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Miniature portrait of James Simson 1729-1777
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James Simson

Born: in Glasgow on Tuesday 29 April 1729 and was bapized Sunday 4 May 1729 in the Barony Church.  He died 26 May 1777 at London.
Son of: John Simson (1667-1740) and Janet Simson (nee Stirling, 1691-1782).
Brother of:
1. Patrick Simson (1712-1716).
2. James Simson (1713-1716).
3. Margaret Simson (1715-1725).
4. Elizabeth Simson (1717-1721).
5. Joanna Simson (1719-1731).
6. Anna Morthland (nee Simson, 1720-1802) who married Matthew Morthland (1700s to 1765?).
7. Sarah Simson (1722-1723).
8. John Simson (1723-1730).
9. Elizabeth Simson (1724-?).
10. Patrick Simson (1727-1723).
11. Margaret Simson (1731-1733).
12. Sarah Simson (1732-1735).
13. Jean Moore (nee Simson, 1735-1820) who married Dr John Moore (1730-1802).
James married: Not known.
John had issue: Not known.

James Simson: An Overview

We know about James from a number of sources:
1. Records of the Carrick Moore Family.  By George Heath, 1912.
2. A brief mention on page 17 of the book 'Sir John Moore' by Carola Oman 1953.
3. His miniature portrait. 

The entry in "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912 only has a brief mention of his name.  It is referenced to the family bible of Adam Simson who was born in 1594.  The entry reads 'James our fifth son, was born in Glasgow on Tuesday April 29th, 1729, half an hour after 6 afternoon, and was bapized next Lord's Day, May 4th, in the Barony Church by Mr Will Hamilton, Minister of Bothwell.  He died 26th May, 1777, at London.'

A brief mention on page 17 of the book 'Sir John Moore' by Carola Oman 1953.  The fall of the bank of Messrs Douglas, Heron & Co, in 1773, brought about a considerable loss to James Simson a merchant in in Glasgow.  Also a considerable loss to his brother in law Dr John Moore .



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