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Violet Simson nee Adamson
of Perth, Scotland

Born: in 1537 in Perth and died 1592 in Perth.
Daughter of: possibly Patrick Adamson or Adam Constance.
Sister of:
1. Patrick Adamson MA (1536?-1591?) Archbishop of St Andrews, married Elizabeth Arthur.
2. James Adamson, Merchant and Provost of Perth, married Margaret Anderson.
3. Henry Adamson, Dean of Guild, Perth (15??-1598), married Helen Orme.
Violet married: Andrew Simson (1520-1590ish)
Violet and Andrew had issue:
1. Patrick Simson (1556-1618), Minister of Stirling.  Married 1st Martha Barron (1565-1601) and 2nd Miss Rollock.
2. William Simson, Minister of Dunbarton.
3. Archibald Simson (1564-1628), Minister of Newton of Druburgh and Dalkeith.
4. Alexander Simson, Minister.
5. Richard Simson.
6. Abraham Simson, Minister of Norham.
7. Matthew Simson, Professor of Humanity at Glasgow University.
8. Katherine Home nee Simson who married Alexander Home, Minister of Dunbar.
9. Violet Carmichael neeSimson who married James Carmichael, Minister of Haddington.
10. Another daughter name unknown.


Violet Simson nee Adamson: An Overview

We know of the existence of Andrew Simson from information given to me by Barry Reid.  As follows:

Violet ADAMSON was an older sister of Rev. Patrick ADAMSON, M.A., who was appointed Archbishop of St Andrews in 1576 - and was my direct ancestor.  He was a controversial figure in his time (See <>, <> and/or <>).

I don't have a great deal of information about her but, from information that I have found on the web, it has been suggested that Violet was the daughter of an Adam CONSTANCE (a.k.a. Patrick ADAMSON, "... a baxter at Pearth ...", Source: 'Analecta' by Robert WODROW, p. 298) who has been said to have been a son of a Dionysis

ADAMSON/CONSTANCE/CONSTANTINE, a Town Clerk of Perth, Scotland, in 1496.  She and Andrew SIMSON had nine known children.

Violet is said to have been b. c1530 at Perth and to have d. 1592 also at Perth.  She seems to have had three brothers, the Rev. Patrick, m. Elizabeth ARTHUR, and had issue; James, Provost of Perth from 1609 to 1611, m. Margaret ANDERSON and had issue; and Henry, Dean of Guild at Perth, m. Helen ORME, and was murdered on Good Friday, 1598.


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