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William Wheeler Marsh (de Marisco)
 South Africa then Switzerland

Born: beofore 1837 and died 1896.
Son of: George Marsh (1791-1868) and Josephina de Waal (?-1837?), the daughter of Arend de Waal.
Eldest brother of:
1. George Cuthbert Marsh.
2. Anna Josina Bergeron (nee Marsh) who married Charles Bergeron.
3. Arthur Henry Marsh (1837-1876).
4. Egbert Bletterman Marsh (1837-1922).
Half brother of:
5. Joseph?
William did not marry.

William Wheeler Marsh: An Overview

We know of William from the following sources:
1. A biograhpy written by Greg Marsh, 2004 (see following).
2. His photograph.

Biography of William Wheeler Marsh, written by Greg Marsh in 2004.

William Wheeler Marsh, George's oldest son, was born before 1837 in Saldanha Bay and died on 1896 at the house of Monsieur Graf, Chardonne, Canton de Vonde, Switzerland, at the age of 66. The cause of his death is given in a letter written by Monsieur Graf as stomach cancer. He had assumed the surname de Marisco about 7 years before his death while living in Switzerland. He was unmarried. He left landed property in the Cape Colony at Mossel Bay ( lot no. 5 at Lower Goss(?) Street) according to the death notice filed in Cape Town by his brother Egbert Bletterman Marsh, a shopkeeper of Wynberg, and at the time residing at Riebet Street, Wynberg. This property had been bonded to a Petrus Johannes Wassung for 50 pounds at an interest rate of 8% per annum 1893, at which time William was described as residing in Vevey, Switzerland.

In the estate file of William Wheeler Marsh is a letter written to Egbert by a Mr. Auguste de Rameru, Notaire, Aigle on 15 August 1896. He writes that " M. Marsh was like you a usufructuier from the fortune of Madame Bergeron. This is under &ldots; administration&ldots;.the other fortune of late W.W. Marsh by the bankrupt of M. Wynne and Co. was reduced to very few." M. Wynne and Co. were the lawyers' firm in London, perhaps with which Anna Bergeron's shares and other assets were lodged. His sister's will was being disputed by her Swiss relatives.


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