13 Tibbs Cash v on account £20

16th Mrs Marsh .. £11.3

18th Self .. £110.

19th Mrs Marsh £9.3.0


Monday 12 December 1823

Monday and Tuesday

Cash value in account with Dr Pigott £16.11.4

15th Dt with VR Wheeler 33.12.10

To my credit in Berners St £50.4.2


Monday 22nd December 1823

Going to Town with Gates to meet at Knightsbridge and begin to clean the dear old  House for Lord DeDunstanville.


Monday 22nd Mrs Marsh Bd.Wages etc £12.. ..


Tuesday 23rd Dt to Mrs Martin 9.5.6


Thursday 25th December 1823

Came down in a chaise to go to dine in Camden Place. Mr Rush Junior (grandfather?) and Mr Walton dined there.

Mrs Marsh did not leave Knightsbridge till Wednesday 3 o’clock.

Called in Scotland Yard and Berners St, did not get back to Dinner ‘till half past 6 o’clock.

Found my deed of appointment of Trustees after my dear Father and Mr Graham’s Death missing.

Going again tomorrow, by Gates.


Friday 26th December 1823

Went up by Gates.

Met Mr Delmar in Whitehall Place.

Called on Mr Ward to look for the counterpart of my Man- Settlement to see if the appointment was endorsed upon it, not in my box at his house.

In Berners St found Mr Delmar there, searched the box with him and Mr Graham, the latter will go to Mr Ward’s and have a further search!

2 o’clock before I got to Knightsbridge, found Mr Smith there and Christie’s men beginning to move my pictures but they were so drunk – and Smith thought it best to send them away as they had only got the large picture down off the staircase!

Came down again by Gates.


Saturday 27th  December 1823

A fine morning.

Walked about the Premises and up to Flemings Cottage, Poole’s etc.

Sent Mr Dumnell who has been ill 6 bottles of Port 1814 Walton –

Sir John and Lady and Mr Lubbock, Mr Alt- Atkins, Mrs and Miss and Mr Atkins junior and Miss Pyearly and Reverend Mr. Stevens dined with us.


Sunday 28 December 1823

At Church this morning.

Mr and Mrs Dyke and Family came in after Church. She went to Chislehurst to see Mrs Jenner, he staid two hours with me.

Prevented writing by the Post but it does not much signify as I am going to Town tomorrow morning by Gates.


Wednesday 31st  December 1823

Better this morning than last night when I feeling ill.

Dt to Mrs Marsh House book, dear Girls allowance and sundries £16.0.6

About with Holland’s people.

Called Major and Mrs Wood, saw only her.

Mr Lubbock called to Practice singing with the dear Girls.

All the evening with Smith’s man hanging up my dear Father’s Picture, the small Portraits and those in my Brown Room etc etc.


Thursday 1st January 1874

My old friend Admiral Bowen and his Daughter called at 11 o’clock from Halsted to take dear Georgina there, to got with Mr and Mrs Atkins etc, to the Yorks (Oaks?) Ball tonight.

Called for first time on the Reverend Mr Stevenson, his sister in Town, left him a key of the Bath No.3.

Holland’s men finished this evening all but what we can do without them!

Sorting out the Books with Mrs Marsh and dear Mary.

Intend going up tomorrow morning by Gates.


Friday 2nd January 1824

Went up by Gates.

Found Arthur at Breakfast.

Called on Mr Dyer Admiralty to ask if he know of any Plan going on for Collection Models Pictures etc into a Gallery at Greenwich Hospital, he believed there was but did not know particulars, but promised to speak to Mr Lockyer the Secretary.

At Christie’s, found he had not yet made out the Catalogue.

Called and paid Collins the Butcher for dear Mary’s --- present of Round Beef to poor old Charles Burp.

At Squibb’s and found them being preparing the Furniture for next Wednesday’s sale.

In Berners St, wrote Mr Eckford an answer to his note about an application for his nephew in India.

Saw Mrs and Miss F, both well and Mr Hume. Mr Graham gave but a muddling account of Dr Piggott, called on Mr Ward and found I certainly did make a Deed of Appointment of our Trustees. Came home by Gates!

Paid Munn’s and Co, Oxford Street for small sofa cover £1.15.0


Saturday 3rd January 1824

At Home all the morning.

Mr Scott called at half past 4 o’clock but as dear Mary and Mrs Marsh were Dressing to go and dine at Halsted I only saw him. Frances he says is getting well again and dear Charlotte Holland rather better.

Dined at Mr (Alderman?) Atkin’s, my old friend Admiral Bowen and 3 Daughters in the House, also Mr and Mrs and Miss Fabes (formerly of Ely Place) and two Miss Brumby’s.

Sir John, Lady and Mr Lubbock dined there.

The Alderman had kindly sent 2 men with Flambair’s to meet us at the Lodge Gates, going and coming!!

Told Shuttleworth I should not keep him.


Sunday 4th January 1824

Wrote Reverend Mr Foyder in answer to his letter about Allshorn.

Also to Arthur and Mr Graham.

After Church Mr T  kept us 20 minutes.

Cash, self to pay Fleming etc £5..

Dt to Thomas Whittle for self, son and sundries for one Lumter due 21st December £24.5.

Sent Mr Mosyer the Return for the Militia, and Whittle, going to Town tomorrow by Gates.


Monday 5th January 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Called at the Bank and examined the 2’s.

Called at Blackfriars Bridge and found my Premium had been paid in Berners St on the 26th of last month £122/2

Called on Mr Delmar, found they wished an example from Mr Wards Book to shew that my Deed of Appointment of new Trusttees had existed!

In Scotland Yard and Berners St, wrote to Mr Ward to send such exmant the bearer. He sent word it should be ready by 2 o’clock tomorrow!

Went and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler.

Slept in Whitehall Place.


Tuesday 6th January 1824

Went out early to the Bank.

Mr F(auntleroy?) and Graham came there.

Received all the Dividend for both Houses.

Mr Graham took those for Berner’s St and I brought mine to Scotland Yard.

Called afterwards at Squibbs.

In Berners St and found Bert had called at Mr Ward’s and taken his letter to Mr Delmar!

Paid Tynr on my private account the two Dividend Warrd -ents

J:M: & J.M      £55

Reverend Holland and others 15.15


Dt Mary Marsh paid her £6 £25.0.0

Dined and slept in Whitehall Place.


Wednesday 7 January 1824

Went again to India House, S – Sea and Bank and Riden - Land Tax Office

Received all due there and brought them to Scotland Yard.

Called on Mr George Jenner and explained to him how the case had happened regards the House he Rents of me!

Called on Mr Delmar and Executed a new Will as that I made in 1817 is unhappily become useless!!

In Scotland Yard wrote Mr Eckford in consequence of a conversation I had with an old friend at the India House!

In Berners St, met Miss Chinney at Bayley and Lewis (Clews?) and brought her here by 5 o’clock to dinner.


Thursday 8th January 1824

Cash and Draft to Rd Dunnull for Oats and Straw £14.7.11

Do to Mrs Marsh, House Book and Miss Vaughan’s Bill £14.1.6

Mr Rush came at 4 o’clock to go with us this evening to the Footscray Ball.

At Footscray Ball, a most pleasant evening, got home soon after 3 o’clock.


Friday 9th January 1824

All late of course this morning.

No letter from Mr Delmar, or any one except Mr Eckford, Upper Wimpole St, about his Nephew “John Armstrong Eckford.”

Walked with Mr Rush, Miss Chinney and Georgina to Petty’s and round by Mr Berent’s. Met Reverend Mr Stevens, who came and dined with us at 5 o’clock.

Lord DeDunstanville’s Draft for Sundries at Knightsbridge arrived £94.9.6 paid in to my private account by his Lordship.


Saturday 10th January 1824

No letters.

Mr Lubbock came at 1 o’clock to Practice Singing with Mary and Georgina.

Sent Fleming to Bromley and to leave a note at Colonel Toone’s as he passed, giving him the names and age of young Eckford, also to buy Sundries.

We all went to Miss Thrale’s to take her to Mr Atkins who had previously called here, Met Sir John and Lady Lubbock on horse back, took leave of them as they leave the Country on Monday next.

Mrs Marsh left the Atkins’s before us in our little carriage.

We took Miss Thiale (Thrale?) home again.

A foggy dame afternoon.


Sunday 11th January 1824

At Church.

Mr Stevens read Prayers.

Mrs Dyke and Family there. Mr Dyke at Home with a bad cold.

Received a letter from Mr Chinney and also one from Mr Delmar. He did not get the Dt of the Conveyance to Lord DeDunstanville ‘till yesterday.

Wrote him and Arthur that I should be up on Tuesday morning.

Did not go beyond our own walks. The wind changed to N.E and very cold.

Received a letter from Emmett that he had paid Mrs Marsh’s money from Battye and paid it into Berners Street.


Monday 12 January 1824

Draft to Self: Shuttleworth for 3 months up to 27th of this month, as he is leaving me. £10.0.0

Deduct advanced him 2

Draft for this sum £8.0.

Draft to self -  £10.0

Mrs Marsh took Mr Jas Rust to Bromley, saw the Hollands and Miss Rush but brings a very bad account of poor dear Charlotte Holland!!

Miss Chinney, dear Mary and Georgina and self walked to East Hall.

Mr Dyke confined with a cold!

Going tomorrow in a Chaises from Penting to Town with Miss Chinney, and to Knightsbridge: School Committee.

Draft to Mrs Marsh for the money Emmett had from Mr Battye £31.10.0


Tuesday 13th January 1824

Chaise from Footscray, put Miss Chinney into a Coach from Mrs Ray’s.

At Knightsbridge School. Agreed to continue Allshorne and his Wife, paid him the balance of the last Lunt (Instalment?) in consequence £7.17.0

Called up at my dear old House found his Lordship had began his alterations, called on the good  Morrison’s, found they had settled all about the Surcharge upon their House. Miss Bennett out of Town, called at Alpn and saw Sarah.

Too late to intercept Mr Wabling.

In Berners St, dined and slept at Whitehall Place.

Found two letters from Colonel Toone to ask if my young friend could not immediately provide he should be able to give him a Cadetship, found he had also called in Berners Stat --. Wrote him I had not doubt he could.


Wednesday 14th January 1824

Went to the Bank and India House. Called upon Colonel Toone who came out to me with a letter he had just written me, giving me the Cadetship in the kindest manner for young John Armstrong Eckford.

Called on Mr Delmar on the Knightsbridge House, and Shorne business, found he had nearly stated the Call in the letter, but wanted some further information which I have at Orpington. Wrote Mr Alaister Eckford to No.17 Upper Wimpole St of Colonel Toone’s kindness.

In Scotland Yard again, could not get to Berners St.

Captain Powis of the Guards, Colonel Dashwood and a Mr Wedgewood dined at Arthur’s.

Paid Stevens value in all for Coals £8.14.6


Thursday 15th January 1824

Mr Eckford called this morning: in Wimpole Place, shewed him Colonel Toones letters, and he is to write to Edin: to night for his Nephew to come up immediately!

Paid Mitchell, Bond St, for Music Papers 5

Maryhan for  Almon k 3/6

Eyre and Keen for Camdni 10/6

Garcias for Grapes 6/

Called and saw Mr Wabling and Sara, he thinks she will make a good cook.

Called and paid Baker and Son for Marylen £19.7.8

Draft Broadwood and Son Mrs Marsh’s Balance for the new Rains she gave dear Mary and Georgina last year £17.11-

In Berners St: went to the Bank about Sir James Brisbane’s Dividend, found I had received it, met Arthur at Spurlin’s and told him so

Came home by Gates from the Borough.

Sent Mr Morrison the Dividend

In Corner and Mrs Marsh £2100 consols.


Friday 16 January 1824

Had a pair of Horses from Barham.

We all went to Bromley for dear Mary to see Mr Scott and enquire after poor Charlotte Holland.

Went on afterwards and paid a visit to Mr and Mrs M:Whitman at Wichham.

Mr W. confined unwell.

Got home to dinner at half past 4 o’clock.

Lord DeDunstanville paid into my account in Berners St the 9th installment: £94.9.6 for Sundries valued to him at Knightsbridge.

Draft to Mrs Gee for half years rent due at Christmas, paid it into Hodson’s and John £111.0.0

Cash paid to Mr Walter at Bromley for Locks £0.8.6

Draft for small funnel.


Saturday 17th January 1824

Received a letter from Mr Blake, Croydon with the list of the articles sent him to be written off Mrs Gee’s.

Inventory, Answered him and conceded a mistake he makes about the Diner Table in the Lobby the two Circular Ends of which had been sent him with the other things by mistake, told him I wished to keep the table and would – back the two ends, as belonging to it! Sent my letter to Eltham by wood the Chimney Sweeper!

Cash paid Wood for one years sweeping Chimneys as of August to Christmas last £2.10.0

Received also a letter from Mr Lake to say that he and his son would be here with the Telpe money on Tuesday the 27 instant and that he would previously pay all the Inourn--- at Rochester and –

Dt to Mrs Marsh yesterday for House Book and Sundries £9.4.6


Sunday 18 January 1824

No letters today.

A raw damp day little posts.

Mr Townley sent us word at quarter before 3 o’clock this afternoon that there would be no Church as he was too unwell to attend!

The dear Girls had been in the morning to pray (Cray?)


Monday 19 January 1824

Draft to self (cash of Whittle) £10.0.0

Paid T:Fleming for two weeks due this dayh £1.0

Draft to Robert Gates to his day inclusive £7.10.10

Cash sent B:Eddington, Tooley St p Gates £3.3.2

Mrs Welland called and took luncheon.

Mrs Marsh not feeling very well, dear Mrs Dyke went with my dear Girls and I to Footscray Ball, not so full or cheerful as the last, got home after taking Mrs Dykes and Perry to East Hall at 3 o’clock.

Horses from Playton.


Tuesday 20 January 1824

Received a letter from Arthur that he had written Wm about the Titles to Lord DeDunstanville.

Find rather a bad cold and a tight sore throat this morning.

Received a note from Mrs Keggs that I was welcome to sand for the House from their pit.

Draft to Mrs Marsh: House Book £5.18.6

Walked and called upon Major and Mrs Wood, she appears perfectly recovered from the overturn in the Gig. Found Mrs Dyke and her daughter Harried here.

Wrote Arthur I should not be up tomorrow.


Wednesday 21 January 1824

Received a letter from Captain Reynold that he had not heard of my receiving the Canotts!!

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Mrs Rowles to say she would send her dear Boy Byron to us if we could take him in as he was not well in Town.

Mrs Marsh drove over to Bromley to see poor Charlotte Holland. Returned without going in as Caroline could not see her and Mrs Marsh collected from the servant that dear Charlotte was as ill as possible!

Sent Henry over after with a note to Mr Scott begging him to urge them (Miss Rush and Caroline) coming here when the sad event may take place.

Henry is returned, poor Charlotte is better!!


Thursday 22nd January 1824

I was called this morning at 5 o’clock, but felt too unwell to get up or go by Gates, wrote so by him to Arthur and also sent several letters up by him, took some Salts as soon as I could get them, did not get up ‘till near 12 o’clock!

Found Panott and Ruming here for their bills for bringing my wine from Knightsbridge! Draft: to J: Panott for his account” £14…

Draft:to David Ruming £8.15

Mrs Marsh sent to Bromley wishing Mr Scott to see dear Mary as well as myself and also to enquire after dear Charlotte Holland.

Mr Taynton still continuing unwell, he could not come and had not heard of Charlotte this morning!

Sent to Playton by the Post man for a Chaise tomorrow to go to Town.


Friday 23rd January 1823

Went to Town at half past 8 with a chaise poor Footscray

Called at Apothecaries Hall and bought sundries, paid £1.16.1.

On Mr Delmar I appear to have no remedy at Common Law against Mr Pimble’s administrators. Mr Delmar is to get a Chancery Bar opinion,

In S:Y

Arthur out, saw a letter from Mr Rowles from the cape with a Remittance of about £1300 5 or 6 more may come but is doubtful!!

Paid Garcias for 3lb Grapes –6..

At Squibbs received his balance of my account £360.4.6

Called and took luncheon with dear Mrs Rowles and settled that Byron should be in Whitehall Place at 3 o’clock

Paid Gunber for Cakes, in Berners St

Mr G (Graham?) told me son John had got his appointment as 4th mate.

Saw Mr and Miss F(auntleroy?) well.

Sent Miss Trentim ½ and left the other for Monday post.

I call up and sent by Arthur

£260 to my private account

Left Whitehall Place early at 4 o’clock and got home safe with dear Byron and his nurse at ½ past 6 o’clock.


Saturday 24th January 1824

Not having shaken off my cold Mr Scott who was here yesterday afternoon sent me some Calomel and Black Dose which has kept me at Home all day.

Mr Malcolm and his Eldest son called.

Stratford brought this evening the remainder of odd and ends from Knightsbridge.

Sent to Bromley, Lady Wilmot’s answer to Mrs Marsh, shews poor dear Charlotte Holland is getting weaker and weaker!!

Dear little Byron Rowles appear better already for the Country.


Sunday 25th January 1824

Received a letter from Mr Lake to say he and his son would be here on Tuesday at 4 o’clock.

At Church. Captain Wood and his wife walked over to our Pew.

Spoke to Mr Voulles in his pew but did not see Mr or Mrs Skeggs who were as I afterwards heard, in it.

Wrote to Arthur and Christie


Monday 26th January 1824

Draft to J Stratford, Carrier £9.7.0

Called on Mr Vollun to beg he would state to Mr and Mrs Skeggs when he saw them my concern at not seeing them yesterday.

Mrs Marsh drove to  Camden Place with dear little Byron!

Sent Fleming to Bromley.

Dt: to self (Cash of Whittle) £10.0.0

Reverend Mr Townley called to ask if we wished to recommend any person for Mrs Gee’s Gift but we told him he must best know all proper objects.

The amiable good young woman Charlotte Holland died at Bromley early this morning.


Tuesday 27th January 1824

Received a letter from Miss Tresilian acknowledging the receipt of mine of Friday last, also saying she should be happy to see Mary Chinney with me when I come down.

Also a letter from Arthur with a list of my linen left in Town and saying there was nothing new.

Also from Jolley, Pontman Charing Cross sent him a Dt: for his B’ £7.12.8

Mr Lake and his son came at ½ past 4 o’clock, brought me the Shorne accounts and paid me the balance £424.15.3. They staid Dinner at ½ past 9 o’clock, went to the White Hart where I had her make them beds. (where I had bespoke them beds?)


Wednesday 28th January 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh for Maids wages £25

Ditto to complete their payment and so drawn for convenience of getting the cash £16.17.0

Ditto to Mrs Marsh for House Book and Patty’s bill £11.15

Went over the Plate and Plated articles with Burley and Thorn, the latter found the same right and took possession of all the articles. Went over also with Burley all wardrobe, above and below stairs and made out a new inventory.

Draft to Robert Burley in full who leaves me tomorrow, a steady honest man £28.11.6

Going to Dine with Major and Mrs Wood.

Reverend Mr Harman and Mrs Harman and Miss – Reverend Mr Stevens and Captain and Mrs Wood there.


Thursday 29th January 1824

Went to Town by Gates. 

Breakfast with Arthur and his wife.

Called at Christie’s, my pictures not yet ready for an Inventory.

Called in Stratton St and waited some time to see Mr and Mrs Rowles. She cannot come at present to us but will when Mr Rowles goes to Worcestershire with Captain Long.

Paid Eyne and Keene, Bond St for 15 yards of 6 Calico//7.6

Called at Hook’s for dear Mary her Boots not done.

In Berners St whilst there Mr Ward sent by Mr Tabot my Man (Manuscript?) Settlement with my Deed of Appointment which he had often denied having!! Mr Graham took it to Mr Delmar!!

Walked and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler, found Mr Graham sitting with him. His nephew looked in but we dined alone.


Friday 30th January 1824

Mr Rowles called at Arthur’s whilst we were at Breakfast and we settled that I should be in Stratton St on Monday at ½ past 10 o’clock to go with him to Fulham to poor dear Charlotte Holland’s funeral!

Paid Barth, in the Strand for the Table cover £1.2.2

Called on Mr Delmar, agreed the Heads of Bill agreement Mr Pimble’s Representatives. Walked to Mr Domville’s to consult him whether as Ward had found the Deed of Appointment, it would not be sufficient if we left it with the Title Deeds? Not at home. In Scotland Yard again. Mr Christie and I are to see him again middle of next week.

In Berners St saw only Henry.

Paid Gilbert for mending dear Georgina’s ring- 2s/6

Swan & Edgar for Black Gauze for Mrs Marsh 5s/10

Came home by Gates, to dinner.

W.G. Hooper, Chest of Tea £26.14.0


Saturday 31st January 1824

A restless night.

Went after breakfast to Bromley to see Lady Wilmot, Caroline Holland and Miss Rush.

Called on the Undertaker and arranged about my carriage joining them on Monday morning to follow the remains of poor dear Charlotte Holland!!

Called on Scott and Taynton, he would give me a Box of Pills.

Paid Jackson Sadler for Comb and sponge 0.3.6

Draft Maynard for f-t 0.6.-

Draft Mr Baxter Chemist 0.6.0

Received a letter by Gates from Woltt (Wolff?) that he had sprained his ankle, but would come any day next week.


Sunday 1st February 1824

Received a letter from Mr Delmar that he had seen Mr Domville and who persisted in the necessity of either an Appointment by the late George Graham’s Executors or that my children should join in the Conveyance to Lord DeDunstanville. This appears to me unnecessarily scrupulous, but as Delmar states the Case they have a right to insist upon it. What a ruinous business Ward’s negligence about this House has proved to me!!!

Sent S Lawless a draft for his Bill (balance?) deducting £1. Mr Rowles paid for the Chaise the 18 April - £14.0.3

Draft to Charles Burgess for my allowance to him for ½ year due 2nd last month. £20.12.8

      W: Moyer £5.17.0

Going tomorrow by Gates to Town to attend dear Charlotte Holland’s funeral at Fulham. Mrs Stevens called.


Monday 2nd February 1824

Going to Town by Gates to Shalton St to accompany Mr Rowles to dear Charlotte Holland’s funeral at Fulham.
Reach Stratton St by 10 o’clock, went with Mr Rowles to Fulham and saw dear Charlotte safely deposited in the Family Vault, only Mr Holland and Mrs L with us.

Mr Rowles put me down at Kensington Turnpike.

I called at Reverend George Marsh’s, nobody at home. Mrs M. Marsh in Portman Square, paid a short visit to Mrs and Miss Chinney No1 Hornton St.

Walked to Town passing my old House.

Called on Baber and gave him for the Burley family. £1

Called on Mrs Ray and on Sarah Montague at the Alpd (Alfred?) and paid her her wages £6.6

In Berners St, and Scotland Yard.

Dined with Mr Rowles.

Slept in Whitehall Place

Draft to Mr Blackburne for news papers and for 2 years and up to 31st December £26/13


Tuesday 3rd February 1824

Draft to Scott, Taynton and Co, Bromley £66.10.

In Berners St, Young Henry returned.

Saw Mrs and Miss F (Fauntleroy?) quite well.

Went to Mr Ward’s and looked over my Box to see if I could find anything about the Shorne Freehold.

Called and paid Rd Downey, Plumpton St, for Oysters £0.6.0

Called on Mr Delmar, not at home.   

Dined and slept in Whitehall Place.

Draft yesterday to F & W Moyers £5/0/0 (crossed out)


Wednesday 4th February 1824

Went out early.

Called on Mr Bibby, No.58 Gracechurch St.

The Rent of the old Houses at Chatham not payable ‘till next week.

Called and paid R:Rainis Leadenhall Market for Fruit, including oranges this day £2.13.9

Called and had a conversation with Mr Delmar

At Christs Hospital to vote for Mr Poynder or Trenner.

Draft Knight and Sons £22.8.6

Gudgeon, Shand for six quarts of Grots //3//

Draft Charles Basorn, Pall Mall for Chap- Chun and £8

Draft to Mrs Ray value in account £57.10

Left her just at 5 and went and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler and his nephew there.

A wet evening.


Thursday 5th February 1824

Wrote to Mr Allen Jamain and Mr Thomas Rowles to the Cape.

Arthur received a letter from Anne (Mrs Gabiou) to say she and her husband were to set off for England as today or tomorrow!!

Came down by Gates at 3 o’clock.

Alone in the coach the whole way.

Found all well soon after 6 o’clock.

Draft to J Lemann £4.1.8


Friday 6th February 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book. Dear Girls allowance and some money for dear Charlotte Holland £21//

The van with the chairs, curtains etc from Tapnell and Hollands and Mens Bed Presses from Capenor – it was to leave Town at 5 o’clock this morning did not arrive till past 3 o’clock this afternoon!! Things badly done by Holland!! Put up the large secretary in my room and sent Arthur back my Circular topped writing table. Also the tent bedstead and furniture and also a large mahogany table to Hollands care believing it to belong to Mr Oakley from Waterloo Place!


Saturday 7th February 1824

All the morning fixing the Curtain Homuin in Dining Room. Cleaning the Chairs etc etc

Mrs Chinney came about 5 o’clock.

The old Bookcase and secretary stands very well in my room by taking off the pediment top.


Sunday 8th February 1824

At Church.

After Church, Harris, Holland’s man cleaned up the Book Case, King’s Arms etc etc

Wrote Mr L.Holland and Arthur.


Monday 9th February 1824

Draft to Thomas Brown, Plumber to  31st December £25.17.

Mrs Marsh House Book and Sundries £10.8.6

Going to town tomorrow by Gates.


Tuesday 10th February 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Called on Mr Delmar, not at Home.

Paid at Ackiman for Coloured paper and for dear Mary 5/6d.

At Bayley and Blew’s.

Returned the Ink Stand .

Called on Mr Christie, settled the advertisement about the pictures.

Called at Thornhill and Mosley’s, Eyne and Keens.

At Dewsnaps and paid Mr Dewsnap for mending – and Pinching Irons 3/6d

Draft for Bed Ticking ..6..

In Berners St, Scotland Yard again and home by Gates.

Had a Pig of Webb the Grour – Wt 52lb


Wednesday 11th February 1824

Went to Bromley with Mrs Marsh, saw Mr Scott, Miss Holland and Miss Rush.

Paid J.Maynard for  Fil 0.13.9

Draft Walter for Stucco Nails and Glass Plates £0.2.6

Called at the Bell but Mr Davis being out I could not pay my bill for the horses to attend last Monday Week the remains of poor dear Charlotte Holland.

Found Mrs Atkins had called upon Mr Chinney.


Thursday 12th February 1824

My Birthday 69!

Would I could step back 20 years with the same mind and opinion I now hold!! But of course I feel old age creeping on!! Out to be thankful it’s approach is not at a faster pace!!

Draft to Whittle for Cash £1.0.0

Repaid him £1.8.0 for 2 weeks he paid Fleming up to  last Monday, also 7/6d for Cutting a Load and a ½ of my own hay!!

Going to town tomorrow by Gates.


Friday 13th February 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Found Arthur had written me to come up to attend a private meeting of the Committee in J.Rowes Bank at Wright’s Buildings, Charing Cross Lane at 2 o’clock.

Called at Christies Monley and Thornlates and paid in Oxford St for 5 yards of Ticking 7/6d.

In Berners St.

In Whitehall Place again, found Arthur expected Anne and her husband Mr.Gabiou as they were arrived, but he and I were obliged to go to Chancery Lane!

Called with him at Mr Delmar’s and executed the Asst of the Knightsbridge House to Lord DeDunstanville!!

A thorough wet afternoon.

Went with Arthur and his wife to dine at Mr.Graham’s to meet Mr and Mrs Charlton. Left them at 9 o’clock when we went to see the new University Club House opened, a most convenient elegant building.

Returned to Bryanston Square.

Past 12 when we got to Whitehall Place again. Found a kindest note from Miss Chinney.


Saturday 14th February 1824

Mr and Mrs Gabiou expected to breakfast, but by some mistake there were told ½ past 10 o’clock, so that I only just saw them for a minute on the staircase, as Arthur and I were pushed to a moment to be at Guildhall upon Rowe’s commission. Anne looked very well and Mr.Gabiou is a plain open intelligent looking man, but cannot speak a work of English!!!

Got to Guildhall at 11 o’clock but the Croud, opposition of Counsel kept us there ‘till 3 o’clock, when Arthur, Mr.Hunt and Mr Husband of Plym-t were appointed assignees. I being engaged to dine at Mr.Willands and Arthur to go to Ametiu’s at Woodside with his wife and Mr and Mrs Gabiou made this very disagreeable and took a Chaise in the Borough, got to Oprington at ¼ past 5 o’clock and to Mr Willand’s by ½ past 6 o’clock when they had just sit down to dinner.

Did not get home ‘till 12 o’clock.

Mrs Chinney did not go.


Sunday 15th February 1824

Did not leave home all day. Fine but cold North East wind.

Wrote Mrs Tresilian, also drafts as under to take to Town tomorrow with me. Viz.t.

Deekins and Smith £20.18.6

Allshorn, Knightsbridge School on account of his – salary £8..


Monday 16th February 1824

Went to Town by way of Bromley with Mrs Chinney in a Chaise from Locks Bottom.

Got to Whitehall Place at ½ past 1 o’clock.

Arthur and his wife gone to Woodside.

Went to the Navy Office and swore to the account of Hand Money for the Medusa!

Called at Westminster Office.

Sent Allshorn and Mr Wrather the Draft for f£8.

He also brought me Mrs Marsh’s lace from Mrs Briggs.

Sent Dickens and Smith -- .

Post my letter with the draft for their Bill £20.18.6

Returned home at 5 o’clock in the same Chaise.

Mr Ryder, Reverend Dr Scott’s Father-in-Law called and dined, the Doctor’s account might be made out – (next?) Wednesday, when he would pay us upon our assigning to him the Doctor’s Bond and the Policy upon his life.

Wrote to Arthur to Woodside.

Paid Mr.Davies Bill Inn for the Horses to poor Charlotte Holland’s funeral £2.0.0

Barn 0.10.0


Tuesday 17th February 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

The poor Kitchen maid “Ann Marsh” went up also having given her a Ticket for St.Georges Hospital for tomorrow. Paid her her wages and made it up £4

Got to Whitehall Place at 10 o’clock.

Wrote Captain Eckford to Town and called on Christie. Most of my pictures hung up. They look in general very well but would have been better to have been a little more cleaned.

Called at the Alfred. Sarah left it, and Mr.Wabling out.

At Tapsell and Hollands, saw only the former who knew little about my concerns. Desired Mr.Holland would write me an answer to my letter.

In Berners St, took a luncheon at the Salopian.

Called again in Scotland Yard and returned home at Gates at 3 o’clock.

Mrs Marsh, House Book £7.13.6

Mr Wabling for Sarah Montague £9.9


Wednesday 18th February 1824

Cast to Fleming for 2 weeks due last Monday 16th £1.8

Going over my old catalogue of pictures and marking prices to buy them in at on Friday and Saturday next.

Draft to Whittle for Cast £10


Thursday 19th February 1824

The Ex- for Josiah Binter, Oxford St £11.7.0

Prevented going to Town this morning by a slight shivering fit last night and which this morning has fallen into my poor weak leg and produced a decided Esysspetium, though I hope only slight.

Have sent to Mr Scott.

Wrote Arthur by Gates last night to go early this morning.

At 11 o’clock find my going up out of the question I sent Henry up to Arthur with the list of my pictures and the prices I thought they ought to be bought in at. I wrote also to Mr.Smith, Great Marlborough Street to call upon Arthur.

Draft to Thomas Glassup, Smith £24.3.8

Draft to Cunningham, the old Cook who came whilst Sarah was at the Alfred £8.0.0

24th Received but a bad account of the sale of my pictures, not withstanding the list of prices I sent up for them to be bought in at, part of the unlucky illness that prevented me attending.


Friday 27th February 1824

Better this morning, but a cold bleak day with snow and rain.

Received a letter from Anne to say that Mr.Gabiou had got through the business he came about and would return the end of next week, was sorry I was kept in the Country by illness, but hoped she should see me before they went.

Wrote Arthur and Mr.Delmar.


Saturday 28th February 1824

No letters.

Sent Henry to Bromley for more medicines.

A kindly enquiry from Mr and Mrs Malcolm!

Feel much better this morning, cold and foggy.

Not so well this evening, feeling much uneasiness, like indigestion in the stomach.


Sunday 29th February 1824

Mrs Marsh and the girls had horses and went to Chislehurst Church!

Had a bad night, little sleep, uneasiness in the stomach and occasionally some darting pains in my shin bones of the old leg!

Persevered with Mr.Scott’s draughts, and felt better after breakfast!

No letters but one from Burley and one for Mrs Marsh, from Mrs Rowles!

Reverend Mr Stevens called about the school at Cray.


Monday 1st March 1824.

Going to town with Mrs Marsh and the girls.

Horses from Barham, Locks Bother.

Draft to Mrs Marsh for sundries £10.0.0

Got to Whitehall Place at ¼ before 12 o’clock, found Amelia there.

Called and paid Js Gray, Grocer, Charing Cross £2.15.8

Draft Banon and Son Ironmonger £1.18.6

Called on Mr Spedding and received his ½ years rent due 17th of last month £78.15.0

Deferred? Rent 6.16.11   £71.18.1

Saw Mr.Delmar and found that Mr.Pemble’s Executors at present appear not to wish delay!

Called on Mr May Bs Solicitor, found he had sent the Head Money Bond to Scotland Yard.

Called on Mr Christie. He and Arthur appear to have been at cross purposes so my pictures have been badly managed!.

Called at Bett’s Hotel and found Mrs.Gabiou in Berners St.

Found Mrs Marsh and the girls there and good Mr F. gave me a mutton chop!

Staid ‘till past 5.

In Whitehall Place found Mr.Gabiou  and all there. Mrs Marsh did not call for me ‘till past 6 o’clock.

Brought dear Byron Rowles.

Did not get home till 10 o’clock.


Tuesday 2nd Marsh 1824

Caught a slight cold yesterday.

Send Arthur up the Bond to the Navy Board witnessed by Mr.Townley.

Mrs Rowles and all  coming here today except Mr Rowles

Draft Mrs Marsh for House Book, dear girls allowance and sundries £11.19..

A cold bleak day.

Mrs Rowles and all but Laura came to Dinner. She and Madamoiselle? did not come ‘till ½ past 6 o’clock having staird in Town for Master! (Martins?)


Wednesday 3rd Marsh 1824

A tempestuous morning. Wind, hail and snow.

Received a letter from Self  (Telf?) to say that Miss Tresilian had had a fall and sprained her thumb, and therefore she wished not to see me ‘till she was better. Wrote her again with all our good wishes! Mentioned also that I had written her on Monday from town!

Mrs Marsh and Mrs Rowles went to see Mrs Jenner.

Laura determined to go home tomorrow as her teeth plagued her!!

Sent a letter for her to the 2nd Post accordingly.


Thursday 4th Marsh 1824

Mrs Rowles and children left us this morning soon after 11 o’clock.

Received a letter from Mrs Chinney to inform Mrs Marsh that Mr Viotte (?) died yesterday morning Mrs Marsh wrote her by Mrs Rowles for her servant to take as soon as she gets to town.

Intend going up tomorrow in a chaise as I could not today having taken Calomel etc etc.


Friday 5th Marsh 1824

Got to town at 11 o’clock in a chaise from Barham.

Found Amelia still at Arthur’s and that Anne and her husband went to Dover on Wednesday.

Found a letter from Mary Chinney to say she found the time for her sailing to India now so short that she must give up the idea of going to Chillenham!

Presented the Accounts (Assigns?) of Dr Scott’s Debt to his Father-in-Law Mr.Ryder.

Found a letter from Mrs Bennett, with some claims sent her and Mr.Weather £2.4.6

Paid .Stevens and Croft  11.6

Called at Tapullis and Hollands and brought away my Weather Glass.

In Berners St found dear Mr.Fauntleroy ill.

Left a letter for Mr.Graham?

Took luncheon at Mrs Rowles.

Paid for Brown Papers £1.2.6

Got home by ¼ past 6 o’clock, found Mrs Chinney had arrived an hour before.

Pad Mr Inment writer

Court 3

Mrs Chuck £1.0.0

Turnpike 0.0.3

Letters 0.0.9

Chimney Sweep 1.0.6

Total £2.4.6


Saturday 6th Marsh 1924

Had horses from Barham and went to Bromley.

Paid Mr Nach for  2 pairs of gloves 4/

Took Walseley to Mr Scott, says she must always wear a bandage. He would put a plaister on my leg.

Paid Mr Alexander, the butcher for mutton and lamb £0.19.10

Called and returned our visit to Southborough. All at home.

Returned Mr and Mrs Rhode’s visit, not at home. Found she had obligingly called here on horseback to enquire after us.

Thorn gave me warning this afternoon.

Paid Maynard, Bromley for fish 3/6d


Sunday 7th March 1824

Mr Scott called about ½ past 10 o’clock to see Mrs Chinney! Would look at my leg again. Gave me a receipt for a Dinner pill and more particularly urged my attention to brine etc and advised me not to dine out on Tuesday. I do not feel well.

Received a letter from Self (Telf?) that her mistress’s fall was in High Street, but that she is going on well! Wrote her that I should now give up all thoughts of Chillenham ‘till after the April dividends! (And enclosed a £5 note no.11563, dated 23rd Jan. 1824).

A day of rain.

Wrote Arthur I had some doubt about being up on Tuesday, but certainly not to stay and dine!


Monday 8th March 1824

Last night was a most tempestuous one!! The pot off the chimney in Mrs Gee’s bedroom blew down and has caused the room to smoke!

Found the bandage uneasy on my leg. Took it off at bed time.


Tuesday 9th March 1824

Went to Town in a chaise from Barham’s (Bachams?)

Called on Mr Bibby, 58 Gracechurch St and received of him my ¼ th net rent for the old houses at Chatham £8.14.0

Called on Mr Jenner, Drs Commons, not within.

Paid Banon and Son, Strand for a casper and screws // // 10

Met Arthur corner of Norfolk St as I was going to Mr Delmar’s. He gave me a letter from Mr T. Rowles from the Cape.

Called at Bayley and Blews and paid them for my Inkstand etc £1.12.0

On Mr Christie and fixed Friday next for our settling accounts. Met Mr Ottley there.

Called at Thornhill and Worley and paid for Mrs Marsh’s file 2/

At Hayward’s and matched some Lace for dear Mary, paid them £0.6.9

In Berners St, wrote Sir George Pownall for the Cha—ter (Character?) of Mrs Stockdale, also my friend Mrs King.

Found good Mr Fauntleroy better and gone out in the carriage.

In Scotland Yard. Had a lunch in there.

Saw Mr and Mrs Chinney and her daughter in Pall Mall.
Got hom at ½ past 7 o’clock.


Wednesday 10th March 1824

Draft to T and J Staples for fire wood £12.11.6

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book and sundries £10.18.6

Paid Poole at the White Hard for Beer and sundries up to 1st January by my draft for £19.15.3

Jackson and Bibby’s on Jansom and co for 8.14


A cold wet evening.

Wind N.E.


Thursday 11th March 1824

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Self (Telf?) to say her sister was better, but does not acknowledge the receipt of mine of  Sunday last with the note enclosed, and while she ought to have had the day she wrote last Tuesday!

Went in the little Phaton with Mrs Marsh to Lamb Abbey, all the family in town.

Got home again just after 3 o’clock as a cold wet evening was setting in!

Found dear Miss Dyke came to Mary and staid luncheon.

Mr Scott came and speaks decidedly of dear Mary’s being better.

Intend going to town tomorrow morning to settle with Mr Christie’s.

My leg better but he recommends my continuing his dinner pill


Friday 12th March 1824

Went to town in a Chaise from Barham’s! Took Mrs Chinney’s servant Parker up with me and appd: to meet again at 5 o’clock in Whitehall Place!

Paid Gorman, Successor to Griffon, Brooks St, Butcher for haunch of mutton £0.2.6

Jolley, Poutuer for Chickens 0.8.0

Garcia’s for grapes, lemons, oranges 8/

Called at Christie’s, received his draft on Ransom’s for the pictures sold £623.19.6, balance after duty commission and expenses £539/0

And pictures bought in.

In Berners St, gave Tyson for my Private Account £485/-

Good Mrs Fauntleroy gave me some luncheon. She is better!!

Called in my way home and saw my old friend Mr. Hyatt. Also upon Mrs Harding (Sophia Harding, nee Smyth – see court case Marsh v Tyrell & Harding), Walworth, and left her a letter about the 4per cents. Found her and Mr Harding at tea.

Got home at 9 o’clock.


Saturday 13th March 1824

Draft to Potes Tibbs, carpenter, Bah-cr for his bill 31st December £38.13.6

Major Wood called. Mrs Wood unwell, but he will come and meet Mssrs T Scott and Taynton at dinner today!

Sarah dressed the dinner well and appears to have well employed her time with Mr Wabling at the Alfred!


Sunday 14th March 1824

At Church.

Afternoon, wrote Mr Stockdale, I should not take him.

Wrote Mrs Emmett and J Cowan, wax chandler.

Found that the deviation from my late regular system of eating and drinking and also some vanity today, had brought on indigestion etc etc.

Cast to Gates to this day inclusive £3.12.6


Monday 15th March 1824

Draft to J.Cowan, wax chandler to this day inclusive £17.13

Mrs Chinney left us at noon today.

Georgina took an hour’s ride on her little pony previously.

Going to town by Gates tomorrow morning.

Walked to the school at St.Mary Cray with Mrs Marsh and the girls.

I called and saw Major and Mrs Wood, they were just going off to pass some days at Croydon.


Tuesday 16th March 1824

Went to town by Gates.

Mrs Emmett met me in Whitehall Place and gave me the receipt for the chimney sweep before I left Knightsbridge. Matt co Morris Sweeper £1.0.6. I gave her a sovereign for poor Anne Marsh in St.George’s Hospital!

Alldridge also called and I shewed him the cheque etc for the van horses. He said he would enquire about it.
Paid Stevens and Croft for sewing silk and nett for Mrs Marsh £0.1/10d

In Berners St.

Found dear Mrs Fauntleroy much better. Henry expected this evening from Brighton.

Took luncheon in Whitehall Place.

Arthur and Mrs Marsh going to dine with Dr and Mrs Holland (Sir Henry Holland 1788-1873 and Margaret Holland, Arthurs sister-in-law?)

Dear little Fanny’s eye not so well.
Came home by Gates


Wedesday 17th March 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book £7.2.6

She and I drove over to Bromley in the little carriage. Mr Scott rebandaged my leg! Called at Jackson the Sadler’s and left word for him to be here tomorrow morning to make the saddle fit dear Georgina’s little horse.

Got home by ¼ past 3 o’clock to dinner.

A most lovely spring day!


Thursday 18th March 1824

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Miss Fauntleroy that her Brother had a box for us on Saturday night. Wrote to accept it and also to Mrs Scaipe at the Hotel, Lower Brook St for beds and to Lawless for horses!

A most delightful summer day.

Walked with Mrs Marsh and Mary to the school. We called on Mrs Wood.

Paid R.Webb for the Pork I had of him £1.16.10

Wrote Mr.Scott we were going from home.

Received 3 stone of pork by Gates from Mrs Baker, Eltham. Sent back the basket and cloth and money by him again 13/6d


Friday 19th March 1824

Going to town with Mrs Marsh and dear girls this morning with horses from Barham’s, Locks Bottom!

Whittle for cash £15-

Got to Lawless’s at ½ past 11 o’clock, had a pair of Job Horses of him and drove to Scaip’s Hotel, Lower Brook St, found they had apartments for us.

Mrs Marsh went shopping and to Mrs Rowles and set me down in Berners St.
Mrs – Elvia out.

In Scotland Yard. Mr Graham there, he and I and Arthur were 3 hours together on business!! Mrs Arthur not well (Anne Marsh-Caldwell?)

We all went to the concert at the Opera House, a flat poor thing altogether.

Wrote Wolff to come tomorrow morning.


Saturday 20th March 1824

Wolff came to the Hotel this morning.

My foot very tender.

The (quite unusual) put me to smart pains) he said if he had come it would have festered as I had pressed it and gone too long without seeing him!

Mrs Marsh took me to Berners St.

Mr Fauntleroy and Elouisa (Elvia?) out. I waited for them ‘till ½ past 1 o’clock when I got the Opera Tickets.

Called on Mr Ward, Bedford Square, took from him in a parcel tied up my present marriage settlement and the Titles Deed etc connected with it. Took them to Mr Delmar and staid an hour with him whilst he examined that they were all right. Left them with him to put into the Tin Box I have had made for them till I can get Mr Rosale to meet me and seal them up and leave them at Drummond’s.

Dined alone again at the Hotel and we all went to Lady Aboyne’s Box at the Opera.

Draft to Mr Alldridge £11.15.0

Draft to Riley for Cloaks £9.6.0

Draft Self to pay Bill at Scaipe’s Hotel and sundries £10.0.0


Sunday 21st March 1824

A complete wet morning.

Mrs Marsh and girls went to Trinity Chappell. I went and sat an hour with my dear friend Wheeler.

Called and saw Mrs Chinney, left a note for her at Hooks the Shoe-maker.

We all called at the Brunswick Hotel and saw Lady Wilmot and dear Charlotte Crawford, having first waited an hour that she, Lady Wilmot would call on us as she had appointed!

In Berners St and we all sat 20 minutes with good Mr Fauntleroy and Elvia.

Called on Mrs Rowles.

Dined at Scaipe’s at 3 o’clock.

Called at Mr L. Holland’s door at 5 and left them a kind message as they were just sitting down to dinner.

Came home by way of Bromley and saw Mr Scott who will be with us tomorrow at 3 o’clock.

My corn where Wolff cut it is certainly tender and painfull. Mr Scott advised a Bread? Water Pontum which I put on as soon as we got home and another going to bed. Also to wash the back of my hand which appears to have been stung or  bit on Friday going up with vinegar and water.

We got home before 8 o’clock.


Monday 22nd March 1824

Mrs Marsh House Book and Sundries £8.3.6

A dull showery day.

Mr Scott came this afternoon, presumes in thinking the inflammation on my hand was a bite more especially as it has yielded to vinegar and water. The Corn at the bottom of my foot pretty easy again but he would put on one of his plaisters! He told us of the death of Mrs Jenner’s eldest son in Wales!

This evening a slight inflammation has come in the corn and about my right eye!


Tuesday 23rd March 1824

A bad morning and considerable falls of snow.

Received a letter from Mrs Chinney that it will probably be Thursday or Friday before she can come to us. We expect Miss Bennett to dinner today.

Mr Dyke called. Mrs Dyke is at Chislehunt with her mother who bears the loss of her eldest son pretty well!

Miss Bennett came to dinner.

Walked for ½ and hour after dinner.

Mrs F.Dyke called for first time since his illness, looking quite well. His youngest sister and – (J Blutt?) with him in a Gig!


Wednesday 24th March 1824

Draft to Whittle to 21st Inst £22.7.10

Received a letter from Miss Tresilian, Mr Lake and Mr Sidden!

A cold bleak day, my eye better.

Wrote Mr Sidden upon all points.

Did not go out.


Thursday 25th March 1824

Draft to S.Barham £36.10.0

Went to Bromley alone in the little carriage.

Saw Mr Scott who re-bandaged my leg.

Paid Walter, the Ironmonger for hay knife and steamer £1.4.6

Ditto Jackson, saddler for Georgina’s Saddle. £0.10.0

Got home in good time for dinner.

Mrs Chinney came at ½ past 5 o’clock.

Paid Tibbs for Quicksilver to mend the weather glass he had at Mr Cottingham’s 5/3d

Going to town tomorrow morning in a chaise from Plater’s FootsCray!


Friday 26th March 1824

Going to town with a Chaise from Foots Cray, and to take Gray home.

Got to Knightsbridge at 11 o’clock.

Called at my old house. Lord DeDunstanville there. He shewed me his alternations. Some are improvements.

Paid Dale for sundries this day inclusive18/6d

Called on Mrs Ray. At St.George’s Hospital and saw poor Anne Marsh.

Left Georgina’s broach with Mr Kilcton.

Called at Mdgwoods, paid him for Mrs Marsh’s jug 6/6d.

Saw Mr W Whitmore there, quite well.

Left a jug at Sharpus’s to be riveted.

In Whitehall Place, saw Dr Holland

In Berners St, sent Miss Tresilian the ½ pf a £50 note, one £5, at £2 and a £1 note in a frank of Mr Eveleyn’s which had been left for her in Scotland Yard.
Mr Graham gave me 4 Kinross trout.

Came down to Barham’s with Arthur.

Paid 4/ at Ackermann’s for dear Mary.

Called in Norfolk st and saw Mr and Mrs Delmar, pressed them to come and see us in their way home.

My foot being uneasy drove through the city to Wolff who gave me ease.

Called on Marpall, stonemason, Deptford, found his bill £11.9.5 but he says the marble and stone he has of mine is worth £3.

* Took up my weather glass from Pike at Eltham and got home at 9 o’clock quite tired!

Found a presentation to Christ’s Hospital, had forgot my turn has come round.

Saw Mr Dinanuel in Berners St who said he should state all amounts of P—

* Gave Mrs Chinney 5 £10 and 10 five notes I received at Miss Drummonds for her draft for £100.


Saturday 27th March 1824.

Tibbs here about a small cupboard in the kitchen.

Brown and Glassup also called for me to consult them about conveying the warm air to the yellow bedroom!

Not well this morning!!

Tibbs to enlarge the dairy window.

Mr Scott came at ½ past 4 o’clock, says Mary is much better but that Mrs Marsh is not quite well. He is to alter my pills.

A cold wind and frequent showers of hail and rain.

Received a note from Mr Robson yesterday when in Town covering a Dt for £7.10 for Miss Trisilian, part of the money on the other side. Sent him a note by Thomas Pointer to say I had received it.

Paid Dale yesterday at Knightsbridge in full £0.18.6


Sunday 28th March 1824

A cold bleak day present shower of snow and hail.
Received a letter from Mr Sidden. Wrote both him and Mr Lake.

Received also one from Miss Winchester by which I found the Boy she wished 2 years ago a Presentation for, was now above age.

Had also a letter from Reverend George Marsh, the first since his Father’s death but no answer to the one I wrote him upon that count nor does he mention the kind letter my Mrs Marsh wrote his mother to which she has never made any reply, nor does he mention a word of Lord Grosvenor having given him Dark’s Schappell, but it contains and extran-- -- about his mother’s --!!!


Monday 29th March 1824

Draft to R.Plater, FootsCray £14.3.0

Received 24 sacks of Coals from Mr.Beadle, Smith.

Mrs Marsh and Miss Bennett drove and called on Halstead, all the family out.

Going to town tomorrow morning by Gates.


Tuesday 30th March 1824

Went to town by Gates.

Called on Christie.
Paid M:Cadbury, Bond St for cheese £//.//.3

Ditto N:Jolley

Charing Cross for Poultry £1.5-

In Berners St, saw Mr Fauntleroy and Eliza. They go to Brighton on Saturday or Monday next.

Wrote W:Ottley about a Presentation!!

At the Westminster Office, general meeting. I stand first for Director at next vacancy!

In Scotland Yard again, sent by Weathen to Emmett Mrs Marsh’s receipt for Fudge’s rent. Left that for Birmingham’s with Jessonand took the amount £30 and brought it to Mrs Marsh.

Had a note fromm George Delmar that he could not come tomorrow but that we may expect his brother and wife about 5 o’clock. Jolly omitted to  send the Poultry by Gates!!


Wednesday 31st March 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book and sundries £12.6.0

Paid Fleming 2 weeks due last Monday £1.8.0

Our worthy Mr and Mrs Delmar came to dinner.

Received a letter from Reverend Mr Foyster stating next Tuesday for the Knightsbridge School meeting! But I am afraid I must change the day.

Called on the Reverend Mr Stevenson and Mr Townley who I had heard was ill, could not see him.


Thursday 1st April 1824

Our friends left us after breakfast this morning for Kenfield!

Mr Stevens called

Mrs Chinney consulted me about some letters she had received from France. Gave her my best opinion as far as I could understand the business.


Friday 2nd April 1824

Went to town by Gates.

Called at Kitchens and charged a small  for my dear girl’s approbation.

In Soho Square at Dobbs’s and paid 6/10d for sundries.

In Berners St.

Reverend Mr Foyster called and we went out to Knightsbridge School and settled the 2y accounts!

In Scotland Yard and took a sandwich.
Returned by Gates. A cold wet day.


Saturday 3rd April 1824

At home and about the garden etc all day.

Glassup and Duke put up the new pipe for warm air to the Yellow Room.

My old friend Mr Garden (Warden?) came down by Gates.

Received Dunmall’s bill for Oats. £10.7, deducted for two calves 1.10.

Gave him draft for the balance £8.17.0


Sunday 4th April 1824

At Church.

Mr Garden (Eadon?) gave us an excellent sermon. Walked with him in the afternoon to the Cold Bath etc etc.

Received a letter from Mrs Marsh? To say that Mr Bowker, Miss Wallace’s Executor and Trustee to Colonel Sleigh would be at Spurling’s tomorrow at ½ past 11 o’clock thinking to meet me there on the subject of the 4%cent stock. Wrote Spurlings that I might not possibly be there so soon, but told him what to say to Mr Bowker if I was not there!


Monday 5th April 1824

Went to town in a Chaise from Plater’s with Mr Garden (Gorden?) Paid a visit with him to Mr Frefth at Bexley.

Called at the South.Sea House and the Amy (Admiralty) Office, Old J—y with him, found I could not sign at the Bank.

Mr Bowken never called at Spurling’s.

At the Post Office, but could not see either of the Mr.Freelings.

Called on Mr Jenner for the Rent of the House Drs Commons but he was not at home.
Met Arthur at Spurlings.

In Scotland Yard, found Mr Burford was dead!

In Berners St. Wrote the Reverend G.A.E Marsh!!! Saw Mr Fauntleroy, Eliza better, go on Thursday to Brighton.

Came back to Whitehall Place with Arthur.

Called on Sir and Lady Thornborough.

Came home at ½ past 5 o’clock, had a sandwich at Arthur’s.

Thorn says his Warning is up tomorrow and and p-–s in going away, and that he must go up and meet his Uncle but will return at night or on Wednesday, as I have company next day.  


Tuesday 6th April 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book  £8.2.6

Thorn went to  Town by Gates to meet his Uncle as he is about to leave me.

Had a Chaise from Plater’s and Miss Bennett went to Town with me! Got out at Castle & Elephant.

Called and found it was poor Mr Bibby at 58 Gracechurch St who was dead.

In Leadenhall Markets.

At the Bank, received the Dividend for both Houses. Mr Fauntleroy there.

Called at Martin’s and saw Mr Stone, asked him to dinner on Thursday week (night?), he is engaged.

At the Post Office, had a long commiseration with Mr H.Freeling.

Called at Clarke’s.

In Scotland Yard, had a luncheon there.

At Gorham’s, No.6 Lower Brook St and ordered a leg of lamb and some beef for stewing. Paid at Barker’s for cakes. 4/1d. Paid also corner of Conduit Street for 6lb of Parmesan Cheese 15/.

At Garcia’s for oranges, grapes and figs. 13/6d

Got home in same chaise at ¼ past 8 o’clock. Could not get to Berners St  in time.

Thorn did not come back this evening, Wrote for Birt(?) (Bist?)


Wednesday 7th April 1824

Not quite well this morning, yesterday having been a fatiguing irregular day with me!

Mr Dyke called and promised to come and dine with us tomorrow and bring his son of dis-engaged.

Thorn returned by Gates. I had written to see if Birt could come down.  


Thursday 8th April 1824

Had a letter from Henry, that his mother was taking their Man this morning with her to Brighton and that Birt could not be spared.

Reverend Mr Stevens called.

Mr, Mrs and Mr Dyke returned? Mr Mrs Weyland and Miss Mayerstone, Mr and Miss Rhodes and Mr Jns Rust (Rush?) dined with us.

Henry sent down Thomas Pointer by Gates who arrived in good time.


Friday 9th March 1824

Went to Town by Chaise from Barham’s for Mrs Chinney. Only she and Junior Mr Rush would set out to walk to Lea on Blackheath.

Put Mrs Chinney down at Sir Charles Flint’s.

In Whitehall Place, found a note from Mary Chinney to say she should be at Mr King’s between 4 and 5 o’clock.

Called and paid Wedgwood for Mrs Marsh’s jug. 7/4d.

In Berners St, called and saw a servant at No.31 Albermarle St. Shall make further enquiries about him.

Called at Mr King’s, saw Mary Chinney, her mother is better, asked her Mrs Dirnean’s son in Scotland, she is to enquire.

Took a sandwich at Arthur’s and called for Mrs Chinney, No.17 Great Queen St a little after 6 o’clock.

Got home before 9 o’clock. Found Thorne p---ed in going tomorrow by Gates, and that in more unbecoming manner, telling me he had given regular notice and would go, and – that if I had got a servant I should not want him to stay “ and too late to look over the plate or pay him and his is to call in Whitehall Place on Tuesday.

Found Gimson of Chislehurst had left a Bill of £4 for a load of hay last year, am certain I paid it

Gave Tyson £2.2 to go to the credit of Mrs John Manl she had paid Stone, the shoemaker at Brighton for me.


Saturday 10th April 1824

Thorn went this morning!

After breakfast examined the Plate with Henry and found all right.

A cold wet morning.

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Lady Wilmot to say that they would not now come!

I had a letter from Mr Siddin on the subject of Timber and repairs and one yesterday from Mr Lake. They both wish me to meet them about the lg to the 22nd of this month.

Extremely cold this evening.

Draft yesterday to Mary Marsh for Mr Heath £25


Sunday 11th April 1824

A considerable fall of snow in the night as it lay 3 inches deep in the morning, but melted before noon.

Received a letter from Mr Graham to make an appointment for Tuesday.

Afternoon Church.

Extremely cold.

Mrs Dyke and children looked in for a few minutes.

Gates brought me his memorandum by which I see he has charged me with Thorn’s fare Tuesday and Wednesday last.


Monday 12th April 1824

Caught a cold from Broken Windows at Church.

My dear Mary very unwell last night after we were in bed!!

Draft to J.Barham, Locks Bottom in full to this day inclusive £16.10.6

Going to dine at East Hall. Major and Mrs Wood and Rev Mr Stevens there.


Tuesday 13th April 1824

Draft to Thorn in full £7.3.6

Went to Town by Gates. Got out in the Borough.

Paid G.Peevey, Poulterer £1.4.

R.Haines Greengrocer //13/5

At the Bank and received some Wants (Warrents?) in Ls:Ann.y: (Anniversary?). Met my old acquaintance Mr Eve of Deptford there.

Called on Mr Atkins Walbrook, not come to town.

Went back to Love Lane, Little Eastcheap for Character of Mrs Young from Mr Droop. Waited but he did not come in.

Called at Pope and Firth’s Friday St, took a dozen gauze cotton Stockings and paid for them £1.0.0.

Called on Mr George Jenner, P. Dyke paid me rent for the House in Drs Commons as follows / year due Ladyday £46. Deduct Ground Rent 6. £40.

At Apothecary’s Hall for Mrs Chinney.

In Scotland Yard, found Mrs Duncan had been there but her son is (14?) ill! Also a note from dear Mary Chinney to say that she was to go to Patron Miss W by the Mail so that we should not see her again before she sailed. Saw two servants. Fixed with –

In Berners St, a particular conversation with Mr Graham and must be renewed at my leisure! Missed Arthur, saw Captains Schombey and Omney and Mrs Campbell. Made and appointment with her for Thursday at the Bank to sell some stock.


Wednesday 14th April 1824

Letter from Mr Droop, favourable of Mrs Young.

Paid yesterday J.Heath £6.7.6

T & W Sales /6.6

Cash to T.Fleming for 2 weeks due last Monday 12th £1.8.0

Answered Mr Chinney’s kind letter.

Going to town tomorrow by Gates.

Cash to Mrs Marsh for House Book and Sundries £12 ..

Cash paid Henry Spearing ½ year’s wages due 24 last month, increased by agreement from £16 to £20 -- £10


Thursday 15th April 1824

Went to town by Gates.

In Whitehall Place, at Christies and settled the pictures he still has of mine should be in a sale of his next month and that I would give him prices to let them go at!

Called and paid Gosham, Butcher No.6 Lower Brooks St £1.17.7

Ditto May & Morris, Oxford St for carriers (comiers?) to Orpington £11.17.3

In Berners St.

Went at 5 o’clock and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler!

Slept in Whitehall Place.

A fine day but cold wind.

Called as I went to Gloucester Place, on Miss Winchester at Mr Roc’s, Weymouth St. She is to apply to Sir R. Glynn to see if she can get my Presentation exchanged. I wrote my friend Mr Atkins last Sunday but have had no answer.


Friday 16th April 1824

Got my Breakfast before Arthur and his wife.

Wrote several letters, then called on Mr Delmar, not at home.

In Berners St, a close Holiday (Good Friday) but found Henry and John at Home.
Owe Jolly for 2 chicken 8/ and Garcias for 2 dozen oranges 4/-.

Paid Gray, grocer for 4lb of Tapiocia £8/-

Had a sandwich at Arthur’s and came home by Gates a little after 6 o’clock.

A thorough wet day with a strong N.E. wind!!


Saturday 17th April 1824

A most tempestuous raining morning, wind still at N.E. and appears to have rained all night.

Mr Scott came just as we had done breakfast.

Could not stir out the whole day.


Sunday 18th April 1824

At Church morning. Mr Stevens read Prayers.

Mr and Mrs Dyke looked in after Church.

Cleared up a good deal and rather a fine afternoon but cold wind.

Sent for a Chaise to Plater FootsCary for tomorrow morning, 7 o’clock, going to Shorne to meet Mssrs Lake and Sidden’s.


Monday 19th April 1824

Got to the BeefStlake House before 11 o’clock. Found Siddens and his son there, we walked to Randle Bottom, went all over the wood and traced the boundaries. Mr Lake and son joined us. And also Mr Solomon at present Tenant in the Tithe Barn. We marked 48 oak trees no better for standing and 20 pollards.

Went and looked over the Tithe Barn and yard. The old elms all cut down and not above one sound one.

They all dined with me at the Beefstake House. Bill £2.13-. The Landlord paid me one short change out of a £5 note.

A fine day, hot sun but cold wind. Got home before 9 o’clock, very tired!!


Tuesday 20th April 1824

Received a letter from Arthur to say that my old friend Mr Hyatt had sent me a message through Mr Collins, that he should be much gratified as he could live but a short time if I would promise to attend his Funeral!!!

Wrote him by this days Post a kind letter in answer and also to Arthur.

Went into the Batt meadow with Fleming, found 4 of Colgates cows in it. I cannot keep up my fence then as they steal the posts and rails as fuel as I put them up!!

Mr Dyke called at ¼ before 3 o’clock. Wrote a letter and staid with me ‘till Mrs Marsh and the girls returned from their ride. Found the brown horse had been kicking and that Mrs Chinney had lost her Sable Tippit.

Sent Henry all round to enquire after it but without success! Mrs C. is unluckily going to Dover tomorrow morning. I must advertise it. Wrote by her to Mr Sankey about Arthur’s Plated Dishes for Mrs Gabiou. 

Mrs Young came this evening by Gates in the place of Thorne at


Wednesday 21st March 1824

Wrote Mr Sankey by Mrs Charing? (Charing?) who left us this morning, about the Plated dishes for Mrs Gabiou that Arthur sent last night to his care. Also to Mr Siddin and the Landlord of the Beefstake House who paid me £1 short change on Monday.

Called on Mr Voules and paid his sister for Pork I had of him in the spring. £1.14.6

Going to dine today at Major Wood’s and in the evening to Mr Minet’s at Baldwyn’s to a small dance.

Received a letter from Mr Graham going to Town tomorrow in a Chaise from Plater’s, and to called upon Mr Hyatt.

Did not get home ‘till near 5 o’clock from Mr Minett’s, a small pleasant party.


Thursday 22nd April 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book £8.4.0

Could not set off in Plater’s Chaise ‘till near eleven o’clock this morning.

Called at Eltham and paid Mr Pike, Watchmaker £1.11.6

Called at Marshall’s, Deptford and ordered a old piece of marble step for Sarah Montague for 157.

Called at Mr Hyatt’s, Walcott Place as I wrote I would, found Mr Collins, Miss Porter, young Gardner and another lady there, they stated Mr Hyatt as too ill to be seen and Mrs Gardner just steps down to me for a few minutes and confirmed the same. She stated that he had received my letter on Wednesday and was as much pleased with it, that she thought he would not live many hours!

Called in Whitehall Place, Arthur in the City. Mrs A. put me down in Berners St, only Henry there ‘till ½ past 4 o’clock when Mr J and Mr Graham came in, had a conversation with the latter on Mr Lake in consequence as he was as he was gone, send my letter to Henry!!

Paid Mr May Poulterer for chickens and—8s

Paid Garcias for oranges 4

At ½ past 6 dined with Arthur and at 7 o’clock went to Knightsbridge and called on Emmett and his wife, gave her for poor Ann Marsh £8 and brought away the Pistols I had lent him for  Knightsbridge  House.

Called at Deptford for  the price of Marble and did not get home till ½ past 10 o’clock, quite tired.


Friday 23rd April 1824

Not at breakfast ‘till 10 o’clock this morning and got up with a sick headache!

A complete wet day and high wind, but mild.

Went over the Plate and Plated articles with Mrs Young, Thorne’s successor, found all right and correct.

Gave Whittle a small Parcel of sea cale beet, seed, sent me by Mr Delmar of Kenfield.

Arthur was to go Brighton today to look after a house for Mrs A. and children!

Received a letter from Rd (Robert?) Burgess that his honest old father died that morning!


Saturday 24th April 1824

Restless night last night, pain in my stomach like indigestion.

Looking over and making a list of  bills morning.

Mr Townley called, and Miss Atkins and her Cousin Miss Brinaly gave an indifferent – of Mrs Atkin’s health.

Mrs Marsh and girls went with the 2 horses to Chislehurst. Neither the Miss Dashwood’s or Mrs Jenner at home.

Went in the afternoon with Fleming into Bath Meadow where they had pulled down more rails last night. Shut up the meadow behind Mr Townley’s yesterday! My hay almost gone. A fixed pain all day at the top of the stomach, rather worse after dinner.

Lieutenant Browne kindly sent us tickets for their Ball next Thursday the 29th, returned them with a note of thanks as we decline going!!


Sunday 25th April 1824

Continued so unwell last night that I took 4 grains of Colomel on going to bed, and black Dose this morning. Feel relieved in the stomach but low and weak.

Mrs Marsh and the dear girls walked to St.Mary Cray Church.

Received a letter from Mr Graham wishing me to fix an appointment with him as he was late and hurried on Thursday last. Also one from Mr Sidden thinking with me the Barn floors had better be defaced as indeed he always said.

Wrote Mr Graham I should be up tomorrow and in Berners St about 1 o’clock.

Wrote to Plater for horses for tomorrow morning.


Monday 26th April 1824

 4 horses from Plater for the day. Mrs Marsh and the dear Girls and I went in over Blackfriars Bridge, called at White’s, Fleet St. No news of Miss Chinney’s Tippett. Desired them to advertise it once more!

Mrs Marsh and the girls called at Mrs Dixon’s, Wych St. Anne Marsh gone to St.George’s. I on Mr Delmar, found he not there, engaged Counsel in the Shorn business. Begged him to do so and have a previous consultation with him, as it may be heard on Wednesday.

Ordered more candles from Goddard and Son.

In Scotland Yard, Arthur not returned but expected, found his house had been let during his absence but could not learn to whom. Found letters from Campbell and Allen with bills of lading. Left them for him to read and order Insurance.

In Berners St and had a long explanatory conversation with Stracey, Graham and Henry (Fauntleroy?)

Mrs Marsh took her luncheon there as I did. She went shopping and as it came on to rain, remained ‘till near 7 o’clock when she returned and are all come home together at ½ past 9 o’clock.

Received 2 letters from Miss Winchester and wrote her fully about my Presentation and enclosed her a letter to the Chamberlain’s abtain young Thomson’s Laddur’s freedom in the Chaport Company!

Called at Whitehall Place, Arthur gone our to dinner, found he had expected me there as I had him in Berners St. His – (servant?) is to take my Dressing Case etc to his wife’s lodgings 59 Crown St, Westminster.


Tuesday 27th April 1824

Draft dated yesterday Mrs Marsh, House book and sundries £10.3.6 and for myself Balance of £15.0.0

Fleming Harrowing the meadow by Rick Yard to shut it up.

All the morning looking over old accounts. Just after dinner Mr and Miss Scott came. He lessoned the length of bandage on my leg.

Received by Gates a Bill of Sale of my 2/3rds of the Ship Egham, sent by Stevens, Arthur having not time to before he went into the City. Also a catalogue from Christie with my 8 pictures included for tomorrow’s sale!!! Have wrote to both but will if the morning is at all fine go up myself, the L Gates goes only to the Borough.

Paid Fleming two weeks  due yesterday £1.8.0


Wednesday 28th April 1824

Went up by Gates.

At the Bank and received Mrs Cleeve’s Dividends.

Called and paid Mr White for the advertisement about Mrs Chinney’s lost Tippett 15/

At Mr Munay’s Symonds & Son and signed the Trust Deed for the Barroness Klinkowstrom!

At Mr Delmar’s who had seen Mr Sugden and they have great doubts about my sweep against Mr Pemble’s Representatives, and also of its’ coming on today.

In Scotland Yard, saw Arthur and Captain Charles Schomberg and Mr, Mrs Clean(?)

Called at Gilberts and paid him for the trettling repairs to the Coffee Pot etc. 5/6d

At Christie’s, not at home. Left with Mr Snook my letter and prices my 8 pictures to be bought in at!

In Berners St, received a letter from Mr Collins. To say my old friend Mr Hyatt died on Monday evening and had left me £100. That as he had requested to to – business on a Sunday, they thought next Sunday week would be time enough!

Mr and Mrs Clean, Mr Graham and I had a long conversation about the former’s factory(?) and wrote Mr Sidden to go on with the shed upon a reduced scale. Gave Watson a month to pay the Premium of Mornington’s Life. Henry could not immediately find the Policy!

Called young Mr Cuthberts, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and looked at some of the Family Pictures, his old Pater is to look all out – I call again. Took some cold meat at the Georeg Inn and returned home by Gates.

Sent it him in a letter by Mr Martin’s messenger.

Draft to Robert Martin, Taylor £5.9.8

Allshorn, S:Master on account of present Lum for £8.0.0


Thursday 29th April 1824

A fine mild growing day.

Received a letter from Mr Christiie that “the Whole” of my Pictures were bought in yesterday, but he enumerates on 7 of them leaving the 8th the Canary Bird in a Case out of the last. Wrote him on the subject, also to Arthur what Mrs Chinney stated about the Dishes for Mrs Gabiou. Also to Mr Collins poor Mrs Hyatt’s executors to say that I thought next Sunday for the Funeral would not have been too early. To Wolff to come on Saturday as we all wanted him!

To Mr Lake Bepchild and etc do not feel well and my feet so tender I can hardly walk.

Received a letter from Miss Winchester saying Mr Thompson had taken up his Freedom and wishing for the proposed documents from me!


Friday 30th April 1824

Sent Miss Marsh in a Parcell by Gates, my Presentation for Freedom, Jones Thompson!

Received a particular and unpleasant letter from Miss Dawson of Queen Street, Hammersmith! Enclosed it to G.E.G.

Went in the little Phaeton with Mrs Marsh to Mr Taylor’s, Green St, to enquire the character of a housemaid.

Went round to Holwood to look at the new House Building there by a Mr Ward. Dec: Binton not there.

My feet very tender and bad today!

Had a conversation with Mrs Marsh renewing what we had began only before.


Saturday 1st May 1824

No letter from Mr Wolff, one from Arthur and one from Mr Foster, Mr Hyatt’s executor fixing tomorrow week Sunday the 9th for my old friend’s funeral in St.Olave’s, Hart St, Gutched friars! The Parish I was born and christened in!!!

Walked with Mrs Marsh and Mary to see Mrs Skeggs, Miss Morgan there, also Lady Frances and Mr Morgan but the two last were gone to town for the day! Dear Georgina rode her pony to Halstead to enquire after Mrs Atkins. They had not heard since she went to town! Miss Rhodes called to invite us to dinner Monday the 10th.

Wolff did not come down by Gates.


Sunday 2nd May 1824

At Church, a dark cloudy morning and rain came on from the N.E.

Lady Frances Morgan at Church.

Mr Dyke came in and staid a couple of hours. Mrs Dyke and children got home as fast as they could.

Received a letter from Mr.Graham explaining quite satisfactorily the one I had from Miss Dawson!

Wrote Mr Foster poor Mr Hyatt’s executor that I would be in Wales  Place by 12 o’clock this day week, finish letter of Mrs Marsh’s to Mrs Rowles as she had not time to say I would call there tomorrow.

Draft to Gates, to this day, including £1.2.6 for Chaise from Spur Inn the 14th February last £5.17.10


Monday 3rd May 1824

Got up at six intending to drive the little Phaeton to town, but so thorough a bad wet morning that I put off going to town and sent up my letters for the General Post, and one for 2nd Post to Mrs Rowles, by Gates!

Made up a General Statement Draft and C- shall take it up with me please God tomorrow.

Wrote Jouber, sent up by Gates for Post, a letter to Mrs Tresilian.

Beadle, Smith and wrote to Souter to let me have the Statement of our receipt for Mr Creed – Stables.

Continued wet and windy the whole afternoon.

Received a message from Gates to say that the whole of his Coach was engaged for tomorrow, a very unusual thing. Made a Packet by him to take to Arthur tomorrow to say this and that I therefore could not come up.


Tuesday 4th May 1824

The morning heavy and lowering.

Received a letter from Mr Lake satisfactory as the Rent of the Barn Yard.

Mrs Marsh had one from Mrs Rowles making dear little Byron’s coming to us rather uncertain. Also one from his sister at Dover on which she wishes to consult Mr Scott. We drove over and returned our visit to Mr and Mrs Scott, Sundridge Park. A most beautiful spot. Found only her at home and went a little about the grounds with her.

Did not get home ‘till ½ past 5 o’clock. Found Mr and Mrs Welland had called.

Saw Miss Rhodes at Bromley.

Turned a delightful afternoon but rather cool. Brought home a pair of new Chaise Reins from Jackson at Bromley.

Received a  letter from Wolff to say he would come either tomorrow or Thursday. Wrote him the latter day, undetermined about going up tomorrow to Town as it is Borough Day only.


Wednesday 5th May 1824

Drove up in the little Phaeton with both horses. Got to Scotland Yard ¼ before 12 o’clock. Arthur just gone to the City with Henry Creed.

Found a letter from Gray by which he may probably be at home the end of this month.

I called at Christie’s, not at home.

At Mr Rowles and took my dinner there with the children and Mrs Rowles. Saw Miss Winchester there and a found all settled about the Presentation! Also Mr Rowles who told me had purchased a small estate near Tewksbury and that his brother Colonel Rowles was at the new Hummanus and not expected by Dr Holland to live many hours!

Found dear Charlotte Crawford was married this morning at St George’s and that Dr Holland’s wife was confined with a girl. Rowles appeared to have some idea of Shorne!

Met Mr Godsall, New St who asked me if I was tired of Orpington as his father-in-law Judge Bush still wanted a house and liked it as he had seen it before I took it – rather given encouragement.

In Berners St, answered Miss Dawson’s letter. All busy and had little conversation, except about Shorne as dear Arthur came in.

It turned out a wet afternoon. Mrs Marsh got home with my letter about 9 o’clock. Found Mr and Mrs Fritt had called.

Mrs Rowles had sent dear little Byron to us before I got up this morning.


Thursday 6th May 1824

Tibbs and Duke here yesterday and today, altering the dairy window as our butter is spoilt for want of air.

Received a particular letter from Colonel Downman, answered it by return of Post.

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book and dear Girls £7.4.6

Wrote to Mr Stevenson, Jamaica on subject of the rise of the Negroes. To Siddin, Rochester.

Mr Wolff came down this evening.

Going up by Gates tomorrow morning.


Friday 7th May 1824

Went up by Gates. Took up Sir W. Leighton at the Green Lane.

Saw Arthur for 10 minutes before he set off for Brighton.

Wrote Mr Stevenson to Jamaica.

Found there was a transfer to make at the Bank.

Went to Berners St. Mr Fauntleroy took me to the Westminster Office and Mr Delmar’s, he having Mrs Nowell’s Will to prove in Drs Commons. Made my Transfer just 3 o’clock and walked to the George Inn to meet Gates, and had a luncheon there. Got home at ½ past 6 o’clock.

Found Mrs Marsh suffering a good deal from lumbago, having caught cold.


Saturday 8th May 1824

Not very well this morning.

Received a letter from Mr Godsall Junior, about this house for Judge Best, in consequence of a conversation we had together by chance in the street on Wednesday last, half in gest and half in earnest.

I went with dear Mary and called on Mr Frith in consequence of his having said he was going on Monday to Oxfordshire and would take a letter for me to friend Garden! Found he had put off his journey a week, but I left my letter with him. We called also on Mrs Sage, and she gave me an order on Helps to receive the Balance due to Mr Sage as a Director.

Sent to Mr Scott before I set out to come and see Mrs Marsh, found he made it uncertain this evening but would early tomorrow morning.

Not done yet in the dairy, but it will be much improved.

Ordered a Chaise tomorrow of Plater as we passed.

A cloudy hazy but warm day, looks like abbight (abbjhh?)


Sunday 9th May 1824

Had a Chaise from Plater, FootsCray.

Went to Walcot Place by ½ past 11 o’clock to attend the Funeral of my old friend Mr Hyatt. Did not reach St.Olave’s, Hart’s St ‘till 2 o’clock. Hearse and six and 4 coaches and four and made a long Parade. Sir(?) Walter Stirling put me down in Berner’s St. All gone being 3 o’clock ornear ½ past.

Mr Fauntleroy and Eliza set me down at my friend Wheeler’s, had a sandwich there and staid with him ‘till past 5 o’clock.

Returned to Berners St, answered Mr Godsal Junior’s letter. Wrote also Mrs Mary King, Lamington, and took Chaise again at Lawless’s and got home by a little before 9 o’clock.

My dear Mrs Marsh passed a bad night. I sent for Mr Scott, who ordered a warm bath etc. He came about ½ an hour after I was obliged to set out for Walcott Place. She is rather better tonight.


Monday 10th May 1824

Mrs Marsh passed a bad night, and still feels the pain in back etc. Sent Heath’s boy to Mr Scott to beg he would come this morning instead of this afternoon. We are unluckily engaged to dine at Mr Rhode’s, Bromley Common! Met Mr Scott near Lock’s Bottom as we were going to Mr Rhodes’s. Met there Mr and Mrs Welland, Mr Wells, Reverend Mr Marton, Mr Heathcot and family and Mr Newman junior, and a very pleasant party. Got home at 11 o’clock. Found Mr Scott thought dear Mrs Marsh better.

A very hot sun all day but a cool wind and the weather appears changing.


Tuesday 11th May 1824

Got up at 5 o’clock and went to Town by Gates.

Arthur not come to Scotland Yard.

Paid Bailey and Blew for  Powder and Pomation £0.1.1/2

Called at Tapsell’s and Hollands. They said if I would send up the Locks of the Writing Table they would get new keys for those they had lost. I also said I would send for the Bedstead and Furniture and table they have either of mine or Oakley’s. A Tend Bedstead and Blue Stormer and Furniture.

In Berners St. Mr Fauntleroy rather better. Mr Watlington and others there so could have but a short conversation.

Wrote to Mrs Paterson at Bath and Mr K- on Mrs Flood’s (?) anniversary.

Got to Scotland Yard again at 3 o’clock, had some conversation with dear Arthur and came home again by Gates, tired and ill!!

Self £5.0.0


Wednesday 12th May 1824

Mrs Marsh for House Book and Sundries £8.18.6

Tibbs here still jobbing about!

Reverend Mr Stevens called and says he leaves us tomorrow week, the 20th for another Curacy at or near Chelmesford.

A cold bleak North East wind and cold rain occasionally.

Mr Scott came at 5 o’clock, says Mrs Marsh is much better but that he has had a sharp attack.

Sent Henry to Bromley for the medicines, and with a letter to Mrs Welland about taking dear Georgina with her on Friday to the Music at Guesent (Gravesend?) near Church. Also to buy a common Lock at Walter’s for the dairy!

Cash to Fleming to the 10th - £1.8.0

Mr Scott came in the afternoon.

Henry paid Walters at Bromley for a lock and two keys for the dairy 4/-


Thursday 13th May 1824

A morning of cold wind and rain.

Tibbs jobbing about the whole day.

Mrs Marsh not quite so well, sent over to Mr Scott who referred some medicine and a Plaister and says he will be here tomorrow morning.

Arranged with Mrs Welland that dear Georgina should be with her tomorrow morning by a little after 9 o’clock and that I would come and dine there on Saturday and bring her home.

Heath went to Bromley.

A wet evening and every prospect of a bad day tomorrow.


Friday 14th April 1824

A complete cold rain and wind.

Dear Georgina set off about ½ past 8 o’clock for Mrs Welland’s. Mr Scott came about 10 o’clock, found dear Mrs Marsh better.

No Parcell last night from Mr Graham, or letter this morning. Probably by the Coash this evening.

Draft to J.Thearing, Carrier to this day £8.4.7

Sent to Bromley by Heath for Medicines. He called at Mr Welland’s. Dear Georgy and all the party had got back and had been much entertained.

Received my Papers back by Gates from Mr Graham and a short note ‘till we meet.

Mrs Marsh still in pain upon the least move.

The cold wind and rain continues.


Saturday 15th May 1824

It appears to have rained all night and is still raining with the same North East wind.

My dear Mrs Marsh has had a tolerable night.

Engaged to dine today at Mr Welland’s to bring dear Georgy home.

Received a letter from the Reverend Mr Trenchard for Burley’s character without note his son called a month back to enquire it and saw Mrs Marsh. We had seen him at Mr Minet’s Dance.

Went with my own horses to Mr Welland’s.

Continuing to pour with rain, and still raining when them and ¼ past 10 o’clock.

Mr Scott only there disapproved of some friends from London. Past Mr Scott down at Bromley as it was dangerous to go through the Water Course at Southborough.

Did not get home therefore ‘till near 12 o’clock.

Georgy highly delighted yesterday. The selection was happily chosen and all most beautiful!


Sunday 16th May 1824

Mr Scott was here before ½ past 10 o’clock. My dear Mrs Marsh much the same, but rather better!

No letters for me today but one from Mrs Rowles wishing us to send dear little Byron up tomorrow in a Chaise!

The weather now (noon) appears likely to clear up.

Reverend Mr Stevens came to our family dinner.

Wrote to Mr Graham!


Monday 17th May 1824

Went up at 11 o’clock in a Chaise with dear little Byron Rowles.

I got out at corner of Norfolk St.

Found Mr Delmar gone to Canterbury, but returns tomorrow.

Went with Mr Milner to the Insolvent D: Office, Lincolns Inn Fields and made an affidavit in Bromley’s matter. Took the opportunity of calling again at Mr Frederick Cuthbert’s chambers. The old Porter had looked out my dear Father and my Picture and also my dear friend Mr King’s. Gave him 2/6d.

Called at Thompson’s, Strand and ordered a new hat.

In Westminster office and Great Scotland Yard. Dear Arthur not come up.

In Berners St. Mrs G. Graham and Mary drove to the door as I arrived at it. Mr Fauntleroy rather better. Staid ‘till ½ past 5 o’clock waiting for some conversation with friends there but little  opportunity. Mr Graham out, and when he came in appeared not to wish it!!!

Called on Smith in Great Marlborough St and left him an order to fetch the pictures from Mr Cuthbert’s.

Got to Mr Rowles’s at 6 o’clock. Staid dinner and did not leave them ‘till 8 o’clock. He would pay me a Sovereign towards the Chaise today.

Called at Garcia’s and paid for a dozen oranges and a dozen lemons 5/-.

Got home at ½ past 10 o’clock and found dear Mrs Marsh rather better.


Tuesday 18th May 1824

Mrs Marsh had rather an indifferent night.

Draft to J. Strattford, Carrier £4.14.3

Ditto Mrs Marsh for House Book, Dawson, Grocer etc £10.4.6

Tibbs here putting up the dining room blinds. Found the pullies all broke and split. He says with the sun!

Mr Townley called to enquire after Mrs Marsh.

Wrote Arthur.

Mr Scott called. Thinks Mrs Marsh decidedly better, urged my going to Cheltenham!!

The weather appears unsettled and cold thought South West. Can therefore not determine ‘till the morning how dear Mary and I shall go up.


Wednesday 19th May 1824

Draft to self 5 for dear Mary as Godmother to Mrs Rowles’s baby. £10.

Mrs Marsh had a very restless bad night.

Poor Montague had a letter of her Father’s death after 2 days illness only. Dear Mary and I are going to take her to Town with us, in a Chaise as the weather is wet and changeable.

Went up with dear Mary in a Chaise from Burham’s, got to Mr Rowles’s about 3 o’clock, called first and saw Arthur for a few minutes in Scotland Yard.

Could get no bed at Scaipe’s, Nerots’, or half a dozen other hotels. Found one at last at the St.James’s, Jermayn St.

Dined at Mr Rowles’s, a large party. Dr Hodgson, christened the baby. My old acquaintance Joshua Hall there.

Dear Mary went at ½ past 10 o’clock with Mrs Rowles’s etc etc to the University Club House. Dr Holland  put me down at – as it rained at the St. James’s Hotel, tolerably comfortable.

Paid Wilson for cutting my hair and sundry letters etc 5/-.


Thursday 20th May 1824

Went to Mr Rowles’s to breakfast, as they were to hear the Band at the Horse Guards and dear Mary having several servants to see we did not go, but I walked with her to Harding’s, Waterloo House, the Strand and paid Barron and Son for some trap pullies. 3/4d.

Got back to Mr Rowles by ½ past 1 o’clock with her.

Returned to Scotland Yard, a – crowd for the King’s Drawing Room.

Went afterwards to Berners St. Dear Mary came and waited ½ and hour for the pleasure of seeing Mrs Fauntleroy but who did not come home in time. Only Mr Fauntleroy ‘till past 5 as I was obliged to go away. Was obliged to go all round by Davies St to get to Mr Rowles by the string of carriages so numerous. Waited at Mr Rowles ‘till past 6 o’clock. No Chaise, dear Mary and I therefore walked to Savigney’s and Baily and Blew’s. Found Mr Lawless had most shamefully disappeared and that he had not Chaise at home. Could not get one ‘till past 7 o’clock and then obliged to return to Mr Rowles for our Baggage and then his Chaise he sent would not take dear Mary’s trunk under the seat. Left it there for Gates tomorrow. The Rowles’s had company to dinner, extremely unpleasant therefore to us this conduct of Mr Lawless’s. Got only a bad sandwich, it was just 10 o’clock when we got home.


Friday 21st May 1824

We found my dear Mrs Marsh better last night and this morning. She has been down stairs for an hour or two. My irregularity of eating and indeed fasting yesterday brought on a pain all night. This morning somewhat relieved by Mag- and Soda Water but still uneasy!

The Country looks pleasant notwithstanding it was a sharp frost this morning.

Tibbs pulling up the blinds to dining room windows.

Mrs Marsh came down in the evening for 2 or 3 hours. No pain but rather weak, determined to leave off Ten in the evening and take only weak coffee!  

Mr Wolff came to me yesterday morning at the St. James’s Hotel.

Paid yesterday at Savigney’s, St.James Street for an Indian Rublum Bottle of 9/-.

Dear Mary paid  for setting some knives and repair!


Saturday 22nd May 1824.

My dear Mrs Marsh not quite so good a night.

A sharp frost again early this morning, cold N.E wind and frequent showers of hail and rain prevents dear Mary and I from going to Bromley as she wished.

No letters today.

Mr Scott called at 5 o’clock, thinks my dear Mrs Marsh better and indeed she feels so herself.

Walked with Mary and Georgina round St.Mary Cray and back of Mr Morgan’s.


Sunday 23rd May 1824

No letters today.

Had a long conversation with my dear Mrs Marsh. The dear girls gone to St.Mary Cray Church. Afternoon Church with us. Mr Stevenson read Prayers. Mr Townley preached, but could not hear or understand one word in ten.

Did not go out of the garden.

A cold wind and cloudy.


Monday 24th May 1824

Wrote G. B. advertised 19 Northampton St, Northhampton Square, as an outdoor groom!

Got a walk from ½ past 1 to ½ past 2 when it appeared to set in for the evening.

Going to town tomorrow in little Phaeton.


Tuesday 25th May 1824

Got to Miss Bennett’s Stonnel St before 11 o’clock. She was out.

Called at Souter’s, he and Wilkinson both out.

At Aldridge’s, paid James Clemson, Sloane St £1.1.0

Called on Mrs Ray, but poorly with a cold. Left her book in Berners St at Old White House Cellar and paid for Box to Mrs Clark. 5/8d.

At Eblin’s and left dear Mary’s Sliden.

Paid at Waterloo House 3/8d.

Draft T. Handford, Trunk Maker, Strand 6/6d.

Called at Westminster and on Mr Delmar. He paid me ½ Year’s Rent due at Lady Day last in full as he had not paid the Ground Rent. £62.12.0

In Scotland Yard, dear Arthur out, but he brought, I found, dear little Fanny? up yesterday, her eye so bad.

Paid Bayley and Blew for Foot Brushes and a Bottle Magnesium 4/6.

In Berners St, found a letter from Mr Deborn on Colonel Downman’s business.

Answered 2 letters. No opportunity if any conversation.

The spring in the little Phaeton having broke in coming to Town sent it up to Toosey and Tapp. Called there and they all to have it done tomorrow noon.

Saw Arthur for 10 minutes at his lodgings. He went with me to Union Hotel where I got a chop.

Had a Chaise from Lawless and got home at 9 o’clock.

Paid Garcia’s for a dozen oranges 2/6d. My dinner 3/6. Coach hire 5/6d.

Paid Grove for Hadock and Baskett 3s/


Wednesday 26th May 1824

Draft yesterday to Mrs Marsh, House Book £4.17. Two house maids wages for ½ year £13.13. - £18.10.

Sent Henry over to Bromley and South Borough. Mr Scott advises the saline only, and not the sulphur if I go to Cheltenham on Friday morning while I at present intend and have packed up for sleeping in Town tomorrow night, at Barracks, the Union Hotel, Cockspur Street.

Draft to M.Brooks for Pimps etc to this day £5.2.8

Mrs Marsh House Book £10.

Shall leave the following draft with Mrs Marsh one dated

25th for £10.0.0

One ditto 26th for £10.0.0

Cash to Fleming for 2 weeks due Monday 2nd £1.8

More to pay F.Leach for  moles //2//

Going to Town tomorrow to sleep in my way to Cheltenham.


Friday Thursday 27th May 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

In Scotland Yard and Mr Delmar’s. Received his rent to Lady Day cash £62.10. Paid to Tyson on my private accounts.

In Berners St. Went and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler.

Slept at the Union Coffee House and Hotel, Basrak’s, Cockspur St.


28th May 1824 – Friday

The Coach called for me at 8 o’clock and I got safe to Cheltenham by ½ past 7 o’clock and found Mrs Tresilian quite well.


(Month in Cheltenham not recorded)


Wednesday 23rd June 1824 – Wednesday

Left Cheltenham. Got to Banack’s to Tea. A complete wet day. Arthur had called before I arrived.


Thursday 24th June 1824 – Thursday

At Scotland Yard. Arthur gives a pretty good account of his wife and deals and Delmar’s. My –tion (question?) not come with Mr Pemble’s Executors.

At Westminster Office.

In Berners St and found all well except dear Mrs Fauntleroy!

Took a luncheon at the Union and came home by Gates and had the happiness of finding all well.


Friday 25th June 1824

A wet morning, but not quite so much as yesterday.

Mr Dyke called and I paid him and draft my subscription to the Hill – St.Mary Cray  £6.15

Drafts drawn since 27th May

27th May - £30..

Hill Dyer 8//6

Bushnell and co 10.19

26th May Mrs Marsh House 10.

Draft 10

Draft 10

Draft 10

Draft  10 - from Cheltenham

28th May J.Plater Foots Cray 10.10.6

29th May T.Williams Auction, Cheltenham 10.//

8th June J.Rawlin’s Draft 8.19.9

24th June Self (Mr Dyke for road) 6.15.

Dear Mary and Georgina went to Mrs Welland’s to dinner. Miss Bennett even sat up ‘till they came home 12 o’clock.


Saturday 26th June 1824

A letter from my dear friend Mr Wheeler, and one from Mr Twopeny to say he had paid the Dean and Chapter their rent £39.12.8. Mr Lake volunteered to do this.

A Mr Bennett, an old friend of Shilling’s called with a letter from him and a statement of his affairs. He wants only capital to go on well. Advised the looking out for a Partner with money or the ale by private contract of the whole concern which really appears good to any carrying it on!

Walked to St.Mary FootsCray and called on Major and Mrs Wood. A fine day as we have a new moon tonight hope for fine weather as I began to cutting grass this afternoon. Agreed to give 7/6d from and no Beer.

Mr Townley told us Mr Stevens was going out as a Company’s Chaplain to Calcutta.

Mrs Skeggs sent home the D— (Dovy?) and cash say she had a T- (Tumble?) out of it yesterday.


Sunday 27th June 1824

A warm cloudy day, no rain but threatening! At Church in the morning. Find Mr Stevenson is fixed Curate as Mr Steven’s successor.

Received a letter from Allshorn to say Tuesday next would suit Mr Foyster and for the Committee to meet at the School at Knightsbridge. Also one from Mrs Henderson saying she was come to England to claim “my promise” of releasing her from the Policy of the Equitable now her daughters were come of age. This is the first idea I ever had on the subject!!! Wrote I should be in Town on Tuesday and in Berners St about 2 o’clock.

Miss Bennett talks of leaving us that day.


Monday 28th June 1824

Wrote to Mr Ross to Jamaica, Mr Sanky to Dover, and Reverend G.Marsh and Mr Bunton to meet me tomorrow in Berners St.

Drove in the Phaeton with Miss Bennett and Georgy to Lullington Park. Saw the Church, very handsome, came round by Birchwood Corner home.

Received a letter from Miss Tresilian by Gates, in answer to mine of Thursday last.

Draft Mrs Marsh House Book £7.9.0

Draft Mdm Petty £5.14.4

Going to town tomorrow morning with Miss Bennet.


Tuesday 29th June 1824

Went to town with Miss Bennett in a Chaise from Barhams. We called at FootsCray and saw Miss Morrison’s. Called at Barker’s, Fleet St. Not a single application for Pembroke House!

At Westminster Office, received my fire dividend £15.0.0

Called at Savigna’s, St.James’s St, at Knightsbridge School. Send Miss Bennett home.

Mr Foynton and I returned to town. Called at Kilsh’s for Mrs Marsh’s ring, paid him his bill £2.3

At Edlin’s, paid him for Puc—S—and a pair of Butter Scales (?) 10/6d

In Berner’s Street. Met Mrs Henderson but who had not brought her daughter’s consent to drop the Insurance. Shilling came in, I had just seen Mr Grimble appointed him to meet me at 6 o’clock and go down to Orpington to talk his affairs over. Mrs Fauntleroy thank God better and gone out so did not see her.

In Scotland Yard, Arthur came to the Union Coffee House and sat a little with me  whilst I took a hasty dinner.

Paid Garcia’s for a dozen oranges 3s/

Shilling and I got home at  ½ past 8 o’clock and I found the Miss Morrison’s her, but they would go to sleep at Foots Cray but promised to come tomorrow morning and take an early luncheon in their  way to town.

Saw Mr Rush at Halstead


Wednesday 30th June 1824

The Miss Morrison’s came soon after breakfast.

Went into Shilling’s concerns fully with him and wrote by him a letter to Mr Robert Gamble with my ideas on the subject!

Received a letter from Mr Rush with Mrs Clements character, pretty good upon the whole! Wrote him and Shilling who is to leave my letter this evening at his friend’s, St.Martins --!

The Miss Morrisons left us about ½ past 2 o’clock.

Dear Mary and I went and dined at Mr Dykes, as his dear daughter Anne is going to Sandgate tomorrow. Mr Thomas Dye and two nieces there.

Mrs Marsh and Georgy came in the evening. Got home at 11 o’clock.

Dear Mrs Dyke far from well!


Thursday 1st July 1824

Received a letter from Mr Delmar with the pleasant account that the Vice Chancellor had over ruled the Demurer of Mr Pimble’s Administrators! So I am entitled to Delapidations but here we may contain our Suit if all particulars weak enough!!

Went over with Mrs Marsh and dear Mary to Bromley, called Mrs and Miss Scott and saw also Mr Taynton who was just coming with a Mr Shepherd, Silversmith, Strand, who had broken his leg at Beckenham!!

Called at Mr Welland’s, all gone to Cambridge.

At Mrs Skegg’s, found she was very well.

Received a letter by Gates with a Parcell from Miss Bennett about the lapsed legacy to Ann Gamble etc. Mr Durnull permitted to carry my hay in Home Field tomorrow if it’s fine.


Friday 2nd July 1824

Going to Town by Gates.

Draft to Robert Dunmull for oats etc £10.8

Got out in the Borough, at Spurling’s and wrote Miss Bennett the Transfer could not be made before Wednesday or Thursday next and that I would make the appointment with her.
Left good Mr Pye’s Probate with Spurling!

Examined the 2’s at the Bank.

At St.Martins Coutes’s and paid in £20 to the – of the old --- Bank and on account of the Reverend Gregory Boraston., Law Hill.

For Mr Trudeau’s ½ year’s rent to Midsummer.

Called on Mr Delmar, we must write to see what our opponents will do. Wrote both Mr Lake and Mr Sidden to inform them and conveyed an impression to Mr Lake that I was open to an arrangement without further Law!!

Sent Mrs Tresilian Miss Chinney’s letter and Coutes’s Receipt for the rent.

Bought at Swaine and Co No.77 Cornhill 21 yards of Swandown, but as they would not change a note I did not pay for 38/ but they promised to send it before 3 o’clock to Gates, Geroge Inn.

Looked out Rolff’s letters in Gt Scotland Yard.

Arthur went yesterday to Brighton.

Draft to Mrs Marsh and Mr Heath £25

Received at Mssr Goslings and Mr Robson’s order for –ly payment to Mrs T £7.10.

Paid Bayley and Berners St for Powder 5/5

At 3 o’clock sent Mr Wrafter with a note to Watson to say I would not consent to give up Mrs Henderson’s policy! Too late to go there myself. Sent him a memorandum of the 2’s at the Bank.

Took a hasty snack at the Union and came home by Gates at ½ past 3 o’clock. Shillings took the coach at the Bricklayers Arms and brought me a letter from Mr Robert Gamblle with his and to Ward’s sentiments which accord with I wrote him.


Saturday 3rd July 1824

Shilling returned by Gates this morning, with a full answer from me to Mr Robert Gamble on the former’s concerns. Gave him 2 Sovereigns to pay Mssrs Swaine and co, Cornhill, and desired he would first call at the George to see if the parcel was taken there after we left that Inn yesterday. If not to request Swaine and Co to send it there in good time this afternoon.

Got in all the hay from the House Meadow.

Lady Lubbock called. Mrs Marsh and dear girls gone to St.Mary Cray, and they did not tell me ‘till her ladyship was gone!

Received the Swansdown and by Gates and a parcel of Pension Bills from Mr Stevens, also a note from Mr Graham to  say Mr Kinnerley wanted me to sign some deed for  Mr George Dashwood’s.


Sunday 4th July 1824

No letter from Shilling according to his promise. One from Mr Wilson on Mrs Henderson’s business. Answered him fully on the subject.

Wrote Mr Kinnerly, Lincolns Inn, that I would call upon him on Tuesday afternoon in my way from the Bank.

Signed the Pension Bills and sent them to Gates to forward immediately tomorrow his arrival in the Borough. Also the Swansdown to No.77 Cornhill to change according to Pattern I enclosed!

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Mr Morrison to say they would come on Wednesday next to dinner, but must return the next morning. Wrote him to stay longer and bring his nephew with them!

Afternoon Church. A friend of Mr Stevenson’s preached.


Monday 5th July 1824

Wrote Mr Ross and Mr Stevenson to Jamaica, went with Mrs Marsh and Georgina to  High Elms. Saw only Lady Lubbock for a few minutes as she was at the door going out. Sir John at Bromley.

Met Miss Thrales, who fixed us to dine there next Monday.

Came home and left Georgina and took Mary with us to call upon Mrs Jenner at Chislehurst. Found Mr and Mrs Dyke there, and her two nieces, the Miss Boucher’s, had had a good account of dear Miss Dyke from Sandgate.

A cloudy day, the hay does not make well!

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book and dear girls allowance £9.

Cash to Fleming 3 weeks due this day £2.2.0


Tuesday 6th July 1824

Went to Town by Gates. At the Bank received the Dividends for both Houses. Mr Graham looked in there. Mr Fauntleroy came down and signed for his. He took me to Mr Kinnerley, Lincolns Inn, and I executed the Deeds of Mortgage of Sir Henry and George Dashwood to Sir James Graham ( for £61.000 at 4 percent)

In Scotland Yard, Arthur gone to the City. Wrote to Miss Bennett by Wrather to say I could meet her and Mrs Tubbs at Spurling’s on Friday at 11 o’clock. Left my letter to Mr Ross and Stevenson for Arthur to read and forward!

Gave Stevens the Wa—and found he had received the Pension Bills I sent him on Monday.
Met Thornton with letters from Mr Lake, Burton and Shilling.

Had 60 minutes only for a sandwich before I returned by Gates home!

No letter from the Morrison’s. Wrote Mr Burton and enclosed it to Mr Delmar, to desire the latter to send it with the Lease from Mr Bingham to Mr Burton and to be left at the Banking House for him! Sent it to Gates to put into the post tomorrow morning.

Tired and headaches!

Gave Young warning.


Wednesday 7th July 1824

Got up with a pain in the stomach and sick headache! Too long fasting yesterday and bad sandwich.

Paid P.Tibbs his Bill to this day P draft and which includes all to this day £57.18.6

No letter from the Morrison’s so we are in doubt whether they will stay over tomorrow or bring his Nephew with them.

Still gloomy and showery. Can not meddle with the GrassCocks!

Mr and Mrs Morrison only came about ½ past 5 o’clock.

Was obliged to leave the hay s it was yesterday in Grasscocks.


Thursday 8th July 1824

A dull morning.

Walked with Mr and Mrs Morrison about, and down into the Bath Meadow. Met Sir Thomas Dyke and Mr P. Dyke at the Mill. No time fixed for drawing the Millhead. Mr and Mrs Morrison left us at 2 o’clock after a luncheon and went to call on Mrs Sage in their way home! Gave him the Dividend Warrant for the £2110 Consuls I received on Tuesday.

Turned out a very fine afternoon, spread the hay about and made it up into Cocks for the night.

Paid J.Strattford, Carrier 5/6d I owed him and gave him £1 towards his losses!! He does not bear a good character.

Going to town tomorrow by Gates.


Friday 9th July 1824

Went to town by Gates.

At India House, South Sea House and Government, Admiralty Offices and received all the Dividends at them!
Met Miss Bennett and Mrs Tubbs at the Bank and we transferred the Lapsed Legacies of £100 each of her aunts into her own name! She took me to Cary St, could not see Mr Robertson. Called with her at the British and she made an Insurance on her goods in Sloane Street. She put me down in Scotland Yard. Arthur gone to Brighton. Saw Captain Schomberg, left Arthur a note to say I had met Mr Hunt who told me that if we had any demand upon Mr Groggan’s estate of Plymouth he could get us 20/ in the Pound.

Called on Captain Hamilton at the Salopian, not come. Met him afterwards in Berners St, with our Draft. Found Mrs Marsh there with the little Phaeton. A letter from Mrs King from Pattenham, answered it that we should expect her next Thursday to dinner at 5 o’clock.

Had a luncheon at Mr Fauntleroys(?). Left Mrs Marsh’s receipt for Bingham’s Ring with Tyson v31.10.

We got home safe and well at ½ past 8 o’clock and found Mr and Mrs Verne had been here. We passed them on the road

Mrs Marsh’s receipt to Mr Bingham, left with Tyson £31.10.0

Took the cash  31.10.0

Paid Union Hotel for my chops last Tuesday 3/6d.


Saturday 10th July 1824

A fine morning.

Threw all the Haycockls down and spread.

The Miss Chapman’s called at 3 o’clock. Mr Chapman better.

Scarcely rain the whole day, got all on the stack except one load which put into the wagon and covered up the stack ‘till Monday. Hay (Henry?) useful all day in the field.


Sunday 11th July 1824

Feeling altogether unwell. Drove over and saw Mr Scott. He gave me some medicine directly, and a box of the pills I formerly took. Also an Ointment to rub in on the pit of my stomach every night!!

Dined at 3 o’clock, wrote the Mssrs Stracey Sir Thomas Dyke would fit the Mill Head on Tuesday and that I would give him a Bed tomorrow night. Wrote also to Mr Huffman to appoint Mr Clements on Wednesday instead of Tuesday in Berners St at 12 o’clock.

Took a delightful walk this evening with Mrs Marsh and the dear girls towards Chilsfield and into Mr Harris’s Coppice!


Monday 12th July 1824

Draft to R.Gates £5.6.7

Cash to J.Townsend, Collar Maker to this day £2.6.10.

Cash to Mr Pike, Eltham for K.Clark //9/

Left a letter for Henry Stracey in case he comes as we are going to dine at Miss Thrales. Found poor Mrs Atkins had died on Saturday morning. A sad loss to her daughter!

Henry Stracey not arrived when we got home at 11 o’clock.


Tuesday 13th July 1824

A very fine day but extremely hot.

Henry came at 11 o’clock. We went to the Mill and found the water nearly drawn down. Sir Thomas Dyke and Mr Dyke came about 12 o’clock, they only fished part. Got about 2 or 4 dozen very fine trout. Sent a couple to me of about 3lb each. Mr Dyke crimped and salted one which we had for dinner, but it would have been better kept one day.

Henry would not sleep here but left us at 7 o’clock and took up the other trout and some butter to good Mrs Fauntleroy. Mrs Marsh, Mary and I took an hour’s drive to St. Mary Cray and just called at Mr Dyke’s door. A true summer’s evening.  


Wednesday 14th July 1824

Went to town in the Phaeton with Mrs Marsh. She put me down in Scotland Yard at ½ past 11 o’clock. Saw Arthur and found his wife and all were at T(unbridge?)Wells. Little Fanny at Dr Holland’s and her eye much better. 

Gave Mr Wrather (Weather?) a small parcel for Miss Bennett and a letter for Gray. John, Mrs Morrison’s Bracelet to take.

Answered Mr Debray’s letter and 2d post with an introduction from Arthur for a friend of his to Mr Creed for the latter to prove Mr Bonnett(?) the Notary’s handwriting!

In Berners St, went on and sat 2 hours with my dear friend Mr Wheeler whom I had not seen since I came from Cheltenham pretty well, but  smiling as usual in his droll way! Took a luncheon with him. Mrs Marsh dined with Mrs Fauntleroy. We had little rain either going or coming but soon after we got home a violent thunderstorm came on and all night at times. 

Paid at Lazenby’s for a ham, tongue and Say £0.19.3

Draft at Jerry, Davis Street for twine 0.3.4


Thursday 15th July 1824

A fine warm morning after the nights thunder and rain, but rather gloomy and thundering rain to keep up St.Swithen’s Charter!! Expect our old friend Mrs King to dinner today from Puttenham.

Draft Mrs Marsh House book £6.16.6

Mrs King arrived at ½ past 5 o’clock, much better than I expected to see her.


Friday 16th July 1824

Mrs King remarkably well after her journey.

Fine settled weather.

Asked Mr and Mrs Wood to dine but they were engaged.

Mrs Marsh and the dear girls walked with me towards Chelsfield and Mr Harris’s Coppice!


Saturday 17th July 1824

Drove over to Bromley and took Acton Mrs King’s maid to see Mr Scott. He thinks she will do very well.

Paid Miss Broad forMrs Marsh £2.2.0

Draft Mr Alexeander, Butcher £0.15.11

Draft Mr Jackson, Saddler £1.6.0

Came round by Mr Wellands and found they and Miss Potts were coming to dine with Mr and Mrs Stracey came also in good time for dinner.

A very pleasant afternoon. Miss Potts has a good voice.


Sunday 18th July 1824

Dear Arthur’s birthday 38!!

Mrs King and  I drank his health.

In the morning Mr Stracey and I drove round by Chislehunt to Holwood, and looked over the house D. Burton is building for Mr Ward! Appears well planned and a handsome elevation! Came home and went to afternoon Church.

After dinner we walked with the girls through Mr Harris’s coppices!

A fine evening.


Monday 19th July 1824

Mr Stracey left us at 9 o’clock. At ½ past 10 we had 4 horses from Barham and fulfilled our engagement by calling at Mr Welland’s and taking Miss Potts to young Aspull’s concert, Assembly Rooms, Blackheath. Saw Sir A Legge and my old acquaintance there, a fine day and got home at dinner bringing Miss Potts with us at 6 o’clock.

Paid for 5 ticketts 1.15.

Draft Post Boys 8

Going to town tomorrow in the little Phaeton if fine. Miss Potts dined and slept here.


Tuesday 20th July 1824

Got to Scotland Yard in little Phaeton before 12 o’clock. Arthur not there.

Left my umbrella at Barth’s to be mended.

In Berners St, took luncheon with Mrs Fauntleroy.

Called at several hotels for Mrs King, at last secured her apartments at Merait’s, Lower Brook St.

Called at Tookey and Tapps, paid them for little Phaeton £92.9

Left Shillings securities with Mr Ward and wrote Mr Gamble that I had done so as the most convenient place for us both.

Paid Croft and Stevens 11/10d

Draft Bailey and Blew 6/8d

In Scotland Yard again at 6 o’clock. Arthur not come. Left him a note.

Got home about ½ past 8 o’clock. In going up at Foots Cray something flew in my eye and has worried me all day.


Wednesday 21st July 1824

My eye very stiff, inflamed and rather painfull.

Draft to Whittle for self and son and due 21st of last month. £22.19.3

Ditto for the hay making £6.18

Mrs Marsh for House Book and sundries. £10.10

Major and Mrs Wood and her sister Miss Johnson, together with Mr Scott and Taynton dined with us.

Felt after dinner an unusual tenderness and tightness when I moved under my right knee (my stout leg) As Mr Scott’s was going away got him to look at it. It was another slight attack of eyscpilas(?). Probably thrown out by the ointment I am rubbing in every night. 


Thursday 22nd July 1824

My knee rather better for the Camp(phor?) Spirit I applied last night. Poultice if this morning with Bread and Water.

The dear girls went at 2 o’clock to Mrs Welland’s to meet a large young party. Mrs Marsh, myself and Mrs King took an early dinner and ½ past 5 we parted with her with regret to go and pass a day or two in town at Mivait’s Hotel, Lower Brook St where I secured her apartments last Tuesday. My eye much better.

The dear girls did not come home ‘till 11 o’clock. My knee all the better for several poultices. Went to bed without anything on it.

Feel a kind a general weakness.


Friday 23rd July 1824

My knee not quite so well this morning.

Mrs Marsh and Mary drove to Bromley and I wrote to Mr Scott.

Major Wood has lamed his horse so dear Georgy is disappointed of her ride.

Wrote to Mrs King and sent her a letter that arrived this morning. Also to Wabling, and for young Mr Clements to come on Wednesday next.

Mrs Marsh did not see Mr Scott but brought me word he wished me to continue the pills and rubbing and sent a lotion for my knee. Wrote if he can see me either today or tomorrow.

Mr Townleyy and Major Wood called, asked the former to dinner tomorrow.

Mrs Marsh and the girls walked to Mr Harris to enquire about Cheonies(?) and her wish for some flowers. I about the garden only.


Saturday 24th July 1824

No letter today!

My knee having some slight remains of inflammation. Bathed if frequently and only walked in the garden for ½ an hour. Mr Scott came at ½ past 4 o’clock, recommended the fermentation etc again if it did not got entirely away and to continue rubbing the ointment at night. Mr and Mrs Dyke, their daughters from school and their 2 sons Peachy and William, together with Reverend Mr Townley dined with us.

Bathed my knee at bedtime.


Sunday 25th July 1824

Received a letter from my old friend Mrs King to say she had received mine with the enclosure from Puttenham, that she had been to Smith’s and see Mr King’s Picture and ordered it to be packed for Stanton etc, that she had been to Berners St and saw Arthur there who asked her to dine in Whitehall Place as today, but she found London so noisy and hot that she determined to leave it this morning. Added Smith had contrary to my orders sent my dear Father’s and my pictures to Whitehall Place! Feel the callous on my foot so tender that I cannot walk to Church!

In the afternoon walked with Mrs Marsh and the dear girls towards Mr Harris’s but in great misery!!

Mrs King had called upon Mrs Ray who was pretty well but wished much to see me!


Monday 26th July 1824

Cash to Mrs Marsh £10..

Paid Fleming 3 weeks due today and told him I should not want him after this day week £2.2.

Wrote Mr Bingham, Mrs Marsh’s tenant at Lambeth desiring him to propose terms for a Renewal of Terms on a Building Lease! Too late for this days Post. Engaged to go to sir John and Lady Lubbock’s School for the Annual Examination. A most benevolent and useful Institution and most honorable to them both!

A heavy rain came on at 3 o’clock and continued when we came home at 11 o’clock.

Feel generally unwell, perhaps the rubbing in of Scott’s ointment.


Tuesday 27th July 1824

A cloudy and gloomy morning. Not very well and have therefore put off going to Town today.

The copper pump I bought on Tuesday in Oxford St, Spearing (Spears?) brought this morning.

Mrs Marsh House Book £6.14.6

Tibbs came about 2 o’clock, to see if Glassup had done the Bar for the Dairy Door!! He opened a place in the Inner Larder and gave me the measure for a Flywire.

Drove to Bromley after dinner with Mrs Marsh and called on Alexander the Butcher. Not at home. At Walter’s and paid him for a large Stork Trap 4/6d.

Came home by Lock’s Bottom and told Mr Barham to send for some more Fish for Saturday and to read his Bill for all I owe him.


Wednesday 28th July 1824

Drove to Town in little Phaeton. Called at Captain Sampson’s Blackheath about Mrs Ray’s Rent, was gone into Hertford.

Called at Hodsoll Corner (?) and paid in Mrs Gee’s Rent to  Midsummer Cash £111.0.0

In Scotland Yard. Arthur gone to the City. Mrs Arthur happily safe in bed last night with a boy!! (Martin Marsh?)

In Berners St. Mr Graham come back, told me his George was on his Passage from Holland where he had been to see his Uncle. John and Mrs Fauntleroy gave me some luncheon. Heard my dear friend Mr Wheeler had not been well.

Went to Knightsbridge and saw Mrs Ray and as I found Captain Sampson had paid her Rent into Berners St settled her Book and gave her a Draft for my dear Father’s anniversary and my allowance to her for House Rend £57.10.0.

Called upon dear Wheeler, found him pretty well but in one of his low spirited humours.

Left Berners St at ¼ past 6 o’clock and called in Whitehall Place but Arthur was gone to dine with Mr Graham. Stracey and Henry dined there. He asked me but of course I could not go. Got home at ½ past 9 o’clock.


Thursday 29th July 1824

Brown, Tibbs and Duke here about the Larder and Dairy Drain.

Wrote Arthur.

Mrs and the Miss Stone’s called.

Mr Young is going tomorrow morning. Settled his wages as follows Viz. from 20th April to 20th July 3 months at 40 Guineas as he found his own clothes £10.10.0. More from 20th July to 6 August when his warning is up. £1.13.6 - £12.3.6.

Gave him over 6/6d

Paid and draft for Berners St £12.10.0

The Glass has fallen very much in the last 24 hours and it looks like a storm coming on.


Friday 30th July 1824

Tibbs, Duke and Brown here and will nearly finish this evening.

Received a letter from Arthur, Mrs Gree and Mr Bevan. Answered them all and also wrote to my friend Sir Benjamin Hallowell.

Received Mr Boucher, called, said he was just come from East Hull and were rather weary. They had not heard from dear Miss Dyke. As dear Mary had a letter from her this morning Mrs Marsh and the dear girls went there after dinner.

I am so lame and tender footed that I cannot walk with them!

Young went this morning by Gates.

Paid Matthews at Bromley for dear Mary’s Parasol.

Cloudy day, very trifling rain.


Saturday 31st July 1824

The Glass continues to drop, but no rain of 5 minutes duration.

Called on Sir John and Lady Lubbock, Colonel Toone. He and Mrs Toone in Town.

Drove and looked at the new house at Holwood.

Georgina not very well, and staid at home.

A good deal of occasional darting paid about my head and temples and a general Rheumaticful!

Mrs Clement, in – at 16%s and Anne M and clothes. (?)

Great appearance of much rain coming on.


Sunday 1st August 1824

A complete wet morning. Prevented going to Chilsfield to the Charity Sermon!

No letters.

Mr Scott came in the afternoon and thinks dear Georgina wanted his assistance! He thinks me better, but recommends a continuance of the pills and ointment!


Monday 2nd August 1824

Went to Town in the little Phaeton.

Called and saw Mrs Harding at Walworth. Mr Harding was at home but did not appear!

Got out at the Borough and sent Henry to Lawless’s.

Called at Wolff and he gave me great ease!

At the Bank and received sundry arrears of Dividends! And also that on £3666.13.4. Johhn Marsh and Js.Morrison!

At Apothecaries Hall and paid for sundries 10/10d

In Scotland Yard, Arthur gone to Berners St.

Paid Barth, Cockspur St for mending my umbrella 2/6d

In Berners St, Mrs Benear called and the House agreed to lend her £50 ‘till the next Dividend. Received a letter from Mssr Denton and Barker, Grays Inn, with the Stamp Office Receipt for my Legacy from my late friend Mr Hyatt. Signed and returned it to them.

In Scotland Yard, saw dear Arthur and my little grandson! A – child, all the rest pretty well.

Brought home my picture, and dear Mary’s uncle from Mr Pike.

9 o’clock I got home.


Tuesday 3rd August 1824

Had an explanatory conversation with Mrs Clements.

Received a Subscription (Subpoena ?)  to attend at Maidstone and a Special Jury next Teusday the 12th instant.

After dinner went to East Hall. Met Mr Dyke by the way who said if I would get Mr Scott’s Certificate he would take it to Maidstone and get me excused!

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book and dear girls. £12.8.6


Wednesday 4th August 1824

My worthy friends Mr and Miss Fauntleroy came done in the morning to pass the day with us. I staid with them ‘till ½ past 5 o’clock when I went to the White Hart to dine with Lord(?) Sidney Jnr, Mstr Dyke. Mr Dyke, Mr Norman, Mr Grote and Mr Mumford and Mr Cator of Beckenham. A pleasant party. Parted at ½ past 9 o’clock.

Going tomorrow to Town in little Phaeton with Mrs Marsh and Mary. Georgina better!


Thursday 5th August 1824

Went to Town in the little Phaeton with Mrs Marsh and dear Mary. Got out at Hancock & Sheppard and paid them their bill £6.18.4.

In Scotland Yard, found Arthur gone to Mr Parker’s, Admiral Nugent came in etc. Made it late before I got to Berners St where Mrs Marsh and Mary dined and Miss Fauntleroy took them shopping. Passed the House Guards at 6 o’clock and came round by Bromley. Near 9 when we got home and luckily no rain.

Found dear Georgy better.

Received Mr Forte’s Draft for £90 my Legacy from Mr Hyatt. Could not go or send for it.

Received a letter from my good friend Mrs King to say she got home safe and well last Friday.


Friday 6th August 1824

No letters today.

Tibbs is here about the wine (wire?) safe by Dairy etc and found the pump does not set well. Sent a note to Brown to come and look at it.

Sent my letter to Mr Dyke to take to Maidstone to excuse me from the Special Jury next Tuesday the 10th.

Some showers in the morning and fine in the afternoon though threatening rain.


Saturday 7th May 1824

A letter from Wabling to say if Montague came home next week he should like to have her again in a few days as the best part of the Reserving (?) was coming on! Mrs Marsh had previously written her to come back on Tuesday next. A letter also from Mrs Bevans thanking me and the House and requests I would make  some further enquiries about the Person she consulted me as to his character etc etc

Mrs Wood and her sister-in-law called. Dined at Mr Welland’s. Mr and Mrs  and Miss Scott, Mr Welland and sister and Colonel Rankin dined there!

Mr Scott brought the account from Town of the Stoppage of my old acquaintance Miss John and Mrs Whitmore, which I was truly concerned to hear! Did not get home ‘till near 12 o’clock.

Found at Packet from Miss Tresilian and Gates, enclosing the rest of the Rawlin’s account to her. It appears he has overcharged his agreement £4 or £5.


Sunday 8th August 1824

Letter from Mr Fauntleroy to say he had got and Open Box, but as it appears by the Advertisement from the House that she, Madame Paster, would not appear after last night, wrote him and declined it.

At Church. A Friend of Mr Stevenson’s preached. Captain and Mrs Wood there but they left Church so quick I could not get to speak to them. Saw Mr Dyke who promised to get me excused at Maidstone.

A dull day threatening rain.


Monday 9th August 1824

Went to Town by Gates! Called in Scotland Yard. Saw Arthur, all going on pretty well!
Left some china at Sharpers’s to mend.

Paid Wedgwood’s for a Blue Pot Pomrie Jar 7/6d

In Berners St. Mr Graham fully explained to me Thomas’s Brick concern.

Took luncheon with good Mrs Fauntleroy. Arthur came in.

Received from Mr Fortes Mr Hyatt’s Ex- £90.

Sent Rawlins for my bill £30

Draft to Madam Griaidet £4.0.0

Joined Gates at the King’s Arms and got home at ½ past 6 o’clock.

Miss Jenner’s intended servant as Mrs Robert Jenner was in the Coach going up and who I found had known William at Exmouth. Spoke (?) well of him as his usual character at that place.  

Found a letter from George of 12th May to say he had been offered a temporary place by the Governor which though of trifling emolument should be stood well in general opinion and he hoped it might lead to something better now but 6/8d per day and all his expenses paid.


Tuesday 10th August 1824

Cash to Mrs Marsh for House Book and Barham’s account for fish. £10.

Received a letter from Mrs Henderson but put into the Post in London, indirectly wanting more money though not very clearly expressed!
Mrs Marsh and dear Mary went at 2 o’clock to take Mrs Dyke to Foots Cray to meet her dear daughter Anne by the Sandgate Coach!

Mrs Marsh paid Plater at Foots Cray for a couple of Duck 5/.

Miss Dyke pretty well but much fatigued and not free from pain they say.

Montague came home from Mr Wablin’s.


Wednesday 11th August 1824

Cash paid Mr Clark, St.Mary Cray to Christmas Last £218.11.6

Received a letter from Desfranges Watchmaker sent him his bill and draft £5.4

Wrote my dear friend Mr Wheeler and sent him an extract from George’s letter for the 13th of May.

Dear  Mary walked to dine with Mrs Dyke. We all went there to Tea.

Engaged to take Mrs Dyke to Town tomorrow by me.


Thursday 12th August 1824

Went in the Phaeton and took Mrs Dyke up at Webb’s. Put her down at Dixon’s Cockspur St.

In Scotland Yard and saw Arthur and the children, all going on well.

At Sharpus’s and paid him for mending china. 7/4d

In Berners St. Took my luncheon with good Mr Fauntleroy. Mr Forters of Ely Place read over to Mr Graham and I all that part of a Bill in Chancery that concerned us as Partners with Mr Fauntleroy relating to his Executorship of the late Mr Amory! And of which we knew nothing directly. Mr Emmanual from Portson called on me and paid me Rent of my houses there as follows to Midsummer Last Viz. 3 houses Gravel Lane £24

Draft of the 5 small houses £15.1.6

Deduct sundry expenses and repairs as per Vouchers v39.16.0 ½

Returned this Balance of him in cash £38.5.5.½

Told me however of very considerable repairs wanting to the best house. I told him I would try and see down and look at it. Dear Mrs Dyke and I got home soon after 8 o’clock and found her son Peachy waiting for her with the gig.


Friday 13th August 1824

Found a Haunch of Venison in Berners St yesterday from Mrs King.

Mr Fauntleroy, Vernon, Mr Burton coming to partake of it. Also Mr and Mrs Welland, Miss Potts and Miss Edmonstone, two Miss Dashwood’s and Mr Scott.

Showery morning and all the afternoon nearly.

Mr Fauntleroy and Vernon returned to Town at 11 o’clock. Thomas Pointer came down with them.


Saturday 14th August 1824

Mrs Marsh, Georgy and self drove over to Mr Frift’s. Saw Mr Hakerwell there and found he had not yet done with my old house for Lord DeDunstanville.

Coming home met Sir John Lubbock in St. Mary Cray and who had been to call upon us. He said Lady Lubbock was confined with a severe cold.

After dinner we all walked to Derry Down and St.Mary Cray to the school.


Sunday 15th August 1824

A blowing wet morning, quite like Equinoctial weather!

No letter but one from Miss Winchester to dear Mary!

Rain lashed all day.

Cash to Gates for Fares and parcels to this day £2.2.2

Sent a letter to be put into the 2nd Post tomorrow for Reverend G.A.E.Marsh for an appointment on Tuesday at 1 o’clock.


Monday 16th August 1824

Draft to Billing at Seyfleet (?), Fulham Bridge Yard, Brompton £22.11.0

Mrs Marsh, Mary and I drove and called upon Mrs Jenner Chislehunt to congratulate her upon her granddaughter’s marriage with her cousin, Mr Jenner of Wenloe Castle. Found the good Lady quite well. Came round by St.Mary Cray. After dinner we all walked to Mr Cottingham’s as I wished to pay him his bill. Left it with him for the few subsequent articles to be added. A fine evening.

A note from Mr Dyke to know how I was going to town tomorrow. Wrote him that we were all going in the Phaeton.


Tuesday 17th August 1824

In Town with Mrs Marsh, Georgy. They put me down at the end of Waterloo Bridge, got to the Dublin Office, South Hampton Buildings exactly at 12 o’clock. Met Mr Graham and Mr Forbes of Ely Place there. Made affidavit of what we knew of a Bill agt Mr Fauntleroy as Executor of a Mr Amory, before Master Stephens!

Looked in at Westminster Office, saw Sir George Hampson. Had some conversation with him about the Direction!!

In Scotland Yard, saw dear Arthur and received G.A.E. Marsh. They settled for his mother to meet on Thursday and transfer the £3666.13.4 consols which stands in the name of Mr Marsh and J Morrison as Executors of the survivors into my name, Arthur’s and Mr Graham’s. In Berners St. Mrs Marsh went to Stratton Street, did not get there ‘till near 3 o’clock.

Cash paid Jd Cawthorne £6.14.0

J.Cooke, Covent Garden 0.19.0.½

Cash to E. Thornton for pump £4.16.6

M:Coupland, Wirework £1.9.6

John, at Arthur’s 0.6.8

Paid Dudgeon for Grolbs /3d. Ditto Garia’s for Codlins 3/d Ditto Jolley Poulterer for a couple of chickens 5/d.

Met Mrs Marsh at Lawless’s soon after 5 o’clock. Over look Mr Dyke in his gig. Called at Mr Mostley’s, Chislehunt with a letter.

Got home about before 8!


Wednesday 18th August 1824

Draft to Richard Poole for Table Bench (?) £12.16.11

Mrs Dyke having gone to Town this moring for 2 or 3 days, Mr Dyke brought his dear eldest daughter to us this morning.

Frequent heavy showers with high wind. Quite Equinoctial Weather!!

The pond in Home Meadow is near down as low as it will nearly without pumping. Mr Winshaw has lent me an iron pump he has at FootsCray which I am to fetch tomorrow, when I shall determine whether I will take out the mud by contract or not!

Mrs Marsh House Book and sundries £9.6.6


Thursday 19th August 1824

Draft to Messington & Co, Cheapside £7.0.0

Received a letter from Arthur to say he wished me to call again on Mrs Harding at Walworth and inform her of the difference in her income from the 4 per Cents being r---ed!

Mr Mosley called upon me in his way to Mr Moreland’s at Lamberhurt (?)!

Mrs Marsh and Mary went with Miss Dyke to Chilslehunt. Sent Mr Dyke a note to say I  would take him to town tomorrow, or any parcel for him. Wrote to Arthur and Mr Graham. Mr Dyke called for a few minutes in the evening, gave me a note of his son Francis!


Friday 20th August 1824

Wm drove me to town in the little Phaeton. Called at Walworth on Mrs Harding, he remained with us all the time!

In Scotland Yard, saw Arthur and found it was the little boy that was not well.

In Drs Commons to record a small ---nt of the Registry. Went on to Wolff in Leadenhall Street. Took a Bason of soup for my dinner at the St.Paul’s Coffee House. Called twice in Cassey St on Mssrs Jennings and Collier. Had full information about my enquiries!! In Berners St but ½ past 4 when I got there. Mrs Fauntleroy and Eliza not gone to Brighton  but had a large family party at dinner.

Paid Bayley & Blew for Powder and Pomder. 1/4d

Gave Arthur’s John the draft £65 – received in Drs Commons to give to his master.

Near 9 o’clock when I got home. Found they had a good deal of rain whilst we had had little or none in town or on the road.


Saturday 21st August 1824

A dull wet morning. Mrs Marsh still finding her lips and mouth swelled and uneasy. Wrote Mr Scott come if he could.
The men busy at the Pond.

Frequent smart showers, but close and warm!

Good old Mrs Jenner came at ½ past 3 o’clock and took her dear amiable granddaughter home with her who had been staying with us from Wednesday last. Mr Scott came, thinks my dear Mrs Marsh will soon be well. Got him to be good enough to go and see Whittle’s eldest son who is seriously ill again. Had given them some general advice but feels delicate about interfering with Mr Cottingham but said he might have some wine and I gave his father 2 bottles of port.

Advanced B--- account of the Pond £2.0.0

Draft to Fleming on account £1

24 sacks of coals came in.


Sunday 22nd August 1824

Morning Church. Mr Townley made a good sermon if it could have been heard!

Frequent heavy showers and wind. Did not go from home the whole day.

Only a letter from Goddart & Son with their account.


Monday 23rd August 1824

Paid Fleming 4 weeks due this day. £2.16

Draft to Richard Dunmull for Jars £6.

Mrs Marsh and I called on Lady Lubbock, and Mrs Skeggs. The latter hourly expects to be confined. On Barham at Lock’s Bottom and paid him for fish and Post Horses. £9.10.6

Mr and Mrs Welland and Miss Potts called in the afternoon.

Wrote an explanatory letter to Mr Cottingham about Mr Scott having by my desire seen young Whittle and which the former is idle enough to be affronted about!!


Tuesday 24th August 1824

Wm drove me to town in the Phaeton. Found from Arthur that his dear little boy died last night.

I  wrote to  Mr Sidden about it and desired he would direct his answer to Arthur! At Westminster Office had a conversation with Mr Williams about an idea I had heard about bringing young Mr Aurial into the Direction immediately!!

Called on Mr Delmar.

At Gombs(?) and received Mr Speddings draft for his rent due this 17th instant nett £71.18.1

Repaid Mssrs Gosdlings (?) £7.10.0. They had paid to my account in Berners St – order of Mr Robson for Mrs Tresilian and I had also taken the same at their House!
In Berners St, only Mr S and Henry. Mr Graham gone to Merecourt (?) as his Katherine had got the measles.

Got home at a little after 8 o’clock.

Turned out a fine day and evening.

Mr Fauntleroy and Eliza went for Brighton this morning.


Wednesday 25th August 1824

Received a letter from worthy James Wm Morrison from Bishop’s Weremouth (?) that his poor sister Anne died there Friday night the 20th instant. He as well as Mary and Elizabeth were with her. By his account a happy release!! Wrote him in return by this day’s post!

The men still at the Pond and which has a great quantity of mud and strong springs in it. Omitted to note that I found a letter yesterday in Berners St from Captain Fuller offering me his beautiful little town house, which he declined parting with six weeks back. His letter was written last Friday so it had lain in Berners St since Saturday last. But as he asked £100 and for other reasons I thanked him but declined it.

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book £6.17.6


Thursday 26th August 1824

Cash to Mrs Marsh £20, who is going to town this morning with the dear girls to get mourning articles etc for poor Anne Morrison!!

Cash paid Thomas Wale, Wheel Wright £2.12.6

Walked and called on Major and Mrs Wood. Both gone to Kemnall to dinner.

Felt whilst at dinner a  little stiffness and uneasiness in the calf of my right leg. Upon looking at it happened a slight Esysipelus. Got on some flannels and warm water.

Mrs Marsh and dear girls did not get home ‘till ½ past 8 o’clock but had had no rain. Applied several port— (?)to my leg and kept one on all night.

Cash paid Mr Pike, Eltham  and Mrs Marsh £1.3.3


Friday 27th August 1824

My leg better this morning. Did not get up ‘till near 10 o’clock and had several part Poulices (?) of bread and water

Received a letter from the Reverend Dr Crane to say that he was coming to  South Borough and would call on me either today or tomorrow. Mr Taynton called at 5 o’clock. My leg quite well again but he recommended just today in.

Mr Dunn (?) from Lady Lubbock’s school called this evening.


Saturday 28th August 1824

Dr Crane came about 11 o’clock and Mr Welland with him.

My leg quite well, but as a measure of prudence had sent a note to Miss Rohd to excuse me at dinner today. Received a letter from Mr Michael Power, 10 Regent St to enquire the character of Barley.

Mrs Marsh and Georgina went to dine with Mr and the Miss Rhode’s. Dear Mary staid with Mr Crane and I.  


Sunday 29th August 1824

Dr Crane, Mrs Marsh and the girls went to St.Mary Cray Church this morning.

No letter but one from Miss Jenner to Mrs Marsh!!

Afternoon Church. Mr Vouley came in with me and I at his desire gave him the following drafts, Viz P.Voules £10.

Ditto £0 Ditto £ 24.10.    £43. 10.

In exchange for Mr Stone’s Draft on his house in Lombard St for the above – of £43.10

Intend going tomorrow morning to meet Arthur at Dartford and putting Mr Crane in his road to West Malling.


Monday 30th August 1824

A thick traveling fog on this morning just as Mr Crane and I set off. I left him at Foots Cray Hill and just before I got to Dartford a close rain came on, and last ‘till 12 o’clock when it turned out a fine afternoon.

Arthur’s coach did not come in ‘till past 10 o’clock when I went in it  with him to Rochester. The dear baby had just got there before us. Called for Mr Sidden’s and we all got to Gillingham before 1 o’clock. Arthur went into the Vault. I could not. He found all perfectly dry! The present Vicar, the Reverend Mr Page appears a highly respectable man and universally respected. He has added pews, two stained glass windows and much cleaner and beautiful – Church at is own expense. Took our dinner at the Crown Inn, and Mr Sidden went over with us to Shorn (?) I could not go much about the wood but Arthur went round and saw the timber that has been cutt. Sidden recommends it being done and sold by tender! Arthur and I got to Dartford about 7 o’clock when he went home. I got back about ¼ past 8 o’clock!! Most tired in mind and body.

Dinner etc at Rochester £1.3.6

Gave Arthur a letter to Goddard & Son with £53.10 enclosed on account of his bill for  candles and soap etc.


Tuesday 31st August 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book etc £11.7.9 (crossed out – says “Not Presented”)

Not very well this morning. Mrs Marsh and the girls went to call upon Mrs Jenner. Mrs Jenner and the Miss Dashwood’s at Chislehunt. The water gains so fast upon the men at the pond, that I have told them to clear away all round the edges and then dam up the cut again and so as to make the water rise as high as possible! A close hot gloomy blighting kind of morning.


Wednesday 1st September 1824

No letter today.

Went at 11 o’clock with Mrs Marsh and dear Mary in the Phaeton and called and took some luncheon with Mrs Gee. So exceedingly hot that we were obliged to stop 40 minutes at Croyden and bait(?) the horses.  

Called on Sir B and Lady Hallowell, not at home. On poor Mrs Wm Whitmore and daughters at Wichham, found them pretty well.

Did not get home ‘till past 6 o’clock and just ½ dined when Wolff came almost too dark. His year being up gave him a draft in advance ‘till 3rd of Sept 1825 for £10.10.0

The days get almost too short after Gate’s arrival for him to see to us all.

Did not mention a word to Mrs Gee about Ashby and the Repairs as my visit was not on business!!


Thursday 2nd September 1824

Another exceedingly hot day. Received a letter from Mr Stracey to say he and his second son would come tomorrow and dine and sleep in their way to Bognor, and also that Colonel Sleigh had been enquiring about the Title Deeds of his Uncle Sir Joseph (?) Wallace’s Estate at Hanworth. Beck.

Appears to have finished the pond at least all he could have done to it without ½ a dozen more men and a chain pump, consequently he deceived himself and me and must –d left in the middle the water gaining to fast upon them. Paid him for the balance of our agreement £8.0.0

Ditto Heath 4 day for his horse. //16

Draft Alexander Draft 1 day –de the voucher £9.0.0

Paid him before 12


Dear – but I get a clean pond and about 150 load of good dresery. (?)

The dear girls went to dine at Sir John Lubbocks.


Friday 3rd September 1824

Called on Poole about the Beer which last cask is certainly thick, poor, and tart! Though it only came in yesterday. He pleads the weather and promises better in future and indeed he had a cask ready to send as soon as his dray returned home! The dear girls drove up to Mrs Jenner’s to bring dear Anna to see her mother and afterwards to dine with us. Mr Stracey and his son Edward came about ½ past 4 o’clock to dinner. At 9 o’clock good Mrs Jenner drove down and took her dear granddaughter home with her.

Another fine hot day but this evening looks a little for change.


Saturday 4th September 1824

Mrs Marsh and I drove to pay a visit to Mr and Mrs Welland’s relations Mr and Mrs Pot, who have just taken Mr Scotts house close to his Gate at Sundridge Park! Not at home. Went on to Bromley, paid for 6lb of sugar candy 10/d a Box of pills 2/9d   12/9d

Mr Scott.

Called at Barham’s, Locks Bottom and Mrs Marsh paid him for fish and to this day! Got home at ½ past 3 o’clock to dinner.

Received letter from Arthur. His wife and his hand letter. Also from Mr Delavy on Colonel Downman’s business.

Also from Fortman & Mason with their bill.

Much cooler today. There had been some rain in the night.


Sunday 5th September 1824

Some rain in the night. Much cooler.

Morning Church. Mr Townley at Hastings. Mr Stevenson did the whole duty. Neither Mr or Mrs Dyke at Church. The former gone with their son William to Gravesend to embark for India!!

Wrote Arthur, and Mr Debary on Colonel  Downman’s concerns!

The weather appears changing though a fine evening.


Monday 6th September 1824

A wet morning with smart wind. Quite Equinoctial! Restless night and much pain all forenoon at the pit of my stomach. Do not think the Hops, Chamomile and Ginger a mixture with the salts also that agrees with me! Did not take many more before dinner but two of the old pills.

Paid Fleming 2 weeks due this day £1.8.0

Repaid William what he had paid Mr Jackson, Sadler at Bromley £0,11.

At 5 o’clock drove to call on Mr and Mrs Dyke. Saw them for 5 minutes as they were going to dinner. She was pretty well considering. She told me Miss Scott was married on Saturday to Mr Ogles!


Tuesday 7th September 1824

Went to town in the Phaeton. Met the Post man at Foots Cray with a letter from Arthur to say that he had received a letter from Mr Black, Surgeon, at Exmouth to say that poor William was dangerously ill! And that he should leave Town as yesterday at 8 o’clock to go down to him!! Went over Waterloo Bridge to Knightsbridge, saw Mrs Ray and Mrs Emmett at my old house. His Lordship has not yet done with workmen!

Paid Mr Whitfield for 5lb of Cocoa nutts. £0.17.6

In Scotland Yard, saw Mrs Arthur and Amelia and Mr Black’s letter.

In Berners Street, paid for nett and muslin. 5/d

Took some dinner with Mrs Arthur and Amelia at 5 o’clock, and set off for home 20 minutes before 6 o’clock. Frequent heavy showers all day.

Wrote Shilling 

Draft Mrs Marsh for House Book £6.4 Not presented


Wednesday 8th September 1824

Draft to John Beadle for coals  £123.8

No letters today.

Lady Lubbock called a little before 3 o’clock. Mrs Marsh and the girls went with her to call upon Mrs Dyke. They did not get back to their dinner ‘till ½ past 5 o’clock.

Very cloudy cool day, high wind and  frequent showers.

Intend going to town tomorrow either by Gates or the Phaeton as the morning is.

Hope I shall find letters from Arthur and that he found poor William better!!

(John Beadle) This draft was dated the 9th though given him this day for tomorrow and he kept it unluckily ‘till Monday the 13th !!


Thursday 9th September 1824

Got to town, called in Scotland Yard and in Berners St. Went in the Phaeton.

Mrs Arthur’s letter from Arthur about poor William not I think favourable though he says Dr Miller of Exeter saw no immediate danger.

Cash paid Fermin & Co par Stevens £7.17.0

In Scotland Yard again and got home about ½ past 8 o’clock. Intended going tomorrow and settle most of my present K— (Kelly?)


Friday 10 September 1824

Went up by Gates.

In Scotland Yard. Arthur’s letter still, I think very unfavourable about poor William.

In Berners St when to my horror and surprise I found Mr Fauntleroy had been taken an hour before to Marlborough St on a charge of Forgery!!! As far back as 1820 of Colonel Bellis’s Stock to a large amount, and Mr Freshfield (James William Freshfield) the Bank Solicitor examined his desk and papers with Mr Graham!!! The latter went to him, the Examination private! Most horrible was he was committed for further Examination straight away. Watson absent, dear Arthur down at Exmouth, George and I in great distress as the case at present appears too plain!! Agree I would see Mr Freshfield tomorrow morning. Did not get home ‘till part 10 o’clock.


Saturday 11 September 1824

By Gates, got to the Bank before 10 o’clock, called on Mr Freshhfield. As he kept me writing I was full 2 hours there!! Unhappily the Case appears too plain and he told me in numerous instances!! Alas!!!

In Scotland Yard Arthur’s letter leaves me little hope for William. Amelia came to Berners St to take leave of her Uncle before she set off for Exmouth. Found this concern of him & myself & as we were paying everybody still and she was going away she determined to draw her Balance which we could not oppose. Mr Stracey was gone into the City having worked late all night. The event having partially . . . we were a little run upon. After 5 o’clock we got some friends together in serious consultation about going on. I was decidedly not and Mr Graham of my opinion. Mr Stracey . . . our . . . so strong we might . . . by asking Martin’s to cash some of our bills. He is to go to him in the morning. Did not part ‘till ½ past 8 o’clock when we both dined with Mr Graham. Agreed to meet again early tomorrow morning. Slept in Whitehall Place. Near one o’clock but I found Mrs Arthur still up.


Sunday 12th September 1824

All met before 9 in Berners St. Mr Stracey returned from the City and found Mr Martin was at Barkenham. Went there in a charge. Mr Watson came up from Weymouth agitated and alarmed. Upon Graham and I talking with and Mr Tyson we more and more confirmed in the propriety of stopping tomorrow and pressing (preserving?) the large parcel of good assets we had in hand!! This was made more evidently right when strong Stracey returned as Martin’s could only Cash £12.000 in addition to the £8,000 we had there! Mr Hare, Mr Buxton etc agreed with him. Sent an advertisement accordingly to the Papers at 9 o’clock. Entreated Mr Hare to be our Peletary Creditor etc.

Got to Whitehall Place at ½ past 11 o’clock. No news of dear Arthur.


Monday 13th September 1824 Monday

Met in private in Berners St. At 9 o’clock. Direct all drafts of ourselves!! An inconceivable sensation the consequence and the front of the house crowded all the morning!

A letter from Arthur, to say that poor dear William dead on Friday at 12 o’clock! Poor fellow, he is happily out of the way and has for several years had a quiet inoffensive life!

Arthur requested I would send a sum down to take charge of him to Gillingham etc etc. £100 to cover all use to him, the state of the case. I sent him £10 to bring him up and as Amelia took £30 with her the L not then arrived and I desired him to order all accounts to be sent up. He speaks highly of the kindness and attention of the good woman of the house when the poor fellow lodged. All of us engaged the whole day with one friend and another, got to Whitehall Place at 11 o’clock. Arthur not come. 


Tuesday 14th September 1824

In Berners St early. Dear Arthur came in about noon not having seen his wife being out. Of course fully informed him of all. The whole day spent as yesterday except writing some letters.

Mr Graham went to upon Mr Freshfield. Upon his return the pressure (premium? Prescience ?) of our not having attempted to go on was made certain as many transactions have transferred(? Transpired?)!!! He afterwards called upon the poor unhappy fellow who gave him much information!! A memorandum was found amongst his papers in which he exonerated all his partners from any knowledge of these transactions.

Arthur came in and we at ½ past 6 went together to Whitehall Place where the Phaeton was waiting for me. Left him at 7 o’clock and got to my dear wife and girls at ½ past 9 o’clock. A meeting of unhappy feelings, but softened by mutual tenderness and signed(?) !!!

Found Mr Scott had kindly called. Mr and Mrs Burton finding we had omitted to take any supply before we met up generously lent me an £100 but which I have not yet determined to keep but thanks will be greatly his due.


Wednesday 15th September 1824.

Got up at ½ past 6 o’clock this morning and slept better for last night’s consolation with my dear family. Sorted out some accounts and my letters to and from poor dear William and destroyed them as they need now his gone never again meet human eyes!! Shall order the W- Phaton at 2 o’clock and go up again!!

Left home about 2 o’clock and got to Whitehall Place at a little after 4 o’clock, and in Berners St at 5 o’clock. Happy to find Mr Seymour was arrived from Paris.


Thursday 16th Sept 1824

All met in Berners St, much conversation with Mr Seymour, attending to letters ect by the Post with Remittances.

Many friends calling to go over the same ground with.

By Mr Seymour’s sanction and advice we each passed a Cheque through Tyson for £200.

Mr Graham went to see last night and this morning that wretched young man. He appears he says well aware of his unhappy situation!


Friday 17th Sept 1924

Occupied the same as yesterday.

At 6 o’clock we all met at the London Coffee House the Commissioners under our Act of Bankruptcy!!!

7 the hour appointed but we did not begin anything ‘till ½ past 8 o’clock when we all three surrendered to the Commission and received our Protections from arrest! They entrusted me with the Messenger’s Warrant for my own Servants to keep. (and I have given it to Henry accordingly!)

Left the Coffee House at 10 o’clock and found dear Arthur much better than he was in the morning. Saw also Amelia after her fatiguing journey as she was not up when I went out this morning.

Found by the crossing and returns of letters that poor William’s remains are after all on the road up for Gillingham!


Gods Will be done!!


Saturday 18th Sept 1824

Arthur and I walked up to Mr Seymour, by the latter’s advice Arthur was to go to Mr Freeling about my inability to Personal arrest under the Patent, and to bring me word to Mr Graham’s.

Called on dear Mr Fauntleroy and Eliza at Mrs Kerrie’s Montague Square, both in a most wretched state and mental misery, particularly dear Eliza who is I find aware of the dire extent of the Evil! His dear mother only supposing he is too heavily in debt to escape being kept in prison for life.

Past 3 o’clock when I could leave them.

Called at Mr Graham’s, found Arthur and Mr Seymour just arrived, the latter to accompany poor George to Mrs Conaut’s as a Witness at the final Examination!! Happy Mr Seymour is to go with him, poor fellow, as his feelings are likely to overpower his senses!!

Call on Mr Stracey, all this has occupied so much time that I find it impossible to call upon my dearest friend Mr Wheeler, as I cannot pay him a short visit and also as Arthur has brought me a kind message from Mr H: Freeling expressing his surprise at any idea of Personal arrest and that I am perfectly safe. I found upon our return to Whitehall Place Mrs Marsh was at Mr Rowles’ waiting with the little Phaeton all anxiously about me.  Sent Henry directly to her to come for me to Whitehall Place, which she did at ½ past 5 o’clock. We left Town, and at 8 was once more blessed by being under my own roof with her and the dear girls! Bless them all!


Sunday 19th Sept 1824

No letters for me so I am in doubt how the Examination went on last night.

Mr Marsh and I continue to receive the most kind and soothing letters from all friends, and one in particular to her from Mr Bandinel!! Most friendly indeed!

Received a not from Mr Voles to say he had by him my draft for £24.10 which I gave him by his own request on the 29th of last month! See my diary for that day and his letter above and my answer. I had also one on Saturday from poor Beadle the coal to whom I gave my draft on Wednesday the 8th instant for  £123.8.6 which was not presented ‘till Monday the 13th instant so that I cam afraid it must be either his or his Bankers Badger and James of Dartford’s loss as I cannot help him.

Received a most kind letter from Mr Scott of Bromley.


Monday 20th Sept 1824

A thorough wet morning at home writing letters.

At 7 o’clock in the evening Mr Wrather brought me a letter from dear Arthur enclosing a Notice for the Gazette by the advice of Mr Seymour of a Dissolution of Partnership (if any existed!) between him and me in Gt Scotland Yard! And enclosing a letter from Mr Southcott the Undertaker who is bringing up poor William to Gillingham, saying he had got as far as Stockbridge! Mr Wrather returned at 9 o’clock in the same Chaise.


Tuesday 21 Sept 1824

Another wet morning.

Mrs Marsh and I had intended to have driven up in the Phaeton but I pushed off by Gates! Got to Whitehall Place by 10 o’clock and found Dale from Knightsbridge whom I had appointed to meet me, sent him to Brentford to meet Mr Southcott who was to wait there for a day. I enclosed him a note to Mr Sidden and wrote the latter to make all the arrangements at Gillingham for Friday next and that I would be with him by noon on that day.

Wrote also to Mr Lake to meet me.

Met Mrs Marsh, who came up in a Chaise at Mr Delmar’s about her Will etc. Had a satisfactory conversation with him. Arthur has had an opinion of Mr Seymour’s that in consequence of the letter I wrote to the House in Berners St he has nothing to do with my Debt there. I do hope therefore he may be able to stand alone and go on!

Mrs Marsh and I got home about 7 o’clock and found the dear girls well. 


Wednesday 22nd Sept 1824

Drove up in the Phaeton over Waterloo Bridge, called on Mr Delmar, he walked with me to the corner of Northumberland Street.

In Scotland Yard, saw Admiral Nugent and Captain Losack, Mr and Mrs Lean etc. Arthur came in but has not yet been able to get the letter in question as it is locked up by the Officers with the Extent! At ½ past 2 o’clock went up to B Square, met Mr Kernie and had a long conversation with him. Found Stracey and Mr Seymour at Mr Graham’s. Eat a sandwich with them. Mr Graham told me something about his settlement and with some observations I did not expect!!

Coming away I met Dr Pyatt (Pigott?), in much more manly spirits than I expected. This brought it to ½ past 5 o’clock, much too late to call upon my dear friend Mr Wheeler.

Left Arthur at six o’clock.

Did not get home ‘till ½ past 8 o’clock – fine.

Paid Mrs Pike, Eltham 3s/11 for Veal!


Thursday 23rd Sept 1824

Just as we had done breakfast my old friend Mr Alderman Atkins called most kind and friendly. He took a letter for me to Arthur. He paid rather a long visit as we were both engaged by our respective misfortunes! Mr Dyke called most kindly and offered and pressed to take my plan in attending poor dear William tomorrow at Gillingham, but I can not accept it and indeed have written to Mr Lake and Sidden on other concerns! I partly expect Mr Elitt, poor William’s friend down by Gates this evening to accompany me but this is uncertain. Dear Mrs Jenner and Anna Dyke called just as we had done dinner so I have had not to go more than get a walk!

Wrote to Reverend Mr Fayster about the Knightsbridge School.


Friday 24th Sept 1824

Left home at ¼ before 7 o’clock, got to Dartford at 9. Got into a Coach directly and arrived at Mr Siddons’s at ¼ past 11 o’clock. ½ past 12 before we could get out for Gillingham and we did not get back ‘till past 3 o’clock. Nothing could exceed the Reverend Mr Page’s polite and truly benevolent attentions and conduct. Saw poor dear William safe and quiet from all the cares and anxieties of this world!! Mr Sidden and his family kind and attentive as possible for people to be, and he had a dinner ready for me! Mr Lake also joined in and we had a conversation together upon all points at Shorne as far as we could settle them. I am to get Mr Seymour’s opinion and write then how we must proceed. They accompanied me to a Coach at ½ past 4 o’clock, got to Dartford at ½ past 6 and home to my dear wife and daughters at ½ past 8. Quite tired and harassed in mind and body but comforted by them, God bless them.


Saturday 25th Sept 1824

Received another kind letter from Mr Bandinel saying he should have been to see us, but was afraid of obtruding at this moment having read poor William’s death in the paper. Wrote him directly and sent to Eltham to go by the 2nd Post this afternoon. Also to Mr Watson, Berners St as I found a letter upon return home last night from dear Arthur to  say he had been expecting my Testimonial of his good conduct! I had understood Mr Stracey had given him this 3 day ago! Wrote him a strong letter but never more strong than just, and sent it to Eltham for 2nd Post.

Mr Welland and Mr Wood called. Afterwards Mrs Welland and Miss Potts but I did not see them. At ½ past 9 o’clock the evening Mr Okill the Sherriff’s Officer, accompanied by Mr Pearce the Auctioneer, and a gent from the Post Office burst in ---ly with an Entent for my Bond to the Post Office. They behaved as civiilly as could be expected and left a man in Possession 


Sunday 26th Sept 1824

Sent William at 5 o’clock this morning with a note to Arthur and Mr Seymour telling them what had happened and urging the latter to come down. He arrived about 12 o’clock and proved a great comfort and relief to us all! Mr Pearce here and we went over the House with him distinguishing as well as we now can Mrs Gee’s Property from mine. Mr Seymour left us about ½ past 5 o’clock not  wishing to see me up till Tuesday morning at the Baptist Head Aldermanbury! He was to call on Arthur as he passed. Mr Pearce also went about the same time, and is to be here again tomorrow. We in the meantime having engaged to set my books into some order for him. Mr Okill also called and left his Brother in Possession instead of the other man!! We all feel ourselves much relieved from doubts and anxiety concerning this Extent. Told Mr O’Kill of the Timber up at Shorne! I find Wm (Mrs Marsh?) and the horse had a fall this morning together at Lea. He is a little bruised about the cheek and eye and the horse’s nee cut.


Monday 27th Sept 1824

Cash to Fleming 3 weeks due this day £2.2.0

Mr Pearce came about 10 o’clock continued the Inventory, and I went with him into  the Cellar and we took an account of the contents as near as we could! He dined with us. Continue to receive kindness from all neighbours.!

Mr Pearce did not go away ‘till past 7, very dark, lent him my Lanthorne.

Going by Gates tomorrow to Surrender to the Commission.


Tuesday 28th Sept 1824

Went up by Gates, got to the Baptist Head Aldermanbrey at 10 o’clock. Found Mr Seymour, and Stracey and Graham’s also  Watson and Kriby! Found many persons were at the Commissioners Office Proving their debts. We did not go there ‘till near 1 o’clock when we merely went through the form of Surrendering to the Commission and received further time and Protection! Remained with Mr Seymour till 2 o’clock when I went with Mr Graham and called at his solicitor’s Mr Ashmore and signed a memorial in some business regarding his marriage settlement. We went together afterwards to Whitehall Place, saw dear Arthur, Amelia and Mrs A.Marsh, just 3 o’clock, could only stay ½ an hour. Did not find dear Arthur so forward as I had hoped. Mrs Arthur had received answers to the letters she had written to Mrs J. Marsh, Colonel Downman and to come formed (forward?) to my return with their portion! I could have told her, her kindness would prove as if less(?) done nugatory! Obliged to follow Gates to the King’s Arms, got home harassed and fatigued at ½ past 6 o’clock.  


Wednesday 29th Sept 1824

Michealmas Day.

Never thought of Geese for Self and servants, the first year of missing the same I believer for the last 40 years. A small Evil!!

Began a letter to dear George at the Cape. Mr Pearce came again today, finished the books, china and Lumber room, horses and carriage! Mr and Miss Chapman called, very kind indeed. I find but I was getting a little –(dim?) and did not see them. Dear Mrs Dyke came in and kindly partook of some luncheon at our dinner. Received a letter from Mr Bandinel , both Mrs Marsh and I jointly answered! Mr Pearce left us at ½ past 5 o’clock and took a letter for me to the Dartford Post to pay the same for Captain Reynolds and Sandwich to counter order the Canotts. Find I caught cold in the cellar on Mondy and as the horse was not recovered his fall with Wm on Sunday do not think I shall go up tomorrow. 


Thursday 30 Sept 1824

Very unwell this morning. Took some medicine. Henry Spearing asked me to go and enquire about Mr Moyan’s Place at Cray!!! I had explained to him that I wished to keep him ‘till after Christmas and I hoped to be able afterwards if he were willing to remain with us.

Reverend Mr Townley, and Mrs Mackrell called and paid a long visit.

Received a letter of Post from the Br Sherriff Parkins!! Answered it.

Just as we had dined Mr Rowles came down. Very kind, took a hasty dinner, and only staid about an hour and a half. Told us he and his dear wife are going for a fortnights to Paris next Tuesday. He said he would call at Arthur’s as he returned home. I am better tonight and wind and much rain appears getting up. Henry Spearing told me this evening he had en—ed himself to Mr Moyan, St. Marys Cray this after the kindness I had shown him is a truly selfish and unfeeling conduct!!


Friday 1st October 1824

A thorough bad morning of wind and rain. Poor Gary returned to Knightsbridge, sent letters by her to Mrs Ray and Emmett and is wife in answer to  their kindness!! Received letters from worthy Garden, Colonel and Sir Henry Dashwood. Also Bid—about his wine. A very kind one from the Reverend Mr Foyster. He had opened the box at the School Room as I had requested and found the Balance in my hands as Treasurer to be £14.15.16.

Mrs Marsh paid Whittle for one week from 21st to 28th £1.7.0

Also Mr Voules for 2 Bushells of oats 6/

Opened and examined the large wooden boxes in the Garret Lobby, found only my dear Father’s and Mr Baynard’s private records with their different Con---ons, no deeds relative to the little freehold at Shorne.


Saturday 2nd Oct 1824

Still thorough Eqninotrial weather. Rather ennerved my cold yesterday in the Garret Lobby. Mrs Marsh recived a letter from Mrs Tresilian and one from Mr Bandinel. I had one from Arthur saying he rather expected me in Town and that Mr Racock (acting for Mr Parkins as solicitor to Post Office) wished to see me as yesterday afternoon but as I did not get his letter ‘till this morning at past 11 o’clock and my cold bad and the weather worse, I wrote dear Arthur this and sent H- with it to So: End for the 2. o’clock Post and which I therefore hope he will receive this evening to say I should be up early on Monday.


Sunday 3rd October 1824

I have determined to go up this afternoon as the morning may be bad and I shall have more leisure to talk with dear Arthur.

Mr and Mrs Dyke called after Church.

Left home at 3 o’clock, found Arthur and his wife going to dinner. Arthur went to Mr Caldwell just arrived at Dr Holland’s. Brought him home with him. Much general conversation on our unhappy situations. Heard for first time of G.E.G’s Balance’s he has never mentioned it to me.


Monday 4th October 1824

Mr Pearce of Dartford came to me at 1 o’clock. We went together to Mr Seymour’s by appointment with the Inventories from Orpington. He was engaged ‘till 3 o’clock at Public Meeting, so it was 4 before we left him. Stracey and Graham came in whilst we were waiting. Mr Seymour put me down in Oxford St as he was going into the City to attend a meeting of our Creditors to prove claims. Found Arthur and Mrs Arthur going to dine at Dr Hollands so I went with them. On our return home at night found Mr Hard’s opinion upon the case. Mr Seymour had stated for dear Arthur - but he does not agree with Mr Seymour’s view of the case.


Tuesday 5th Oct 1824

Called and bought Georgina some stockings in my way to the Baptiste Head Coffee House of Pope and Frifth, paid them for same 7/6d.

In Aldermanbry as above from 10 to 3 o’clock, waiting, all our friends very kind, a great Noise and confusion we understood before the Commissioners to the choice of (sessions? ), a blackguard attempt to chuse their own people. A respectable list of three however prevailed namely Mr Hare, Mr Bolland and Mr Knight, my worthy friend Gordon from (Tunstern?) conveniently useful in answering some of the low Insinuations about parking assigniers  etc. Called on Mr Freeling, he sent me a kind message but was much engaged. Called afterward upon Mr Peacock, College Hill, found he wanted to enquire about all my private property to check an Account Arthur had given him. Told him all I could. Arthur and I after dinner went up to Mr Seymour’s and talked over Mr Hart’s opinion. He recommended Arthur to go down to him near Tunbridge and talk it over. Arthur went to Dr Holland’s and I to Whitehall Place to tea and bed.


Wednesday 6th Oct 1824

Worthy Gordon came to breakfast. Wrote dear George a long letter to the care of Thomas Rowles and enclosed one from Anne, Mrs Gabiou, in which I gave him an account of our present distressed state and of poor William’s death!! Etc.

Went to the Foreign Office and sat 1/2 an hour with Mr Bandinel. He went with me to the Treasury to  look for a Magistrate that I might make an affidavit about the – cask of malaisey, none there. Saw Mr Ninon, went to Queen’s Square and took it before Mr Markland. Sent it up 2nd Post to Butcher. Paid Gray grocer for 14lb – 14/

Dalyon for  Grotts 2/

2 Stamps for Mrs Marsh 7/

Left Whitehall Place at 3 o’clock in little Phaeton and got home at ½ past 5, and had the happiness of finding Mr Scott here and much recovered and all my dear well.

Mr Scott most seriously repeated the offer of his house. His kindness quite over coming!!!


Thursday 7th Oct 1824

Wrote a long explanatory letter to  Mr Freeling and requested that all things might lay dormant a few days or rather ‘till it was necessary to let next month. Shewed how secure the Office was! Sent a copy of my letter to Mr Seymour and both by Henry to Southend for the 2nd Post. I am apprehensive that Mr Peacock may possibly meditate issuing further Extents upon my detailed property, which would only be expensive and useless! Major and Mrs Wood and Mr Townley called. Mr Beadle and Mrs Marsh paid him for the Coals we have laid in since the 13 of last month. £10.16.0

Dear Miss Dyke called and partook of some of our dinner by way of luncheon, she says hear dear Mother was gone to Turnbour Green to put Bluff to school!!


Friday 8th Oct 1824

Just as Mrs Marsh, dear Mary and I were setting off to look at Mr Scotts house at Bromley, I received a letter from Mr Graham with the distressing account that the Stock I and Mr John Marsh had in Trust for Mrs Henderson had been sold by me or rather by my Power in July 1821. This cannot be! Wrote directly to Mr Wilson, Montague St to say so and that I will lose no time in tracing this business! Took a Chaise therefore at Bromley and dear Mrs Marsh would accompany me. Got to Whitehall Place at 3 o’clock. Arthur and his wife gone to Mr Ward’s. Mrs Marsh went to Mr Rowles’s to wait ‘till I could call for her. Saw Mr Conant who told me I had a standing order to be admitted to poor Henry Fauntleroy whenever I might choose to call. Called on Mr Seymour and stated that business to him and he agreed I should immediately follow up my intention of going to Cold Bath Fields! Called in Berners St, saw Thomas Pointer and his wife, am afraid only Bird will get engaged at the new house! Went to cold Bath field and saw Henry Fauntleroy. He told me if was certainly sold by a Power from myself and the late Mr Marsh. This is most strange. I asked him upon what pretence! He said he believed to go upon Mortgage or some other security! But he appeared rather not to recollect particularly or was unwilling to do so! I sat half an hour with him. He received and parted with me very affectionately!!!!

Drove to Whitehall Place just 6 o’clock, saw dear Arthur and Graham for a few minutes, the latter having a letter from me for the Post which I did not read till I got to Orpington at 9 o’clock with Mrs Marsh.


Saturday 9th Oct 1824

Reflecting upon all that past yesterday and perceiving that Mr Wilson is impressed with the idea that I was privy and –ing at the sale of his stock, I have this  morning endeavored to trace out the facts by referring to my memorandums in the diary and also  to what passed when Mrs Henderson was here in July and I have also written to Spalding to examine the date of the Power as it has struck me it must have been a General one at the time the money was lent to  Mr Henderson and that Henry must have taken advantage of this in July 1821 for I cannot recollect or trace in my diary anything about it. I will write to the Reverend G.A.E. Marsh to look over Father’s letters received from me and also his diary!! Besides how could the “new 4percents” be sold when they did not exist “2 July 1821.”

Sir John and Lady Lubbock called, he is desirous of having the Canotts from (Landsend?) so I have written Captain Reynolds and Mr Beadle accordingly. Major Wood is to be spared one Ton by Sir John.

A fine afternoon. Walked for an hour in the garden. Expect Mr Seymour tomorrow morning when I intend returning with him to Whitehall Place.


Sunday 10th October. 1824

Mr Seymour came at 1 o’clock. Had a general and satisfactory conversation with us all. He staid and dined with us and I went up with him. He put me down at Arthur’s but who with his wife was done to Dr Holland’s. They came home pretty early, find dear Arthur still unsettled as to what he will be able to do.

This has been a day of heavy and incessant rain!

Am to meet Mr Peacock in Red Lion Square tomorrow at 1 o’clock for the Inquisition before the Tender Sherriff.


Monday 11 October 1824

A thorough wet morning.

Went to Mr Peacock, No.21 College Hill, found him out and that he had sent to Mr Gordan etc to put off the Inquisition as his wife was taken ill!

Called on Mr Freshfield, saw only his son who obligingly went to the Bank and brough me an account how Mrs H-‘s stock had been but not the main object of my enquiry, namely whether it was not all under a General Power at the time the £600 was released for Mr Henderson, and the day was so bad I must take another opportunity to further inquiry.

Returned to  Arthur’s, found that unhappily he does not clear the way so well as I would wish.

Walked to Green St and saw Reverend G. Marsh and his mother. Left them a memorandum of dates to look amongst Mr J.Marsh’s letters and memorandums.

Left Arthur’s in little Phaeton ½ past 5 o’clock, got home about ½ past 8 o’clock and found all well.

Found a kind letter from Mr.Freeling.


Tuesday 12th October 1824

Received a letter from Mrs Gee, refers me to Mr Robertson, her Lawyer!! Sir Benjamin has the gout!! Dear Georgy had a kind letter from Mrs Tresilian.

All the morning looking out for materials for my account to the Assignees!

A complete wet day and high wind.


Wednesday 13th October 1824

All the morning except half an hour walk in the garden, looking over papers and old accounts.

Mrs Wood called, Mrs Marsh and dear Mary gone to Mr Scott, Bromley as I am a little uneasy about the former’s foot.

Lady Lubbock called at 3 o’clock and took dear Georgy out with her on her pony.

5 o’clock when she got back and Mrs Marsh and Mary only part before her.

In the evening ready papers etc in order to make up my account for the Assignees.

Mrs Marsh received an affectionate letter from dear Mrs Rowles from Paris! I had one from Shilling to say that Mr Seymour of the Ordham(?) Bank would arrange for him the £300 I had m---ed for him with themselves.


Thursday 14th October 1824

Received a letter from dear Arthur saying he would pay Mr Delmar’s draft for Mrs Marsh’s rent, but expressing doubt about my £100, and that there was nothing new.

Looking over papers to make up my account for the Assignees.


Friday 15th October 1824

Dear Mary and Georgina went to Town.

Busy at my accounts which for want of having kept regular I find p—rting!

Proved rather a wet evening and dear Mary and Georgina did not get back to dinner before ½ past 7 o’clock!!

Arthur paid Mary Mr Delmar’s rent and Mr Bingham his to Mary both for dear Mrs Marsh. They met Mr,L.Holland who was very kind and useful to them!


Saturday 16th October 1824

Went at ½ past 9 o’clock to Dartford having been apprised by Mr Pearce that the Inquisition would be held there at 11 o’clock. Found he had received a letter from Mr Peacock to  stay all proceedings ‘till further orders! Waited ‘till ½ past 1 to see if the Under Sheriff would arrive. Wrote to Mr Seymour from Dartford.

Got home at 3 o’clock to dinner. Horses and some coffee at Dartford 6s/.

Received a most kind letter from Mr Sankey at Dover, and another from my dear friend Mr Wheeler.

This evening made up for Mr Seymour’s approval the different statements.

Received a packet from dear Arthur with a letter from Mr Seymour and other letters.  


Sunday 17th October 1824

Received a kind letter from poor Mr Hare by which I found he and his colleagues were kindly endeavoring to see if they could pay off the Extent. Wrote him my thanks but at same time stated that I now saw no advantage in it except saving the Sheriff’s Poundage and the amounts of which I had no idea. Had a distressing letter from poor Lettin(?) Lewis at Devenport, shall endeavor to give her some comforts.

Mr Dyke called in after Church and sat an hour with us.

If all fine shall drive to Town tomorrow.


Monday 18th October 1824

This would have been poor William’s birthday, 29!

Drove up in the Phaeton, saw dear Arthur who had not yet got Mr Bell’s opinion. Found a note from Mr Seymour wishing to see me before 1 o’clock. Went up to him immediately. He had Persons with him. He approved of my answers to the different questions for the Assignees! Did not leave him ‘ill past 3 o’clock. Returned to Whitehall Place, wrote to Mr Hare an apology for not seeing him.

Arthur still not had Mr Bell’s opinion.

Returned at ¼ past 4 o’clock. Fortunate in my weather.


Tuesday 19th October

Got up with a sore  headache.

Wrote Mr Robertson, Mrs Gee’s attention. Also to my friend Mr Seymour and sent him a copy of the valuation made by Mr Pearce the Sheriff’s Appraiser of the Goods here my property and the freehold and furniture at Shorne also to Stone at Brighton.

Reviewing my answers.

Walked out for an hour for air, which relieved my headache.

Mr Townely called.


Wednesday 20th October 1824

Received a letter from Mr Seymour wishing to see me at 3 o’clock tomorrow to sign a petition for further time for our 3rd Examination and which he must witness! Also one from dear Arthur, the subject of poor Mrs Ray.

Drove over with Mrs Marsh and Georgy to see Mr Scott and also to look over the house and take some measures etc.

Paid Davies at the Bell for a Chaise the day I received Mr Graham’s absurd letter about Mrs Henderson’s stocks. £1.7

Called on good Mrs Jenner in our way home, dear Miss Dyke suffering again with the pain in her ear. Mr Dyke called on us this morning before we set out.


Thursday 21st October 1824

Went to Town in the Phaeton.

First to Knightsbridge and saw poor Mrs Ray, Emmett and his wife and Dale.

Called on Capenen, saw only his wife, left a letter with Hook for dear Mary.

At 3 o’clock at Mr Seymour’s and signed a Petition for a delay of our third meeting! Mr Graham came in and told me of a report amongst the Creditors of a most foolish and unbecoming speech I had made, the whole a most extraordinary lie! However as he told it  came from Mr Dawson of Great Marlborough Street and who would gain up his author, I spoke to him and found to my surprise that it was a speech of Mr Stracey’s making when he had asked him about my private property!! I begged him to contradict it! Which he promised to do. Had the pleasure to find Mr Bell’s opinion favourable for dear Arthur and that honest master Morrison had signed forward for him.  Did not get home till 9 o’clock.


Friday 22nd Octobery 1824

A find day.

Walked for an hour. Afterwards busy writing and Lady Lubbock called for dear Georgina to ride with her. On their return Georgy’s pony fell and has sadly cut his knees. Thank god the dear girl was not hurt.

Major and Mrs Wood very kind to her and the former walked home with her as it happened near their house.

Received a letter from Marton’s to say two Bills had been dishonoured by Mr Nash. Sent the letter together with Mr Pearce the Sherriff’s Appraising Valuation and Inventory to Mr Seymour in a Coach from Footscray. 


Saturday 23rd October 1824

Had a most restless night.

Received a letter from Mr Robinson, Mrs Gee’s solicitor to say that we must be supposed refer all to the Assignees!!

Very uneasy at the pit of my stomach.Walked a short time.

Wrote a letter to Mr Dawson which I mean to send up to Mr Seymour.

Mrs Jenner and Miss Dyke called.

Mrs Marsh and the girls gone there. Major Wood and Mrs Wood kindly called. Also Mr Rohd.

Wrote Mr Freeling, Mr Sankey, Mr Wheeler, and Mr Butcher. 


Sunday 24th October 1824

Took some medicine and remained at home all day.
Mr Dyke came in after church.

Making out answers to the Questions for the Assignees.


Monday 25th October 1824

Mrs Marsh, and the dear girls gone to Town in the Phaeton though all the appearance of rain.

Tibbs and Duke called and brought me their small accounts. Wrote a letter to Mr Rowles, to Milland House, and gave the former to put into the 2nd Post at Eltham as he said he was going there directly and it was then only 10 o’clock.

Finished my answers for the Assignees!

7 o’clock and my dear women not come home! A packet from Arthur by Gates with sundry letters, one from the Stamp Office about Mr S. Harris’s Legacy Duty. Shall go up by Gates in the morning.

20 minutes to 8 and Mrs Marsh and dear girls only just arrived but quite well.


Tuesday 26th October 1824

A blowing northerly with frequent showers.

Received a letter from Mr Ward of Willey and Mr Bevan. Answered them both. Also a large basket of apples, and a few pears from Shilling. Wrote General Corner a reply to his letter about Mrs Bood’s settlement etc etc.

Colonel and Mrs Toone called, we expect Mr Delmar to dinner at ½ past 6 by Gates.


Wednesday 27th October 1824

Twenty four years this day since that most excellent man my dear Father died!! How miserable he would have felt at my present situation!!

Received a letter from Reverend G. Marsh with Tuners, direction. We expect Mr Delmar. I am going to Town in the morning to see Mr Seymour etc etc.

Mr Delmar came down by Gates to dinner!


Thursday 28th October 1824

Went to Town in the Phaeton with Mr Delmar. Stopped at the Equitable and found that my Policy after I have paid the next Rem- due the 25th of next month, will be entitled to 30 per Cent, or £600!! Put Mr Delmar down at his house. In Whitehall Place. Arthur and I walked up to Mr Seymour’s to attend to my application with him. We found he had left Town yesterday and was not expected back before tonight!

I walked on and called on Mr Kenie, not at home.

Went and sat an hour with good Mrs Fauntleroy and dear Eliza (Elvira?) the latter miserably ill and reduced! Her mother not aware of the miserable and that end that awaits her son!!

Went on and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler, who received me very affectionately! His nephew Thomas came in to sleep there as Mr Wheeler had not been very well.

I slept at Whitehall Place. Sent the Phaeton home and two pair of shoes received from Mr Stone at Brighton, rather high priced £1.10.0!


Friday 29th October 1824

A thorough wet morning.

Arthur went early to Mr Seymour, found he returned last night and that he had been down to the Chanceloor in Dorsetshire to strike a Dokit against Henry Fauntleroy who had on Wednesday Committed an act of Bankruptcy by assigning all  the Property and that he had sued out a Comm-nt (new one) including all four! Arthur could not clearly comprehend the object or operation of all this, but I am afraid it will retard his affairs, and also puzzle ours at Orpington! Went up to Margaret Street at ½ past 2. Waited ‘till just 5 o’clock before Mr Seymour came apparently much tired and his dinner waiting, so I could not have conversation enough with him to understand our present situation of him and how altered by this measure of his!

Dined with Arthur.

Mr Seymour wishes to see me tomorrow at the Baptiste Head Aldermanbry after we leave (hear?) the Old  Bailey being sup-d upon the unhappy Henry Fauntleroy’s trail! To be at the London Coffee House to meet Mr Freshfield at 8 o’clock.


Saturday 30 October 1824

Could not sleep and very unwell!

Got up at 6 o’clock and got a coach at ½ past 7 o’clock. A very wet morning.

Got to the London Coffee House before 8. Nobody yet come. A Table laid for Thirty Witnesses with a profusion of Breakfast!

At 9 o’clock we all adjoounred to a room in the Sessions House. Kept chiefly with poor Miss Young and Mr Kenie! (Kerrie?)

The Trial commenced at 10 o’clock on Miss Young’s case. Over at 3 o’clock at ¼ past the July bought him in Guilty upon all the counts!! He pleaded I think in an non manly manner “Not Guilty” and read a defence which might throw some slight odium on others if strictly true, but was no defence for him!! Happily neither of us were called and we were never in Court. Went to the Baptiste Head Aldermandbry but Mr Seymour was gone. Called and paid Parker, Strand for my Black Clothes £9.13.0

Saw Arthur but he had nothing new. Got home at 8 o’clock quite unwell.


Sunday 31st October 1824

Much better this morning for an early warm bed and some medicine I took last night. A thoroughly wet morning.

Received a letter from Shilling! Wrote one to Mr Seymour stating that the 6th of November was fast approaching and desiring he would let us if any and what alterations this new Comm-n would make with us!! And Arthur.


Monday 1st November 1824

Much better this morning.

Wrote Mr Seymour fully also dear Arthur desiring his boy Frederick might not come down by Gates until they were certain I was not come up tomorrow.

Mrs Welland paid us a most kind and friendly visit. Also Mrs Mackenzie gave the former the two pieces of carved stone from Tinton Abbey for their (Glass House?)


Tuesday Tuesday 2nd November 1824

Received a satisfactory letter from Mr Seymour and who wishes to see me tomorrow. Also the Observer Newspaper, the first we had had since Saturday!! Have only read poor Henry Fauntleroy’s defence, weak if all true, but weaker because great part is not, and great part coloured to answer his own purpose! Poor fellow, it would have been much manly and just to have pleaded Guilty at once!!

Henry Speering leaves us this afternoon, paid him all due since the 13th September. Voucher with Mrs Marsh £10, he is to receive from the Assignees for his  Half Year due 14 September.


Wednesday 3rd November 1824

Went to Town in the Phaeton.

Called on Mr Vernon at the Treasury. He was not there. Left him a note!

In Whitehall Place, nothing new with dear Arthur.

Saw the Newspaper, the Chronicle and all the vile stuff it contained.

At Mr Seymours at ½ past 1 o’clock by appointment. Stracey came at ½ past 2 o’clock. Mr Seymour at 3 and G.E.Graham at 4. A long conversation about answering these Paragraphs. Mr Stracey was for a long and reflecting reply upon Henry Fauntleroy, but I was joined by Mr Seymour and Graham in only stating that on the 18 of December we should be Examined upon Oath before the Commissioners and which we deemed the proper time to show from Books and Documents all the Concerns of the House. I did not part ‘till ¾ past 5 o’clock. Took some dinner with Arthur. Left him at 7 o’clock and got home before 10 o’clock.

Paid Gillend, S—k £0.13.5

Found Mrs Marsh had opened a letter from Mr Pearce of Dartford to say the Inquisition was appointed for Friday and requesting I would send him the Inventories and Valuations he had lent me and which I had sent to Mr Seymour for the Information of the Assignees who proposed paying it off. Frederick Dell came as a temporary servant to be paid after the rate of £20 annually as long as he stays.


Thursday 4th November 1824

In consequence of Mr Pearce’s letter last night I sent him a letter by one of Plater’s Post Boys to say that expecting the Extend to be  off, I had by Mr Seymour’s desire sent him all his Papers for the information of the Assignees, and as he was going to Town requested he would call upon both Mr Peacock and Mr Seymour. Had his answer before 9 o’clock to say he would do so! So hope I – from both on the subject! Wrote Arthur and Mr Seymour. The latter to request he would return me a letter I lent him to read! Sir John and Lady Lubbock called and sat an hour with us. A fine day but rather cold.


Friday 5th November 1824

No letters today from either Mr Seymour, Mr Peacock, or Pearce. Of course quite at a loss to know what was done yesterday about the Extent!!

Received a letter from Sir George F Hampson enclosing one from Mr Frankland, Mr P enquires about this house. Wrote Sir George all particulars and said Mrs Marsh and I would be glad to see Mr and Mrs T here if they wished afterwards to go on with a Treaty with Mrs Gee’s. Wrote also my dear friend Mr Wheeler.

Mrs Jenner and Miss Dyke called. 7 o’clock.

Nothing from Mr Pearce.


Saturday 6th November 1824

Went up in the Phaeton.

Met Portman with a letter from Arthur to say that he had been summoned to attend the Inquisition of Under Sheriffs, Red Lion Square, also that Mr Wilson had been with him about Mrs Henderson’s Stock again. This determined me to go over London Bridge and to the Bank. First to the Port Office, saw Mr H. Freeling, very kind and civil. I think it appears the Lawyers are determined to have the Sheriff’s Poundage!! At Bank. Found the Balance was sold out 27th July 1821, under our General old Power and by Mr Stracey, but the Transfer ordered by a letter from Mr Fauntleroy to Mr Spurling and who in (addition, Spurtling?)  adds Mr Stracey will be down to make the Transfer!!!

In Whitehall Place. Arthur had forgot to go to Red Lion Square! Went to Knightsbridge and saw Mrs Ray.

At Mr Seymour’s who thinks the Inquisition not at all against any arrangement and I might wish to make ! Just as I got there Mr Stracy and Graham came in (5 o’clock). Mr Seymour mentioned what I had just told him about Mrs Henderson’s stock, but he said he did not know any thing about it!

Returned to Whitehall Place and having had a luncheon with Mrs Ray at ¼ past 6 o’clock returned home which I will not reach until near 9 o’clock.

Arthur had I found received another summons to be in Red Lion Square to state my Property in Middlesex as they had adjourned their meeting ‘till 7 o’clock this evening. I had 3 weeks ago given it to Mr Peacock at his office, College Hill.


Sunday 7th November 1824

Mr Townly called this morning, it being afternoon Church.

Wrote Mr Scott to Bromley and also to Barham, Locks Bottom for a Chaise tomorrow for Mrs Marsh and dear girls as Mr Seymour made an appointment with me  yesterday for us all to meet at his home tomorrow at 12 o’clock!

The pimples that come on my forehead last Friday evening do not appear to have been inflamed by my ride and going about Town yesterday!


Monday 8th November 1824

Went up in Banham’s Chaise with dear Mrs Marsh and Mary. An hour and a half with Mr Seymour, who has given us quite a new view of our case about the Extent etc.

Dear Mrs  Marsh and Mary went to Mr Rowles, as I walked by Mr John Fauntleroy’s I called and found him at home. My chief object was to enquire after his dear mother and sister, but in the coarse of  conversation he told me that his brother had given his lawyer in writing a full account of all the concerns and transactions of the Banking House as he at least chose to state them and they had from that prepared his defence! I told him I could but regret that such defence was ever made!! He mentioned a circumstance the above written document contains, which if true, I cannot but consider as a piece most black—on the part of Henry Fauntleroy. However surprising and new it is to me!!!

Dined and slept at Arthur’s.


Tuesday 9th November 1824

Lord Mayor’s Day and the sun shines!!

All the morning ‘till ½ past 2 o’clock preparing papers for the 6 (questions?) for the Commissioners. Find I had left some papers necessary at Orpington, came down by Gates, and got here soon after 6 o’clock, and had the happiness of finding all well!

My women quite deranged with all this business!!


Wednesday 10th November 1824

Much better this morning. A very windy and showery morning. Am in doubt whether I shall go up to day again or not. It will depend upon my ready finding the papers, and the state of the afternoon!

Determined to remain and go up by Gates in the morning, as the wind is very high with occasional showers, and I could not now get up before ½ past 5 o’clock which would make the m—and hours very late to return.

5 o’clock Mr Rowles arrived in a Chaise, very kind. Took his tea and I returned with him and he put me down at Whitehall Place at ½ past 10 o’clock.

Found Arthur in the office preparing for his meeting tomorrow. Heard with great surprise that Mr Divie Robertson having called upon the Assignees for a list of all payments above £100, on Saturday the 11 September. They had objected to Amelia’s draft for her money though there never was a fairer transaction owing to a foolish letter I got her to write!


Thursday 11 November 1824

A most thorough wet bad day.

Could not stir out.

Mr Seymour and Arthur engaged the whole morning at the meeting of his creditors, which has ended as favourably as could be expected.

Quite  ill and low with vexation at my having (inadvertently?) thrown such doubt upon Amelia’s fair and honest claim for her money from Berners Street.

Arthur having unfurnished his dining room the back parlour is so often interrupted that I find it impossible to be there 2 hours together undisturbed. Determined therefore not to attempt it, but on Monday to avail myself of Mr and Mrs Rowles’s kind offer to us to go to their house and which I would also have the advantage of being on the spot to see Mr Seymour etc at all hours. Talking over with Arthur and Amelia, her case and preparing a statement of facts for Mr Delmar to lay before Mr Bell and he is to call tomorrow at 1 o’clock to draw it out fair for  that gentleman’s opinion. Found Sir Henry Dashwood and worthy Gaden had called upon me yesterday. They are at Thompson’s Hotel, Holles Street.


Friday 12th November 1824

Mr Delmar called and took Amelia’s case for Mr Bell!

A fine day.

The Editor of the Morning Chronicle has put in his paper all the proceedings of Arthur’s private meeting, and mine, made some ignorant and Villainous comments upon the Business. Arthur is so indignant that he talks of calling with Mr Delmar upon the Editor and if he will not make a suitable acknowledgement of his error, to see if an action is not mountable against him.

Walked to Mr Seymour’s, not at home.

Called at Watson at the new house in Holles Street, and had a satisfactory explanation and conversation with him about Mrs Henderson’s business!

Saw my old acquaintance Sir Claude Scott, very kind and very civil!

Went on to Stratton Street and told Joseph and Elizabeth we should be upon Monday agreeable to Mrs Rowles’s kind permission!

Returned to Mr Seymour’s, he was just come in before Mr Graham came in. Mr Seymour appeared to have no knowledge of what was doing about the Extent, and advised me to write a note to Mr Hare. He also thought there would be great propriety in our signing a petition for poor Henry Fauntleroy, more especially as Mr Stracey had. We therefore called at Mr Fauntleroy’s to do so, but the petition was removed just before. Mr Graham went on to Mr Forbes’s to sign but I stopped in Berners Street to write to Mr Hare and as it was past 2 o’clock I was to go home by Gates I had no time. When I got to Whitehall Place Arthur and Amelia were going out to Mr Bell. D- to Mrs Holland there, had only just time to save the Coach and got home at ½ past 6 o’clock.


Saturday 13 November 1824

A cloudy morning with all appearance of much rain coming on.

Better this morning for a quiet night.

Received a most kind satisfactory letter from Mr Hare explaining how the business of the Extent stood and the duty the Assignees felt in attemptions to set it aside!! And that at all events when this question is decided one way or the other they will pay it off. Wrote him to thank him for his letter and also stated a full detail of Amelia’s business as addressed to the Assignees, but submitting to him whether he would deliver it or not, as I enclosed it to him in Bedford Square at 2nd Post from S:End!

Wrote also to Arthur.

Major and Mrs Wood called, also Mrs Scott and her daughter Mrs Ogle.

A tempestuous afternoon and evening.

Received a letter this evening from Arthur to say that Mr Bell’s opinion not being very favourable, Amelia had determined to write to the Assignees and return her money. This idea highly premature, as the gentlemen and the Commissioners ought for our own sakes first hear all particulars!!

Just as I was coming away yesterday Mrs Marsh’s old maid, Harnett, formerly Carty, called to ask me to endeavor to get them something as the Public House Business had not answered. I explained to her how little influence I now had anywhere! 


Sunday 14th November 1824

A tempestuous bad morning. No going to Church. Read Prayers at home.

Received a letter from Mssrs Field & Co, Wax Chandlers appologising for not having sent in their bill before.

Wrote Arthur my regret that Amelia should give up the Question without a previous and full explanation with the Commissioners and the Assignees! Wrote also to Mr Scott, Bromley to say we were going to Stratton St tomorrow and that the dear girls would remain at home.

Expect Mr Frankland tomorrow at 12 o’clock to look at the house!


Monday 15th November 1824

Mr Beadle’s Waggnoer called early this morning with the Canotts and the account for the same, and also a letter from Captain Reynolds to me. Sent all on to sir John Lubbock at High Elms Farm. Found he had dropped one ton out of the four at Major Wood’s.

Mr Frankland came at 12 o’clock according to his appointment to look over the house etc etc and appeared to like it! He said Mrs Frankland was not well but would take an early opportunity of coming to see it. I explained to him my situation regarding it. Also that I should him as the Applicant.

Took an early dinner and Mrs Marsh and I came up in the little Phaeton to Mr Rowles’s. I stopped at Whitehall Place and brought up all my clothes etc. Found Amelia had written to Mr Gordon to give up her money which I think wrong ‘till the case had been fully stated to the Commissioners as most certainly all question arose from my instigation after she had completed her own account! And by this precipitancy a consciousness is implied that we had a contemplation of Bankruptcy, which at that moment we had not and had prevented her taking her money the day before!   


Tuesday 16th November 1824

Found my things arranged us very comfortably by Mr and Mrs Rowles’s order! Went to Mr Seymour by his appointment at 12 o’clock. He was so much engaged that I had difficult conversations with him ‘till 3 o’clock. Called at Mr John Fauntleroy’s, he was not at home but I signed the Petition for his unhappy brother as Mr Seymour thought it a proper measure, more especially as Mssr Stracey and Graham had already done so!

Walked to the Banking House and wrote a letter to Mr Hare and enclosed the Reverend Mr Wallington’s letter to him about Mr Mounford Cam--- Stock, and also Ann Briddlyann of £60 per Annum. Found Mssr Stracey and Graham there. Had half an hour’s general conversation!

Found Mr (Goduli?) of No.9 Portugal Street waiting here about the house at Orpington.. Told him how I was situated with it and also with Mr Frankland.

Mrs Marsh and I dined alone and in the evening looking over the papers Mr Seymour had given me.  


Wednesday 17th November 1824

Writing some letter and expecting the dear girls from Orpington.

Captain and Mrs and the Miss Longs called. As Mary and Georgina did not come at ½ past 2 o’clock I walked to the Foreign Office, and the little Cloisters Westminster Abbey. Missed seeing Mr Bandinel. Called at Whitehall Place, saw only Mrs Arthur.

Got home to dinner at 4 o’clock.

At ½ past 5 received a letter from dear Arthur enclosing one from Mr Peacock to ask him if I knew of the attempt to supersede the Extend and if it was with my approbation?  Walked immediately to Mr Seymour’s to consult him upon my answer. Found him out at dinner. Saw his clerk and left Mr Peacock’s letter and wrote an answer and left for Mr Seymour to shew both to Mr Gordon tomorrow morning. And to send to me if it was objectionable! Mr Stracey came in while I was there. Nothing particular passed with us. Got home again before 8 o’clock.

Mr and Mrs Burton called in consequence of my appointment when I met him yesterday and I returned him the same 100 Bank Notes he so kindly lent me on the 14th September. He is to send me the letter. I then wrote him which he had forgot to bring with him! In the course of conversation he said his Father’s Stock Bond to the House was sold to Mr Jn Stracey! I told him this was new to me, as I never recollect having heard one word about it.


Thursday 18th November 1824

A thorough wet morning after a tempestuous night.

Received a letter from dear Mary. Found Mr Todsell? Did go down to the House yesterday. She regrets that she and dear Georgy did not drive up yesterday. Today it’s out the question. Sent them a parcel by Gates, and at same time a note to Arthur! To send me the newspaper for as it goes to Orpington we do not see it.

Recopied my letter of the 13th instant to the Assignees on the subject of Amelia’s having her £5000, intending to give the same again to Mr Gordon and request the favor he will keep it, as the best explanation I can now give of that unnecessary weak transaction!


Friday 19th November 1824

A wet bad morning.

At 1 o’clock walked to Scotland Yard. Met Sir John (Gere?) who walked there with me. Truly kind and affectionate like an old sincere friend! About dear Arthur, who I found gone into the City with Amelia to sell out her money again! Which I deem premature wishing the thing first to be heard by the Commissioners and Assignees. Mr Graham and my testimony added to her own, even if she eventually gave it up as it would at least show our real intention at the time! Called in Berners St, found Mr Gordon there and gave him again my explanatory letter of the 13th which Mr Hare had returned to me by Mr Seymour, as he said it was now of no consequence and that the Assignees were satisfied I had no (sinis?) her intention. I new requested the favor he would keep it amongst his papers as my justification if necessary hereafter! Found Mr Stracey, son, and his eldest brother upstairs. Mr Graham not there.

Called at Mr Seymours, out, and not expected soon.

Returned to Whitehall Place and saw Arthur and Amelia. The latter said she really could not meet such a number of persons and although she believed the Law was with her she had rather not dispute the Question!!!


Saturday 20th November 1824

Another wet morning.

My dear Mrs Marsh must leave all her little concessions undone.

Obliged to take a coat (Coach?) and go to Whitehall Place. An incessant rain. Called at Ransom’s and Co’s for some change. Saw Mr Kinnard and Mr William’s Int: his Father my old acquaintance in Shropshire.

Settled with Arthur and his wife that I would be there again on Monday and take up my Quarters with them!

So bad I could not go to Berners St as I wished. Mrs Marsh and I obliged to have a Chaise from the 3 Kings, and got home at 4 o’clock and had the happiness to find our dear girls quite well and rejoiced to see us again!


Sunday 21st November 1824

Very unwell this morning which for heavy rain is worse than any morning we have had yet! Cleared up at 12 o’clock and I was a fine afternoon.

Mr and Mrs Dyke called in their way to afternoon Church.

Found that O’Kill the man in possession for the Sheriff had during our absence deviated grossly from his heretofore good behaviour. Called him in and fully remonstrated with him! He admitted the case, was civil and promised to renew his former good conduct! Wrote Arthur to remind of Colonel D!


Monday 22nd November 1824

The pain in my stomach enerved so much after I got to bed last night as totally to prevent my sleeping. At 2 o’clock I was obliged to disturb the Family and get some warm gruel, rhubarb etc and this has given me ease but still I fell a weight and sensation at the pit of the stomach.

Mrs Dyke called at 11 o’clock and took Mary to sit at Mrs Jenner’s whilst she went on the Clay Hill. Sarah Montague went over in the Chaise Cart to consult Mr Scott, wrote to him by her and begged he would send a letter I wrote to Arthur up by his Bag for the 2nd post. Told him how I felt he has returned “Round and Grape” but I cannot now take them! Feeling cold and chilly! Have some doubts about going up tomorrow.


Tuesday 23rd November 1824

Very ill again in the night, was obliged to ring Whately up at 3 o’clock, got a fire and some warm gruel. No effect from the medicine. Could not leave my room ‘till late in the afternoon.

Mr Taynton called in the morning, has ordered me more and different medicines! Say Mr Scott is in Town and harassed beyond and not very well! Feel still great uneasiness! Got to bed again early!


Wednesday 24th November 1824

Had 4 or 5 hours sleep last night at different times. Took Mr Taynton’s three draughts, found some benefit from them! Just got downstairs at ½ past 1 o’clock when Mr Taynton called again! He thinks I am reduced enough, and has allowed me a spoonful of wine in my gruel!

Received a letter from dear Arthur saying he had had one from poor George dated at Graham Town last October. Of course he could know nothing of our catastrophe!! Wrote him a few lines in return!


Thursday 25th November 1824

A restless night and therefore took the medicine Mr Taynton had sent me.

Received a letter from Arthur enclosing a memorandum for me to sign signifying that we wished Mr Seymour to act for us! It was signed by Mr Stracey, did the same and returned it to Arthur. Also al letter from Shilling on his concerns!

Very weak and low all day being so much reduced and water gruel only!  


Friday 26th November 1824

Much letters this morning. Though still some feeling of uneasiness in my back. Received a letter from Arthur saying that I should see by the newspaper he sent me that poor unhappy Henry Fauntleroy’s fate was sealed for Tuesday next!! Of which I have had but too deep a heartfelt anticipation!!! Most dreadfully distressing!!!

Also a letter from Mrs Bevan about her stock. Wrote to both in return.

Mrs Jenner called and left dear Miss Dyke with us whilst she went onto East Hall. Mr Scott called about ½ past 4 o’clock to see me! Very kind. I was happy to see him better than I had heard he was! Is to send me some medicines.


Saturday 27th November 1824

Had another restless night. A great uneasiness in the stomach at 7, too the remaining of the Medicine sent my by Mr Taynton!

Received a letter from Arthur to say that he had one for me from Mr Willington to ask if I had made the enquiry about Mrs Mumford Campbell’s Stock. Wrote to Arthur and told him I had sent Mr Willmington’s letter to our Assignees requesting the favor they would cause our Books to be examined about it. Also stated to them the Claim for Ann Briddle’s Legacy Duty on her annuity from the Stamp Office.

Mrs Wood took my letters to Eltham for  2nd Post. Wrote a short letter to poor John Fauntleroy. Sent Wm to Bromley to Mr Scott.


Sunday 28th November 1824

A much better night last night than any for  the last fortnight! Slept ‘till a ¼ before 5 o’clock. Mr Scott’s last medicines have certainly done me much good.

Dear Mrs Dyke called after Church. Told us of a Present her son Wm wrote he had sent his sister Harriot, but as his letter was without date or place and what the Present was also not named, Mr Francis Dyke had sent the letter to a friend at Portsmouth to enquire. I told her London was more probable!

Wrote my dear friend Mr Wheeler and also  Mr Stone to Chislehurst.

Some gentleman, a friend of Mr Js Custer’s(?) called to look at the house. I told him there was a gentleman before him and explained my situation to him. He just looked into the garden, in deed he brought a great dirty dog with him so I had not desire he should go over the house! I thinking of dear Mrs Dyke and her son William’s letter I wrote one to Mr Lock at the Custom’s House fully explaining the case and requesting his return services in making an enquiry after a parcel from Madeira, in the name of Dykes, and begging he would let Mr Frank Dyke in Doctor’s Commons know the result.


Monday 29th November 1824

Mrs Marsh and my dear girls came to Town with me. Got out at Whitehall Place. Saw Arthur. Nothing new.

Received a message from Mr Seymour to know when he could see me. Told him I would be at his house at 7 o’clock this evening.

Dined in Stratton Street at ½ past 4.

At Mr Seymour’s at 7. He wanted to urge me to get my statements forward as the time runs on. Also that the Extent from the Post Office was set aside owing to some legal information! Dear Arthur came in. Mr Seymour said he understood that Henry Fauntleroy had given his brother John and Mr Mayhew his lawyer a long written statement to publish as a (sitt off?) against his own misdeeds, as stated under his own hand and given by him to Mr Graham, soon after his (Death?)!! It is lamentable to see a malignant spirit thus kept up to the last!!


Tuesday 30th November 1824

Poor unhappy Henry Fauntleroy was executed this morning!!!

An incessant rain.

Did not leave Stratton Street the whole day!!!

Mr Watson called on me in the evening. We appear to agree entirely about Mrs Henderson’s business. He told me he believed there was a Purchase (entry ,entered, intended?) as made after the receipt of the money from the Equitable but that it was a false entry! He mentioned that John Fauntleroy had seen him and talked on the subject of his brother, most in—terly!!

Leader the Coachmaker called and for the first time since May last talked of rent for the Landau!! I do owe him a small – for the old gig and harness!

But poorly this evening.

Mr Seymour called for half an hour.


Wednesday 1st December 1824

At Arthur’s from 11 to 4 and again from 6 to 8 to make out answers to Mr Seymour’s queries!


Thursday 2nd December 1824

In Whitehall Place employed as yesterday. Dined with Arthur


Friday 3rd December 1824

Called on Mr Seymour. Followed him to Berners St. Found that the Post Office had taken out another Extent for my Freehold Property!

Mrs Marsh and the girls came in haste to Berners St having this intelligence brought them from Orpington after I left home!

Found John Js Fauntleroy was with the Assignees and I heard he had been destroying papers! Just saw Mr Hare and gave him the memorandum about the wine account. Mr Seymour and he both urged my going directly to the Post Office to ascertain there was not hostile intention against my person! Saw both Mr Freeling and also Mr Peacock who all  assured me to the contrary! Called on Mr Delmar, did not get back to Whitehall Place ‘till near 5 o’clock.

Went home to dinner quite tired.

At ½ past 8 o’clock Birt brought me a letter from Mr Gordon enclosing a Circular copy of a vile base memorandum John Fauntleroy had formally deposited with the Assignees!!!!

Received a letter from Mr Kerrie.


Saturday 4th December 1825

Came immediately after breakfast to Whitehall Place. Showed Arthur the memorandum which is poor in new but Malice!! I mean the letter John Fauntleroy has lodged with the Assignees.


Sunday 5th December 1824

Went to Whitehall Place ‘till ½ past 1 when I waked to Mr Seymour’s to meet Mr Stracey and Graham by appointment to consult about a letter to the Assignees to request they would get the Commissioners to summons Mr Mayhew and John Fauntleroy before them!

This appeared to be fully agreed upon. Kept me ‘till near 5 o’clock. Arthur came there about 3 o’clock. Walked to Mr Wheeler’s, found Mr Addams there and Mr Wheeler going to his house to dinner! I got home at ½ past 6 o’clock.


Monday 6th December 1824

In Whitehall Place all the morning and again in the evening drawing up the state of fact etc


Tuesday 7th December 1824

Called on Mr Seymour but he had not time to look at what I had written!

In Whitehall Place, returned there after dinner.


Wednesday 8th December 1824

Called at Mr Seymour’s, had a short conversation with him!

In Whitehall Place, saw Mr Delmar and also Mr Smith as an accountant! The latter came this evening for a couple of hours to talk over the mode in which the accounts should be made out.

I finished my statement. Arthur is to complete that part about Cadogan’s business and take it to Mr Seymour in the morning where I am to meet him.


Thursday 9th December 1824

My dear Mary’s birthday. Also poor George’s.

Called at Mr Seymour’s. Out and no hour know for his return! Went to Berners St. The Assignees all gone again upon Mr and Mrs Disney’s business! Saw Mr Robert Scott and Stracey. The latter better today! Arthur came in having also been disappointed in seeing Mr Seymour! Spoke to Mr Golightly about an accountant!

In Whitehall Place, put all my papers together to sent to the Assignees. In Whitehall Place found a letter from Mr Holland. Wrote Mrs Paterson to Tours!


End of diary


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